Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sept, 26 2011

we havent got our letters for a month so i am sure when i go to cuernavaca that i should get the letter and the package so dont worry. also i can have cds so send me that cd in the package that would be sweet and send me all my church cds from efy with a case of cds if you can. that would be awesome. and the shoes just have tate try them on and they should fit. i see he is wearing my cleats so i guess we have the same size now. that is sweet that you found out all those conextions with the husband of mckell. i know zack isles he was a really funny kid but yeah i was there when he was going through all those problems it was pretty sad but that is good that he is takeing the missionary discussions. he is a really good kid. that was nice of pres to write a letter and also major may i remember when she yelled at me. haha sounds like i got my family when i go back to the academy so thats good. i really dont want to go back with that weird guy they put me with. haha that family was crap haha jk. but this week was a good week. we have found alot of really cool people and we finally got people to church this week we had 7 in church. this past change has been tough getting people to church. we were going to baptize a little girl she has her interview and everything but her dad isnt ready yet and he wants to do it with her so they will get baptized this month coming up. on saturday we found a complete family they were a ref from a less active family and we went and they were way cool. we asls taught this one guy named arturo that really wants to know the truth and now he is in a group tha helps people to overcome alcohal and he is like a spiritual leader in that. it isnt a church they just talk about prayer and the bible and stuff. he told us that when he prayed that he remembered a dream that he had that he was infront of on of our churches but it was locked and he didnt go in and really wanted to but couldnt. he also had a dream where he goes and helps the people to overcome their adicions. right there i was like this guy is getting baptized and then right after that he told us i feel like god has given me options that both options are good and i choose the one that i am in right now. i was like you got to be kidding me you prayed and god made you remember that dream i told him maybe god is telling you you should do both because what your doing now is good but it wont save you. god is showing you are church because it is the only church you can do saving ordinances to be saved and we talked about the preisthood and all that and he said he will read the book of mormon and keep praying. i really think that he will get his answer in the book of mormon. he is a way spiritual guy and when he goes all of his family will follow him and i can see him being a future in the church. so pray he gets his answer. so we have alot of cool people for this month. it was hard at first not having anything but now we got the wards trust and for the first time the bishop invited the misisonarries to ward council so we are improving. so all is good here. tate and teish keep up the good work in footbal and tennis. sounds like you are tearing it up. mom and dad sounds like you had fun at utah. i happy for mckell and her new husband. keep up the good work and i love you all. elder hancock oh and me and my comp want more peanut butter and honey. and my comp wants a shirt that says baptising just do it like mine. and i dont know how long it talkes but i am going to cuernavaca on friday so i dont know it it is possible that you send the package tomorrow and it can get there by friday. anyways love ya. elder hancock

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