Tuesday, May 31, 2011

may 30 2011

Sounds like all is good in texas. Everything has been good here in puente de ixtla. we have really worked hard this week. we had alot of references and have really worked well with the members. this tuesday we are going to teach a class to the members about preach my gospel. we know that there are alot of members that want to share the gospel with there friends but they dont know how to do it. we are going to give a class about preach my gospel every week to teach them how they can talk to there friends about the gospel. it should be really good. im excited for that. president told us that if we want to baptize every week we have to 2 or 3 distinct things. so that is what we are trying to do. this month we have the families and the people to baptize everyweek. everything just needs to play out good. we just need to teach and find with faith. this week we are going to baptize conrado. he is like 50 and lives alone. he is a way cool guy. he has alot of faith. he is going to get baptized on saturday. we can also baptize another person her name is anacaren. she is 16 but her grandpa doesnt like that she is going to church so we are praying that his heart can change and that we can have a oportunity to talk to him. and we are teaching 5 families right now. i have never taught this many families before and i really want to baptize a whole family that in a year they can all go and get sealed. i have been praying for that and now we are taeching 5 families so now i just need to help them progress. i love this work and i love working in this ward. this week we had changes and me and my comp are staying but alot of people in our district got changed. our district leader got changed so they made me the new district leader. so we will see how that goes. i have to teach every district meeting each week and i do interviews for people that can get baptized. i am excited. the other 2 missionarries in our district are going to train new missionarries so i am going to be the oldest one in our district and i dont even have a year . haha but i am way excited. that means that our district is full of alot of faith and excitement witht the new missionarries that are going to come. we can change the attitude of the zone here in galeana. first me and my comp need to set the example and show the district that it is possible to baptize every week so we are going to do that. but yeah i am pumped. so all is good here. Mom i havent go the package or cards yet but im sure i will get them soon. that is cool that logan is back home in texas. im sure he has no clue what to do. i dont want to go home at all. i dont even want to think about that. alot of my good friends are going home today and it stinks to see them leave but thats the mission. so teisha is on another date. crazy crazy. haha and tate should receieve the niƱa award instead of the athlete award because he wouldnt even touch the bunnies. that is cool that there were bunnies in the garden. also that is nuts that it has been a year since grandpa passed away. time goes by way fast. but i know that hes working hard on the other side. all i know is that missionary work is the most important thing in this church. to have a ward or stake function correctly is to have every organization in the church focus on missionary work. in baptizeing, retaining, and bringing back the lost sheep. thats the only way a ward can grow together and have unity. its the only way. but i love you all and thanks for all that you all do for me.
elder hancock

May 23,2011

Hey happy birthday dad. Im not going to lie i competely forgot it was your birthday but mom reminded me. haha but i love ya and am thankful for all that you do for me. your a great example to me. you treat us and mom like a father should. i always remember my patriachal blessing and how it says i should watch your example and how you treat mom and us. i have done that and i hope some day i can become a dad like you. i love ya lots and keep up the great work.
What up fam. sounds like everyone is doing good in texas. that is funny that brandon and cash took all the mormon girls to their prom. haha that is pretty funny. i love that kid he needs to get baptized. haha also sounds like tate is busy with sports which is good. tell him to keep me posted. and teisha stay away from all those boys . haha but all is good here in puente de ixtla. we had our mission conference with elder rasband. it was way good. he just extended on to the talk that he gave in general conference about the divine companionship. it was way good. in his talk he talks about the experience that he had when he was with pres Erying picking where missionarries go and how it is direct revelation from god and that we are where we are at because god wants us to be here. he continued on to that and talked about how this process doesnt stop when we are in the field. he said that our mission president recieves the same revalation of where we need to go in the mission and who we will be our comp in the mission. He said that this is the only time in our life where we will be guided like this. he said that we are where we are at right now with the comp we have right now because the lord wants it that way. he said the lord wants us to learn something in every area we are in and to learn something with every companion that we are with. it was way cool. i enjoyed his talk. it was also fun to see everyone in the mission. i have made alot of cool friends. this change alot of my good friends are going home. it is pretty sad but thats the mission. oh mom my butt is just fine i went to the doctor this week and he cant believe how it has closed up so fast. i went on thursday and he was surprised. so all is good with my butt. thank everyone for all the prayers. and this week i did find a camara so dont worry. i have one now and it works. haha this week was a good week we had alot of really good lessons and we have really worked well with the members. on saturday we had a family night with our ward missionarries and they invited a couple and one other teenage girl. it was a really good lesson. the couple was like we are for sure going to the church and they did and they liked it alot. so that was way good. we had 7 people in the church this week which was way good. the ward hasnt seen that for a really long time. but the 3 people that are ready to get baptized this week didnt go and they need to go before they get baptized so that stunk. we will have to find out what happened with them. the couple veronica and gorge are doing good. we have a family night with them tomorrow which will be good. oh also this week in church we had 2 other members come up to us and say they have friends that want o here from us. so the blessing are starting to come. not as quickly as we would like because we are not going to meet our goal this month but they are coming which is really good. we have worked hard and we have gained the confidence of the members which is really good. also this week we did alot of service. we moved a bunch of dirt for a investigator and then another day as a zone we built a fence. so i am workin hard. and i love it. but thanks for all you do for me and keep up the good work. that is awesome about hd. i love that kid. i am going to miss him too. i want his email so i can talk to him. love ya. elder hancock

May 16 2011

Hey gramps how you doing. everything is good here in mexico. i love every minuete. every day i get to think of someone else and their needs and through the help of the spirit i can teach them to thier needs and i can see the change that takes place in their lives. i love it. i never want to think of myself again. i love the people here and i love being a misionary. i know that granny is part of this great work on the other side. i think the work on the other side is even alot bigger than here and granny is part of that work. grandpa i love you with all of my heart and am thankful for the example that you have set for me. stay away from my chocholate milk. there isnt any down here in mexico. haha elder hancock
hello mother. sorry i dont have much time to write you but all is good. today we played football it was pretty fun and for that i dont have much time. this week was really good. we are working really hard. on tuesday we visited all the moms that we are teaching and all the moms in the word. i drew a pictrue of Eunice in the bible when she is teaching timothy the scriptures. it is in 2 timothy 1 something. i drew that and made coppies and we gave it out to all of them. i think we gained alot of respect and confidence from the members and we received some references for doing that so that was good. on monday night we had a awesome family night where sister paty invited her friends and we taught them. it is a couple their names are victoria and gorge. they are ready to receive this gospel. it is so much better to work this way with the members. i say this couple will get baptized this next month. i have been praying to find a couple that can get baptized and in a year i can go to the temple with them when they get married. i think this is a answer to my prayer. they are a really cool family and they are hungry to learn more. i love this work and i know that if we want to have success we need to work with the members. the members are key. i think we have gained the confidence with alot of the members. i am excited to go to work again this week. tomorrow we have a conference with elder rasband from the 70 with all of the mission. i am excited for that. the whole mission is going. but i love you all so much. keep working hard in the work of God. the missionarries need your help to find people so find them. haha.

May 9 2011

It was good to talk to everyone yesterday. it sounds like everyone is doing good. my comp and i are working really hard and he has a strong testimony. he is a good comp. haha he is really smart. he is a good comp. we dont have any problems at all. so all is good. and to answer your question. the best part of the mission is seeing someone recieve their answer that the church is true and the worst part of the mssion is seeing them deny the answer that they have recieved. that is the best and worst part of the mission. the best food on the mission is tacos al pastor and chile reenos and the worst food on the mission is pig feet and pig skin. i forgot to tell you i had to eat pig feet here. i thought i was going to die. i couldnt eat it. it was sick. it still had hair and everything. so i hope that answeres all your questions. but looks like teisha had a great time with alejandro. if not at least she got to ride in a lemo. haha and tell mitch he did a great job. she looks perfect for him. and tate has become the little artist. that looks just like mugsie. haha but today we went to the ruins it was sweet. it was fun to chill with the other misisonarrries. we went to xochicalco if you want to look it up. so yeah. but i love you all and i will talk to you next week. elder hancock

Monday, May 2, 2011


may 2 2011

What up fam. sounds like all is good back home. Teisha that is awesome that you kicked butt. haha keep up the good work and keep working hard. here inmexico mothers day is on the 10th so i wont talk to you on sunday i will talk to you on tuesday so you will have to wait 2 more days to talk to me. haha sorry but thats the way it is. everything went good this week. me and my comp can start to baptize every week like our president has told us. this week we are going to baptize Belen. she is 10 years old. her mom got baptized like 5 years ago and has been inactive. we went and visited her with a member and began to teach her and her daughter. we taght Belen her daughter how to pray and she gave the closing prayer. it was way cool. she began to pray and began to pray for her mom and her family. she and her mom started to cry. it was way cool. the spirit reconfirmed to the mom that they need to go to church and they went this week and Belen is excited to get baptized. the next week we can baptize A. A is 18 and all of his family just got baptized right before we got here. We had some really cool lessons with him this week and he has stopped drinking and is reading the book of mormon and is praying. the problem is he didnt go to church this week because he went to work. so this week we are going to pound keeping the sabath day holy. The next week we can baptize someone by the name of Conrado. this week we had a missionary activity with our misson leader and our ward missionarries. it was pretty sweet. there is a street in our area where there are a bunch of people vending stuff and we got a spot in the morning and set up a table and put up pictures of the church and had liahonas and pamphlets of the family and stuff like that. and we just contacted all the people that stopped by for like 3 or 4 hours. it was pretty sweet. one guy that passed by was conrado and this weeek he went to church and he really liked it. we are going to teach him this week. the next week we have Soledad. soledad is someone that we found knocking doors. she is way cool. she told us our first visit that she was just talking about with her family what is the truth and then we knocked her door. cool hugh. the spirit is awesome. but this week we taught her the plan of salvation and it really made sence to her because she has been thinking about all these questions of where we come from and where we go after this like. she just opened up to us and told us that her son that was 16 just passed away in a car accident and that her brother is in jail because he was drunk driveing and got it a wreck and it killed the kid that was in the car. so she needs the gospel now and she is progressing really well. she just couldnt go to church this week because she had to go to see her brother in jail. she is like in her late 50s and has a big family so after she gets baptized i say that her family is going to follow her example. then we also have another person that could get baptized the last week of this month his name is Nicholas. he is 20 and his parents got baptized a year ago. we taught him and he had alot of questions which was good. he really wants to know if these things are true. so i am pumped. me and my comp are working hard and studying hard. the new program is really cool. we have dvds of misionarries that they filmed from the united states. one is from our mission in texas and the other is from california. we watch that every day seeing what they did good and what they did bad and how we can improve and then we practice with each other doing role plays. it is like watching film every day for football but it is for misionary work. it is pretty sweet. i like it alot. my butt is good. this week i went to mexico city again and they just pulled out some stiches and rubbed off a bunch of dead skin. but all is good. they said everything looks good. so i am doing great. after we went to carls jr and got a huge burger with the assistents. so that was good to have some american food. but i have 2 butts and i am happy. haha my house is pretty sweet i have a huge balcony which is cool. that is cool that you gave a blessing to tims mom and that is sweet that tim is the elders quorum president. that is so awesome i am excited for him and mitch getting married. thats nuts. is she hot. haha. but all is good here in puente de ixtla. i love you all very much and i am looking forward to talking to you all on tuesday. on monday i will give you all the details of how you can get a hold of me. ok. love ya.
elder hancock