Monday, December 12, 2011

Dec 12 2011


That is legit. you need to send me picks of the robbins. i know granny is part of this great work too. Also granps is up there teaching all of the people he wanted to kill and do baptisms for the dead for all of them. haha right now thats all i want to do here today. today is the day of the virgin. Last night we couldnt even sleep with all the parties celebrating the virgin. it is so sad to see all the people praying to her. i bet she is tired of it. i bet she is like dont worship me worship my son. haha but its all good. we will still win. but the major hasnt called because i accidently put the wrong number. my bad. hhaha.sorry. but yes i did feel the earthquake. it was pretty nuts. if it would of lasted longer everything would of fell down. i have never felt anything like that. it just strengthened my testimony that we are nothing and god has all power. this week we baptized Lety. it was a way cool baptism. it was cool. after they invited us to eat tacos and we were there and the earthquake came. but all is good. the power was out for a night and that was it. but all is good down. aslo this week we did the service and cleaned the park. it kind of stunk because they didnt give us alot of supplies to clean it but it was good. i bought the zone all mcdonalds. also i took out 300 dollars to pay a house rent in tixtla but i got it back from the mission so dont worry. this week we found a really cool family. it is a reference from our patiriach. we went and taught his dad sister and neices and nephews. my comp asked them how do you all feel this time of year in christmas. and the daughters that have 17 and 12 years were sad and said that christmas is not the same. and then they told us there dad was killed 2 years ago. we taught the plan and the mom told us she knows it is true. so they are way cool. oh also next week we are going to have a bball tournament. the guy we did service for in the park puts together workshops and tournaments for the goverment and has to do a bball tourn. but cant find the people to play because mexicans dont like to play. so he told us on monday that we make our teams of elders and he is going to give us jersys and trophys. so i am pumped for that. haha it should be way fun. its a good way to bring the zone together i think. but have a great week and keep up the great work. have fun in utah. i will tell you next week how we can talk. love ya

Elder Hancock

Nov 28 2011

This week was a good week. This week we didnt get to talk to the president directly. He was too scared but we talked to some of the people that work below him and we talked to this guy today that is in charge of a company to redo parks and stuff like that and so we talked to him and we are going to restore a park here in chilpancingo. we are going to cut trees do yard work and repaint a few things. so it should be a good activity to go and work and help out the comunity. The parks are to help those that are trying to overcome adictions. so it is for a good cause. also this week we had a really cool lesson with Victor and his family. Victor is a member but is inactive. now he is active and his 2 kids this week participated in the primary program and everything. we have started a activity to play basketball every saturday morning at 7 as a ward and that has really helped to bring the priesthood together and bring inactives back to activity. Sports work miracles. haha but in the lesson with victor and his family we taught them the gospel and talked about the gift of the holy ghost and shared them the scripture in DyC 39:10 that says the gift of the holy ghost one of the greatest blessing that we can ever recieve. en español dice que es una bendicion mayor que cualquiera que hayas conocido. i like it better in spanish. but we had them tell us all the blessing they have recieved and they told us then we read the scripture and said the gift of the holy ghost is a greater blessing than all the blessings that god can give us. Lety told us that she has felt that blessing when we have come and taught her and we told her when she get baptized she can have this gift for the rest of her life. she told us she wants to recieve the gift of the holy ghost so her and Charly her son are getting baptized this sunday. so we are going to baptize this week which is good. they are a way cool family. also the next week we have planned that we are going to baptize the another couple. there names are Oscar and Yadira. Yadira got baptized but told us that she never got confirmed and so she is not a member. all of her kids are members. so we are going to baptize her and her husband. they are a cool couple as well. We just need to work extra hard with Oscar. but this month should be a good month. me and cornejo are pumped to do to work. tomorrow we go to cuernavaca so i should get some packages maybe. the zone is ok. today me and cornejo are going to split up and watch the district leaders in there meetings and do divisions this week with them to better the districts. so that should be good. but all is going good here in Heroico. We are starting ot see the fruits of all the work that we have done. we are going to keep better the area everyday. How did the interview go with CJ. you guys didnt tell me how that went and how is game went this week. but that is good that you all got to talk to tim. that is crazy that Stef is going to get married. i feel like i havnt aged at all and neither of my friends either. i feel like stef is still a little girl and now she is getting married. i still feel like i am only 18. crazy. but her in mexico everyone gets married when they are 12. crazy huh. haha that was good that you all went to the temple. i want to go to the temple. i dont think we get permision to go to the temple when we finish. but who knows. but this week i have been studying a talk about beeing a number 4 misionarry. i really like it alot. it talkes about 4 types of misionarrys. it can also work for members. a number 1 member doesnt obey anything and is excomunicated. and number 2 member doesnt obey but isnt excomunicated. a number 3 member is obedient and does everything that they should but really they dont want to do it. they do it because they know they should but they go it with there heart might mind and strength. they give there time but they dont give themselves. there actions are good but the thoughts and intentions arent. a number 4 member is obedient and does everything right and also does it with all there hear might mind and strength. they give there time and themselves. there will becomes the will of the fathers. i really like that. it makes me think of the scripture in Mosiah 5: i dont remember the verse. it is the one that sayse how can someone know someone he hasnt served. how can we know the savior if we havent served him with all of our heart might mind in strenght. i like that. love you all
Elder Hancock

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nov 7 2011

All was good this week. i did get the package. i love the shoes they are light. thank you for the the cd it was legit. i like it alot. the work song is way good. my has been converted. haha that is good that tate had a good game and good teisha played good in tennis. everyone is all grown up its crazy. haha but this week was good. pedro didnt get baptized. he just lacks the faith right now to do it. he believes that his baptism as a catholic is valid but we all know it is not. but we will help him out this week with that. the family of victor this week went to church. that was sweet. he hasnt gone in a really long time. his wife and kids are progressing good. his wife is really nice. we should baptize them this month. we also had a incactive lady go to church this week with us and we are teaching her mom. also this week a guy that doesnt believe in god came to church with us and we had a family night with him. we found him like a month ago and i feel like he is progresing along good. his sister is a member. so this week went really good this week. on tuesday we went to curenavaca and had a good conference. pres is awesome. he talked about satan and how satan knows exactly our weaknesses and attacks. we need to know our weakneesses and know where he is going to attack and do what we know is right. it was good. this week we are going to have our zone conference and me and my comp have to prepare everything. so that should be fun. but that is pretty much all that is going on. Imsorry that it is short but we have to go and have a meeting with all the district leaders to teach them what pres taught us. but i love you all.
love elder hancock  

Monday, October 24, 2011

October 24 2011

Sounds like everyone has had a good week. Tate good job on the game sounds like you tor it up and teisha that is sweet you get to go and taylor swift. that will be way fun. Mom i do have my camara i just dont send pictures because it takes forever to do it here in mexico. dont worry i am takeing pictures. but this week was a good week. we had alot of success visiting the inactive members this week. also i have learned to plan out our day alot better. we planned out our day good but pretty much everyday all of our citas fell and they really hasnt happened to me. so we have learned we got to have a really good backup plan and we have been doing that and we have seen the blessings. i feel if we do everything on our part useing the tools the lord has given us he will make up the rest. and we really saw the blessings of that this week. the first part of the week we visited a guy named Randy that got baptized when he was 15 and now he is 30 something and hasnt gone to church since after high school. we went and taught him and his wife and 2 kids. they seem way cool. they let us in without any problems. then also this week we went to a appointment that we had and she wasnt there and we had our backup plan to visit the inactive member next to her we pass by and he was really sick. his name is Victor. we found him in the street like 2 weeks before. his dad was one of the first members to start the church in a litte city next to mexico city. he was baptized when he was 8 and hasnt gone since his youth. He has a wife and 2 kids. his wife was there when we passed by and we offered him to give him a blessing and he accepted and we gave him the blessing  and we explained to him and his wife what a blessing was and that the priesthood that christ had has been restored and all that. he told us that he felt better and asked us to give his wife a blessing and we did. She started to cry and they were just grateful that we passed by and he started to open up to us and he told us that he knew that god sent us and his wife is now interested to listn to us. so it was a cool experience. We also had another experience like that with another inactive member that had just gone through with a husge iligal problem and then we knock on the door the day after. she was grateful. there are just a bunch of inactives in this area. it is pretty sad. we just got a new counsoler in the bishoprick and he is the coolest guy in the ward that is way pumped to work with us. he is a returned missionary and we are going to make a plan to bring all the inactives back so we are pumped for that becuse we have pretty much done everything on our own til now. also this week we did a activity with a family where me and my comp make lazana and brownies and the theme of the family night was feasting upon the words of christ. our lazana was so good. we did a pretty good job. haha. it was fun. so it was a good week. pedro is doing good he is just going through a bunch of stuff with his family. his family is really catholic and they are giveing him a hard time he asked us if he could be saved without getting baptized on our church. and had questiongs about what if i obey all the comandments but i am not part of your church and all that stuff. he is a really good guy. i know that he will be able to figure it all out. also we did a bunch of service this week. i just dont let people say no when we ask to help we just go and do it. so that has been fun. so all is good here. that stinks i have to go back in june. do i need to tell pres that i am going to need to end a month early. i really dont want to end early. but thanks for everything. keep up the good work Love ya.
Elder Hancock

October 17 2011

Hello Tate
First of all Happy birthday Tate. That is crazy that you are already 14. Going to your first dance. haha good luck with that. stay away from the tall girls. haha but i just wanted to let you know i love ya and im thankful for the example you are to me. i am just a little mad you dont send me the play by play of your games and all the stats and stuff. also all the stats of cjs games and of air force. mom gives me a crappy update of all that stuff so hook me up bro. but love ya and keep up the good work.
Elder Hancock
Hello Fam,
Sounds like everyone is doing good. Tate is 14 that is nuts. I am a little jelous that you all went to eat ribs. i am missing texas bbq. but its all good. i am enjoying my tortillas here in mexico. haha Mom i need a better ubdate on the sports. your update stinks. haha but other than that thanks for the message from Ucktdorf. i really like that. i think i am going to translate it and read it to our zone. it is way good. This week was a good week. We baptized Jessica. She is 9 and her mom is a member and so is her sister. she is one of the smartest 9 year olds i know. the dad didnt get baptized with her because he isnt willing to go to church. but it was a good baptism. she lives in a little pueblo away from chilp called tixtla. there is a branch out there and we baptized her in a tank of water. it was pretty cool. Pedro is progressing good. while we went to tixtla for the baptism he went to church on his own here in chilpo. He really wants to know the truth. the problem is his family is really catholic. The mom hates us. haha but i think she likes us now. at first she tried to kick us out. haha but he is way cool. we found a cool family saturday night. basicly all of our appointments with members for family nights and all of our appointments we set fell this week. it kind of stunk. but we found a cool family the last day of the week that i think will start to progress. they are really catholic but they are really nice. We had interviews this week with pres. he didnt stay at our house because he changed the time at the last min. Dad it is ture about how every area has its own twist. This area is a probably the hardest one i have had but i am learning and me and my comp are going to work to better the area and the ward. its just hard sometimes when all your plans fall. but we are starting to plan the best we have ever planed so there is always something to learn and improve. i know this is the work of god and that we are working for him. i know that if we let him he is willing to help us out this work. i am grateful to be here and i am grateful for the examples of you guys. keep up the great work. i love you all.
Elder Hancock
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sept, 26 2011

we havent got our letters for a month so i am sure when i go to cuernavaca that i should get the letter and the package so dont worry. also i can have cds so send me that cd in the package that would be sweet and send me all my church cds from efy with a case of cds if you can. that would be awesome. and the shoes just have tate try them on and they should fit. i see he is wearing my cleats so i guess we have the same size now. that is sweet that you found out all those conextions with the husband of mckell. i know zack isles he was a really funny kid but yeah i was there when he was going through all those problems it was pretty sad but that is good that he is takeing the missionary discussions. he is a really good kid. that was nice of pres to write a letter and also major may i remember when she yelled at me. haha sounds like i got my family when i go back to the academy so thats good. i really dont want to go back with that weird guy they put me with. haha that family was crap haha jk. but this week was a good week. we have found alot of really cool people and we finally got people to church this week we had 7 in church. this past change has been tough getting people to church. we were going to baptize a little girl she has her interview and everything but her dad isnt ready yet and he wants to do it with her so they will get baptized this month coming up. on saturday we found a complete family they were a ref from a less active family and we went and they were way cool. we asls taught this one guy named arturo that really wants to know the truth and now he is in a group tha helps people to overcome alcohal and he is like a spiritual leader in that. it isnt a church they just talk about prayer and the bible and stuff. he told us that when he prayed that he remembered a dream that he had that he was infront of on of our churches but it was locked and he didnt go in and really wanted to but couldnt. he also had a dream where he goes and helps the people to overcome their adicions. right there i was like this guy is getting baptized and then right after that he told us i feel like god has given me options that both options are good and i choose the one that i am in right now. i was like you got to be kidding me you prayed and god made you remember that dream i told him maybe god is telling you you should do both because what your doing now is good but it wont save you. god is showing you are church because it is the only church you can do saving ordinances to be saved and we talked about the preisthood and all that and he said he will read the book of mormon and keep praying. i really think that he will get his answer in the book of mormon. he is a way spiritual guy and when he goes all of his family will follow him and i can see him being a future in the church. so pray he gets his answer. so we have alot of cool people for this month. it was hard at first not having anything but now we got the wards trust and for the first time the bishop invited the misisonarries to ward council so we are improving. so all is good here. tate and teish keep up the good work in footbal and tennis. sounds like you are tearing it up. mom and dad sounds like you had fun at utah. i happy for mckell and her new husband. keep up the good work and i love you all. elder hancock oh and me and my comp want more peanut butter and honey. and my comp wants a shirt that says baptising just do it like mine. and i dont know how long it talkes but i am going to cuernavaca on friday so i dont know it it is possible that you send the package tomorrow and it can get there by friday. anyways love ya. elder hancock

Sept, 19 2011

whats up fam. sounds like all is going good. that is good that teisha won in tennis and in her campain. shell make a good president. haha thats good that tate won his first game. that is crazy that he is in 8th grade. i still remember all my games in 8th grade. crazy. that is good that texas beat ucs. thats awesome that jay got to start and that he had a good game. i am proud of that kid. thats awesome that he is playing good. but this week was a good week. we just pretty much talked to everyone and we had some good lessons this week. we also visited a bunch of inactive members this week. there are a bunch in our area. the one  guy that we found this week is named Pedro. he just let us right and he had alot of questions. He had talked to missionarries before and he said they just left. so he had a book of mormon and we taught him the plan of salvasion. it is so easy to teach someone that has questions and a interest to know the truth. we have another lesson this week with him. it was alot of fun to teach him. we also found this one guy that makes comertials and stuff for the radio. he can change his voice to sound like whatever. he is way cool too. i believe if we can get the members involved with these cool people that we found that they can get baptized this upcoming month. so it was a good week this week. the zone is down in baptisms this month so we are trying to pump everyone up. so that is all that has gone on this week. oh they celebrated their independence this week so there was a bunch of parties this week. oh also we taught this little girl that is 8 her mom is a member and she wants to be baptized and she is one of the smartest little girls i have ever taught. she told us. me and my family used to go to church but i didnt like it because they dont even have a prophet. it was pretty funny. but that is all that went on this week. me and my comp are working hard and trying to get our investigators all ready for baptism. i know that baptism without the authority of god doesnt count for anything no matter how someone is sincere about it. that is why we have to talke to everyone about the gospel because without it they cant enter the kingdom of god. when we talk to someone we dont have anything to lose but we have everything to gain if they accept it. i know that this is the true church and there is no other church upon the earth that has the authority of god. we talked to a guy yesterday that told us that he just started to go to a christian church and said a apostle came to speak at this church. i asked him where did he recieve his authority to be a apostle. he didnt know and he let us in to teach him. he told us he is going to ask this guy where he got his authoriy. i wish i can see his face when he askes him. haha. i have been learning alot about the gathering of isreal. there are alot of promises that are being fulfilled right now. it is cool to be apart of this gathering. thanks for all you do for me. keep up the good work in all you do. but yes i want new shoes. get me brown echoes. i wear 10 or 9 and a half. but yeah i need some new shoes. but i love you lots. elder hancock 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Aug, 22 2011

Hey sounds like everyone is good besides the kids because they have to go to school and dad as well because now he has to go to work and mom is fine because she doesnt do anything anyways. haha jk i am grateful for all your help mother. i couldnt do anything without you. haha i just sent the emails this week to my coaches so we will see if they respond. but it would be good mom if you can email president to tell him all the info. i dont want to email him about that. you can do that for me. thanks. but this week we had changes and i am now in Chilpancingo, Guerrero. My area name is Herioco it means heroic. pres only sends the true heroes to this area. haha My new companion is Elder Woolsey he is from south jorden Utah. he is a cool guy. he has a year and a half. we are ready to go to work. we are the zone leaders in the biggest zone in the mission. we have 3 districts in this zone. there are 26 missionaries that are in our zone. so we have to set the standard. this is the zone that usually baptizes the most but it hasnt baptized that much these past few months so we are going to work! i am pumped to go to work. as zone leader we get to work with the stake leaders and all that stuff so that will be fun. that also means we get blamed for everything so it will help me get prepared to enter the air force again. haha but im pumped. it seems like a way cool area. the last elder that was here just finished his mission. so we got to rivive the area a little bit but we are pumped to go to work. this past week i had 3 baptisms in puente. it was a really good week. we went with Maribel and her family and we found out her daughter just turned 8 and we baptized the daughter Itzel and her son Kevin. The grandma Socorro was going to get baptized but she got really sick and had a bloody nose and couldnt get in water. but she will get baptized this week. her other son will get baptized next week as weel. they are a awesome family. Maribel said the closeing prayer at the baptism and thanked god that her kids got baptized in the true church. it was pretty sweet. also her little daughter after her baptism told us smileing i feel god and jesus. it was a cool baptism. we also baptized the grandkid of Soledad. we were going to baptize her daughter but she had problems and couldnt get in water either. but she will get baptized next week. so puente is booming. haha i loved puente. i learned alot and met alot of really cool people. it has been fun to see the changes in the ward. Elder Cornejo is going to train so he will do really good. i am pumped for him. he will keep the success rolling in puente. basicly half my district from the mtc is in my zone here so that will be fun. i am pumped to go to work and try to help out all the missionaries here. it should be fun. so thats nuts that tate is in 8th grade and teisha is a junior. that is crazy. i remember both those years. tell em i love em and to keep their noses clean. haha i know that they will do great. teisha in her tennis and tate in football. i mean i taught them everything so there is only room for success. haha jk but i love you all lots and keep up the good work.
Elder Hancock

Aug, 15 2011

">what up fam. sounds like all is good. mom the email is perfect so just send i to them so they get it. thats sweet that you all ran a 5k. i would of never thought that you guys would run a 5k. haha but the tournament last week went really good. we got 3rd place against all the mexicans they play everyday. we would of won first but we had a shoot out at the end and our goaly failed us. haha but it was fun. i led the team in goals with 3. just to make sure tate knows. haha im pretty sure i led the tournament in goals. haha it was fun. but this week was a good week. we were going to baptize the daughter of soledad. her name is angeles but she wanted to wait to do it this week with her nephew so we are going to have 2 baptisms this week. the work is moveing along really well. we had 8 investigators in church this week which is good. we have alot of investigators that are progressing and this next week we have changes. im pretty sure i am gone but who knows. i really dont want to leave because of the success that we have been haveing and the investigators that we are teaching. alot of them will get baptized next month. but thats the mission. me or my comp is out of here becuase i have never heard a comp being with his comp for more than 3 changes. im pretty sure that elder cornejo is going to train this change and i am gone. but it is up to the lord. today we played soccor with a kid that plays professionaly. we have taught him once and he knows the church is true he just started his season though and he plays on sundays but he is a really cool kid and will get baptized in the future. it was fun to play with him. but one thing really cool that happened this week was that our investigator Maribel ever since we taught her the word of wisdom has stopped smoking and she said that she has prayed to stop and every time she smells a cigarette or sees one she wants to throw up. i think that is so legit. prayer truely changes things. the kid that i told you about that is a member that we have activated just got the priesthood this week and he went to the temple to do baptisms for the dead. he is rocking. so all is good here in puente. that is crazy that school is starting over again. the next school year ill have to study how stincky is that. haha i love the mission. im pumped to hear from elder ballard. i am way pumped. i read his book called our search for happiness. it is legit. he is a powerful man. i really liked the quote you said mom about the prayer. it is so true. that goes the same for us. if we want a answer we have to ask with that same real intent. if we dont do it how can we expect our investigators to do it. but thank for all that you do. i love you all. elder hancock

Aug, 15 2011

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August 1 2011

Sounds like you all had a good time on your trip. thats cool that you saw elder hidalgo on the trip and he was companions with uncle terry. that is also cool that you found the our families land. did you buy it? we should just take it back. that is sweet that adam on diamon is the center of the united states. that is sweet. i bet you all learned alot i want to hear all about it. i should get my package today if not today this week because we are going to have a mission conference this week with president. i am going to ask him if he knows elder hidalgo. but this week was a good week. we baptized Marcos. he is 11 he will be 12 this month. he is a way cool kid. it is the son of soledad and she told us that he gets mad at his family every time they dont pray to eat or dont pray at night. he is way cool. it was a cool baptism. also this week we Javier was able to go to church. Javier was the one that couldnt go to church because of his the oporation that he had. he is a way cool kid. He should get baptized 2 weeks. also we talked to nicolas this week the kid that had a interview with president. i dont know what we siad but whatever we said worked. he aways told us that he would pick his day to be baptized and he finaly picked his day. we are going to baptize him not this tuesday but next tuesday. he is a way cool kid. he is really serious about changing and being better. also this week we had a actividad. it was a tarde de talentos or a talent show. we did it as a district. it was a really good turn out. we had alot of our investigators and we recieved 6 references. right when we started we did a tour of the church and then we did the talent show it was pretty legit. as elders we sang elders of israel. it was pretty good. we are going to visit all of the references this week which should be good. it has been a good week. we have been working really hard and we are seeing the changes in the ward. we have really focused on the less active members because that is how we have found alot of our investigators. there is one guy his name is Mauricio. he is 24 and he is the nephew of the bishop. he was baptized when he was 8 and then his parents went inactive and so did he and his family. he is a way cool guy. we taught him the first time about repentece and told him if he wants to repent he has to read pray and go to church and he has been doing that. he has smoked pretty much all his life and the first day we gave him a blessing to stop smoking. the next week he told us that he had cut it in half and was only smoking 4 a day and this week we went to teach him and he told us that evertime he sees a cigarett or smells it that he wants to throw up. i was like good that is awesome. that was our miracle of the week. that just goes to show that the priesthood is real and that him showing his faith reading praying and going to church allowed him to recieve the blessing to quit smokeing. that is awesome that he has to throw up everytime he sees a cigarett. he is a way cool dude. i gave him my nike watch to help him quit as well. i told him that if he never smokes agian he can have my nike watch. so he quit and now i need a new nike watch. so if you would be so kind and send me a new nike watch. that would be sweet. haha so this week has been really good. i love you all lots and make sure to send me the details of the trip and also you should probably call coach theisen. he is my possion coach. love ya elder hancock

July 25 2011

Sounds like everyone had a fun week with camp and fishing. haha Teisha thats awesome that there were alot of nonmembers that went to camp with you. keep up the good missionary work. but this week was really well. we have found alot of new families that we are teaching. this week we went to a family and the moms name is maribel and her son is noe and kevin and her moms name is socorro. they are a really cool family. Maribel told us when she read the book of mormon that she felt something that she has never felt before and that she knows that it is true. it was way cool. the problem is that she didnt go to church. i think her husband isnt letting her go so we need to talk to him so she can go. also this week we did alot of service which was fun. the first one was we pulled a bunch of weeds for this guy in our ward and in return he gave us a reference. also this week we went and helped soledad move all these rocks that she had. so i felt like i was back at home working. haha but it was fun. this week soledad and part of her family came to church. This week we found out that the daughter in law of soledad is a member. we have been teaching her for like a month and she just told us she had been baptized. her name is Janin and her husband is noe and noe is the son of soledad. haha they all went to church which was good. she got baptized when she was 15 and now she is 23. we had a really powerful lesson with noe. he was really effected when his little brother died and he had a whole bunch of questions about death and life after death we taught him the plan and he loved it. he started to cry. we taught him the spirt world and how the spirit world is here in the earth. i asked him if he as ever felt the presence of his brother after his death and he shared a cool experience when he saw his brother in white. it was really cool. this week we are going to baptize Marcos. he is the little son of soledad. he has 11 years. he is a cool kid. also we are teachin a kid and his name is javier. he is 19 and he just had a oporation on something in his stomach. we have taught him everything but the commandments he is a cool kid. he has read alot of the book of mormon and knows that it is true. he will get baptized next month. right now he cant leave the house to go to church but next month he should be able to. so the work is going good here in puente. today we played volleyball which was fun. but thats pretty much all that happened this week. we are working hard and we have found alot of cool families. i love you all very much. enjoy your trip. that will be way fun to go and see all the church sites and find our land that belongs to us. love elder hancock


Yeah i cant believe that i have completed one year in the mission. it has gone by way to fast. in reality i have less than a year if i have to go back a little early for school. by the way did you talk to coach or no. and how is the paper junk going. but this week was a awesome week. we saw alot of miracles happen this week. the first miracle was the baptism that we had. we baptized soledad. she is the lady that we found our first week here. it was really cool to see her get baptized. she has had so many problems in here life and it was cool to see her feel the peace and love that god has for her. she really felt it at her baptism and her confermation. about a year ago her 16 year old son died. she has like 12 kids. . she has 2 younger kids a 15 year old daughter and a 11 year old son. they went to church with her and they will get baptized in 2 weeks. we told her that if she wants to see changes in her family it has to start with her and she knows it and has taken the first step to do it. i know that with her example she will see the changes in her life. i was just so happy to see her get baptized. i have really felt that love that god has for her and her family. also the other miracle this week was we were walking to see nicolas and he wasnt there so i had a impression to visit a inactive family and they werent there and i was like that stinks so lets go to our other appointment a little early. so we went and a lady stopped us in the street and told us that her son has been looking for us and has talked to missionaries in tijuana and wants to talk to us. so the next day we went to their house and we found him and he was baptized 5 months ago and has the priesthood and everything. he gave us 8 references of his family and they are all really cool and willing to listn to us. so those were the miracles of the week. the spirit is in charge of all the miracles. haha. but my comp is fine. i love elder cornejo. we have gotten along really well. he really loves the people and is willing to work hard.. but this week for pday we played soccer on a turf field here that is small. it was pretty sweet. we had a tournament going which was way fun. i am writeing late because we went with a hermana that had food. and we made the food and it took forever. but all is good. my district is doing good. we already completed our goal of 8 baptisms and we are working to complete the goal for the zone which has never happend here in galeana. but we are going to do it this month. i want you to send me those videos of the ruins and stuff. we can watch movies like that of the church. so you can send me some movies like that. that would be pretty sweet. this week i have learned alot about the book of mormon and why it was written. almost every prophet in the book of mormon talks about the importance of the plates and their writings. it says that they wrote them for the children to come unto christ. our purpose as missionaries is to invite others to come unto christ and what better way to come unto christ reading the book of mormon. also there are alot of specific spriptures for the people here in south america. almost all of mormon and moroni is for them. they saw their posterity in these days and what they say is for them. . haha but i love the book of mormon and the power it has in the conversion of every person. but i love you all and i am thankful fo all you do for me. keep up the great work and have fun at camp. elder hancock

July 11 2011

All is good here in Puente. we almost had a baptism this week. _______ had a interview with president and pres told us that he needs to wait for 2 weeks to fix a few things. I knew that something was wrong with him because he kept telling us that he will tell us when he wants to get baptized. so we went with him and i told him straight up that i knew that he wasnt telling us something and he told us that he wasnt and he told us that he didnt want to tell us so i told him that there is someone that he can tell and that is pres. so he talked to him and i think all went well. i think he should get baptized in 2 weeks. and this week we found alot of cool families this week. we had 5 references from members and we had 7 people in church. so it was alot better this week. i didnt get changed this week. we had changes on saturday and i am still in puente with the same comp. i was glad i didnt get changed because of the people that we are teaching. The ward is starting to see the importance of missionary work and are starting to get excited. elder roskelly got changed and elder olsen came in as our zone leader. elder olsen was in my district from the mtc. he is so funny. i am excited for that. this week me and my comp just challenged everyone to be baptized it was pretty legit. it is alot easier to do that to see who is interested. that was fun. also in conveys little vans we just start teaching lessons to is pretty legit because you can see who is listning and who isnt and they have to listn to you. haha we have found alot of people doing that. i love this work and i am glad to still be in puente. that stinks about the guy that fell and died. and that is good that you went to the temple i want to go to the temple here. i should be able to go in a few months with investigators that will complete one year as members and can go. so i am pumped for that. but keep up the good work and keep shareing the gospel. love you all. elder hancock

July 4 2011

Everything is going good here in mexico. this week i had a 4 day conference with pres and his wife. it was way good. it was for all the zone and district leaders and thos that are training. it was way good. i learned alot. i learned that i have alot of things to improve on. there is aways room for improvement. for this week 2 more elders stayed in our house. they are serving in acapulco and chilpancingo which is pretty far away and they stayed in my house for the conference. so every day i was with elder anaya. he is a way good misionary i learned alot from him. so it was a good. week. we found alot of cool families this week but they didnt go to church. but thing happen. it has been hard here to get people in church here for some reason. i have done everything i can think of. this week we taught with members. we had members pass by for our investigators. we passed by for investigators and we also made phone calls and we had one investigator in church. so some weeks just stink. haha but it was ok. the plus is that we had 5 inactive members that we visited this week come to church. so that was good. but our investigators didnt. people just dont understand the doctrine. they dont understand the importance and are just plain lazy. haha but its alright we are going to work extra hard this week to get people to church. mom in my package i want a huge thing of whey protein from mustle milk. chocolate please. and the shirt needs to say whatever you want it to say. . and i want a huge bag of chips. and i want jelly. and i want oreos and nutter butters. and more protein bars or something. thanks mom love ya. tell teisha to send me picks from efy. sounds like tate is quite the fishermen. just let him know that when i get home that i will always catch the bigger fish. and thats good that he was watching my old games. maybe he learned a few good pointers of how a real athlete plays. haha and that is sweet that joel came over. he is a awesome kid. i cant believe you didnt invite him to church. haha he looks alot bigger. he has finaly beefed up a bit. thats sweet that he has a agent already. he better give me some of that money when he goes to the nba. haha he needs to remember who taught him how to shoot the ball. haha but everything is good here in puente. there has been alot of rain but i like it because that means that it isnt so hot. i love shareing the gospel and i know that there is angels that are preparing certain people to here the gospel. thats why i talk to everyone because you never know. my distric is doing really good. as a district we have baptized 5 weeks in a row. out of 22 district only 6 baptized every week and we were one of them. i have some really cool elders in my district. they work really hard and have alot of faith. one of them is . but yes mom that would be good if you can get a hold of coach. i still want to play. i love sports. today we played soccer. it was all the white kids against the mexicans that play everyday and we killed them and we never play. it was fun. haha but i knew that i needed to go because the notes you took are pretty clear. i shouldnt deny the answer that i have already recieved. pres uchdorf was pretty clear. so yeah i am still a falcon if i get back in. haha but i love you all very much keep up the good work and stay strong. keep praying for missionay experiences and i know god will give them to you if you have real intent to act on your answer. also pray specificly. alot of times we pray for and experience but that is pretty broud. you should ask things specificly to recieve a specific answer. example heavenly father what friend of mine is ready to recieve the gospel and he will give you a name. just a example. oh dad i was just thinking about that this week about our ancestors and how they taught the doctrine of christ. first adam taught the doctirne of christ then enoc then the apostles then christ then nefi then alma then christ again then our profet and apostles and our ancestors and so if all these people the doctrine of christ so do we. we are here to teach the doctrine of christ. thats why we inviete everyone to be baptized. love ya elder hancock

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June 27 2011

ounds like everything is going well in texas. I did get my package and i have been enjoying my peanut butter. i ran out. so i need more. i cant find it here in mexico so send me a bunch of peanut butter and send me some more stuff to make cookies i have already made them on sunday. they were pretty good. the cookies in mexico stink. haha but this week was a good week but we didnt baptize. we went with nicolas almost everyday trying to show him that he is ready. i even read the seccions in dnc when christ is talking to oliver cowdry about the answeres that he has already recieved. i read that to him and put his name in instead of olivers cowdrys. we even brought i new convert alex to bare his testimony about baptism and he did it. it was a way powerful testimony. that made my week to here his testimony that he has gained and to see the change that he has made in his life. he wants to serve a mission and this week he just recieved the arronic priesthood. so that was way cool to see that this week. but this week we droped alot of people that werent progressing. that is always hard but it has to be done. and anacaren hasnt got permision. she is starting to be disanimated because of the problems she sees in her family and she thinks it is because she is going to our church. so that has been hard. we have done all we can. now it is up to the members to help us out. a member is going to pass by and talk to her and her grandparents so we are praying that that all goes well. but me and my comp are stil working hard and talking to everyone. and the couple that we are teaching we just cant find them. they arent home and they are not answering their phones so we hope we can find them. also we had like 5 investigators ready to go to the temple but the bus that has a contract with the church just changed the contract and the night before they had to cancel the trip. we were pretty bummed because we worked all week to have people go to the temple and it got cancled. we knew we could put our money on the temple. but things happen. next month we will have more people go. but all is good and we are working hard. we are starting to have consejo with the bishop and all the leaders each week. before it was just with
t he bishop but he planched everyone and everyone is going and they are makeing goals centered on missionary work. so that is good. if a ward wants to be successful it needs to focus on missionary work. if it doesnt then there is no progression. so thats good that the ward is starting to see the importance. i love this work and i have learned alot on my mission. there are things here that you learn that you cant learn anywhere else. i can see why every young man should serve a mission. i love this work and i love the people here. thats why it hurts when they dont progress. they dont understand what they are missing. but i love you all and sounds like everyone is doing good. tell teisha that she needs to keep here eyes open for my future wife. and tell chris kirk that i love him. also tell joel that when you see him. i cant believe that it has been 2 years that is crazy. that seems like forever ago. but yeah you can start the paper work i am going back to be a falcon. so yeah you can start. good luck with all that fun. haha but i love ya and keep up the good work. elder hancock

June 20 2011

Thanks dad. I guess you did work pretty hard on your mission. haha i just keeep telling my self that when the girls start looking good here that i just need to work harder and there is a wife with blond hair and blue eyes waiting for me. haha i just need to keep telling myself that. haha jk but i just wanted to wish ya a happy fathers day and let you know how much i love ya and i am thankful for all that you have done for me and our family. thanks for all you do. golf was alot of fun. i stunk but it was alot of fun. haha the golf course was way nice. it was legit. haha but love ya and thanks again. elder hancock

Everything is going good here in puente the only bad news is that we didnt baptize this week. Anacaren still hasnt got permision. we went to talk to her grandpa and she almost started crying because she didnt want us to talk to him, so we didnt. she told us that if we talk to him he wont let her go to church. so what we are going to do this week is have a have a member go and talk to him to tell him what we do and then we can talk to him. but i have faith that she will get baptized this week. she just needs a signature and she is ready to go. so we are going to do everything we can so that she can recieve these blessings this week. also nicolas is ready to get baptized but in the last second he said that he is going to wait. so we are going to show him all the blessings and answeres that he has recieved and we are going to planch him so he understands faith. haha he is a good kid he is just a little scared to act and do it. we are going to have the bishop come with us to talk with him. so we should have 2 baptisms this week if everything goes well. also the ward is going to have a ward temple trip and we asked the bishop to reserve spots so investigators can go so we have 10 spots to fill so that our investigators can go to the temple with the ward. i think this is a awesome idea so they can go to the visitor center and learn all that stuff and feel the spirit of the temple. so we are going to make sure that we have 10 people going to the temple on saturday. the couple we are teaching got fed with a bunch of anti this week. i hate when that happens. Ester has recieved an answer and then she got fed with a bunch of bull so we didnt even get to talk about marriage with them. we have a appointment with them this week so we are going to see how they are. so pray for them. i know she has felt something and she didnt say that we cant come by so that is good. so we are going to help them out. we just bore our testimonies to them and taught them how they can gain their own testimony. so that was this week. we found alot of cool people this week so that was good. the work is moveing along and all is good. i did my first baptismal interview this week. that was way cool. i think this is one of my newest favorite things is to do a baptismal interview. i did it with a 16 year old girl. she was way cool. its just cool to see the excitement that people have and the faith that they have to follow christ. it was a cool experience. thanks for all the support and love that you give me and i love you all very much. keep finding people for the missionarries. if you love your testimony share it. love ya elder hancock

June 13 2011

thanks for all the emails. it was good to hear from everyone. this week was really good. this week we had a miracle. we have really been working hard to baptize every week and so far this month we have done it. this week we were walking and ran in to a recent convert that just got baptized right before we got here and when i first got here we were teaching here 18 year old son named alex. he had problems with drinking and the ladies and his mom sent him to a alcohol place to have him stop drinking. he just got back this week and we went to visit him and the first thing he asked us was a blessing to stop drinking and to change his life. he hasnt drank for a month and a half and doesnt have any desire to do so. it was cool to see the change in his life. he told us he prayed the hardest he ever had while he was gone and really wants to change. after the blessing he told us he wanted to be baptized. so president did his interview at our stake conference that we had and he got baptized after. it was way cool. after he told us he finally felt clean. so now we are going to work with him so he goes to the temple this month with the ward and then prepare him for a mission. he is a cool kid. so that was the miracle of the week. Anacaren is ready to get baptized she just needs the permission. she fasted this week to get permision and the person from the seventy pres. Alonso spoke and spoke dirictly to her to do everything in here power to recieve this saving ordinance. so i know she will get baptized this week. we also had another investigator at the conference that is ready to get baptized. all of his family is members but him. we have taught him for a while and he told us this week that he is ready and then hes not ready. we told him just to listen to elder alonso and elder alonso and pres spanaaus all talked on baptism and just planched him so he will get baptized this week as well. so we should have two bapttisms this week. so we are excited for that. the stake conference was so good. elder alonso just planched the whole stake to do missionary work. it was so cool. he said i dont have fear to share my testimony with anyone because it is true. i have fear when the missionaries come to my house and i dont have a reference to give them. haha he was pretty bold. he had all of us missionarries go up and sing i am a child of god and then just planched everyone to work with us. it was sweet. haha it was a good conference. also we are working with this young couple that need to get married so pray for them so that the husband has the desire to get married. the wife she is ready to be baptised we are just working with him. so the work is moveing along. i love every min of it. and all is good with the district. all the new missionarries are good. im going on divisions with them to help them out. so every area in the zone baptizes. but today i wrote you early because there is a member that is going to get us in a golf course for free to golf. so i am going golfing. im pumped. it should be fun. but i love you all and thanks for all that you do for me. tell grams i got his letter and that i love him alot. it really meant alot to me. tell him i love him. i didnt get the package so it might still be in cuernavaca. but yeah. love ya elder hancock

June 6 2011

What up fam. no mother i havent go the package yet. i should get it today from the zone leaders and i should get the letter from grandpa from them as well. dont worry i will get them. all the new elders are here i havent met them yet but i will meet them today so that will be good. this week we baptized Conrado. it was a cool baptism. he was way nervious but he did it and after he was good. he is like 50 years old and he lives alone and he rides a bike around every day collecting trash. he is a way cool guy. every lesson he had a whole list of questions that he had written down when we got there. he told us that he has never had any friends like us before and he just thanked us for everything it was way cool. so that was the highliht of the week. also in his baptism we had 2 investigators come. there names are Alfredo and Ester. they are a couple that are references from our ward misionarries. we taught the first time in a family night with our ward missionarries that are sisters. we taught them the first lesson with the joseph smith movie. they went to church and liked it. the next week they couldnt come and them they came again this weeek. we taught them the book of mormon this week and they came to the baptism. they arent married and every time they have come to gospel docterine the class is about marrage. this week it was on the law of chastity. that was good for them to here. they were like yeah we know what we need to do. so this week we will talk to them a little more about that. but they are progressing good. we also have a young girl named anacaren she is 16 and she has come 3 times to church and she wants to get baptised. she is just a little scared because all of her family is catholic. she lives with her grandparents. she doesnt have parents. but she is progressing along really well. we are teaching alot of families they just need to come to church. so we will work on that this week. but all is going good. we could baptize anacaren this week we just need to get permision from one of her grandparents. so we will seee how that goes. but the work is moveing along good in puente de ixtla. sounds like tate ended a good year in the 7th grade. congrats on all the work that you did tate. and it sounds like teisha had a stinky week this week. haha but dont worry teish sometimes we have bad weeks. keep working hard and dont mess up my truck too bad. i need to take it to colorado in one peice. haha but tht is all that has gone on this week. we are working hard each and every day. oh this week we talked to a christian preist that lived in the united states and went to a baptist school to become a priest and after broke off from them and is christian. he is was crazy. i told him that we would listen to him and then he would listen to us. he didnt let us talk at all. that was a waste of time. its sad that the people dont understand what they are reading in the scriptures. the consepts they have are so fare off and make no sence. he was trying to say that being reborn is not baptism and that baptism isnt necessary because we were baptized when we were born and all we need now is baptism of fire and all this stuff. he didnt make any sense at all. it was just a testimony builder that this is the true church. i was about to thank him for building my testimony that what we are teaching is true. haha but i didnt. today for pday we went and played pool. that was way fun. tell tate i still got it and that he can only beat me if i scratch. haha i killed everyone today. it was fun to play some pool. but keep up the good work and keep shareing the gospel. oh this week the bishop showed us the dvds that they are makeing for the youth right now. they are legit. do you guys have them. they are way good. there are some really cool messages. i want some if you can send me some. i want those dvds to share with members. but i love you all.
elder hancock

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

may 30 2011

Sounds like all is good in texas. Everything has been good here in puente de ixtla. we have really worked hard this week. we had alot of references and have really worked well with the members. this tuesday we are going to teach a class to the members about preach my gospel. we know that there are alot of members that want to share the gospel with there friends but they dont know how to do it. we are going to give a class about preach my gospel every week to teach them how they can talk to there friends about the gospel. it should be really good. im excited for that. president told us that if we want to baptize every week we have to 2 or 3 distinct things. so that is what we are trying to do. this month we have the families and the people to baptize everyweek. everything just needs to play out good. we just need to teach and find with faith. this week we are going to baptize conrado. he is like 50 and lives alone. he is a way cool guy. he has alot of faith. he is going to get baptized on saturday. we can also baptize another person her name is anacaren. she is 16 but her grandpa doesnt like that she is going to church so we are praying that his heart can change and that we can have a oportunity to talk to him. and we are teaching 5 families right now. i have never taught this many families before and i really want to baptize a whole family that in a year they can all go and get sealed. i have been praying for that and now we are taeching 5 families so now i just need to help them progress. i love this work and i love working in this ward. this week we had changes and me and my comp are staying but alot of people in our district got changed. our district leader got changed so they made me the new district leader. so we will see how that goes. i have to teach every district meeting each week and i do interviews for people that can get baptized. i am excited. the other 2 missionarries in our district are going to train new missionarries so i am going to be the oldest one in our district and i dont even have a year . haha but i am way excited. that means that our district is full of alot of faith and excitement witht the new missionarries that are going to come. we can change the attitude of the zone here in galeana. first me and my comp need to set the example and show the district that it is possible to baptize every week so we are going to do that. but yeah i am pumped. so all is good here. Mom i havent go the package or cards yet but im sure i will get them soon. that is cool that logan is back home in texas. im sure he has no clue what to do. i dont want to go home at all. i dont even want to think about that. alot of my good friends are going home today and it stinks to see them leave but thats the mission. so teisha is on another date. crazy crazy. haha and tate should receieve the niña award instead of the athlete award because he wouldnt even touch the bunnies. that is cool that there were bunnies in the garden. also that is nuts that it has been a year since grandpa passed away. time goes by way fast. but i know that hes working hard on the other side. all i know is that missionary work is the most important thing in this church. to have a ward or stake function correctly is to have every organization in the church focus on missionary work. in baptizeing, retaining, and bringing back the lost sheep. thats the only way a ward can grow together and have unity. its the only way. but i love you all and thanks for all that you all do for me.
elder hancock

May 23,2011

Hey happy birthday dad. Im not going to lie i competely forgot it was your birthday but mom reminded me. haha but i love ya and am thankful for all that you do for me. your a great example to me. you treat us and mom like a father should. i always remember my patriachal blessing and how it says i should watch your example and how you treat mom and us. i have done that and i hope some day i can become a dad like you. i love ya lots and keep up the great work.
What up fam. sounds like everyone is doing good in texas. that is funny that brandon and cash took all the mormon girls to their prom. haha that is pretty funny. i love that kid he needs to get baptized. haha also sounds like tate is busy with sports which is good. tell him to keep me posted. and teisha stay away from all those boys . haha but all is good here in puente de ixtla. we had our mission conference with elder rasband. it was way good. he just extended on to the talk that he gave in general conference about the divine companionship. it was way good. in his talk he talks about the experience that he had when he was with pres Erying picking where missionarries go and how it is direct revelation from god and that we are where we are at because god wants us to be here. he continued on to that and talked about how this process doesnt stop when we are in the field. he said that our mission president recieves the same revalation of where we need to go in the mission and who we will be our comp in the mission. He said that this is the only time in our life where we will be guided like this. he said that we are where we are at right now with the comp we have right now because the lord wants it that way. he said the lord wants us to learn something in every area we are in and to learn something with every companion that we are with. it was way cool. i enjoyed his talk. it was also fun to see everyone in the mission. i have made alot of cool friends. this change alot of my good friends are going home. it is pretty sad but thats the mission. oh mom my butt is just fine i went to the doctor this week and he cant believe how it has closed up so fast. i went on thursday and he was surprised. so all is good with my butt. thank everyone for all the prayers. and this week i did find a camara so dont worry. i have one now and it works. haha this week was a good week we had alot of really good lessons and we have really worked well with the members. on saturday we had a family night with our ward missionarries and they invited a couple and one other teenage girl. it was a really good lesson. the couple was like we are for sure going to the church and they did and they liked it alot. so that was way good. we had 7 people in the church this week which was way good. the ward hasnt seen that for a really long time. but the 3 people that are ready to get baptized this week didnt go and they need to go before they get baptized so that stunk. we will have to find out what happened with them. the couple veronica and gorge are doing good. we have a family night with them tomorrow which will be good. oh also this week in church we had 2 other members come up to us and say they have friends that want o here from us. so the blessing are starting to come. not as quickly as we would like because we are not going to meet our goal this month but they are coming which is really good. we have worked hard and we have gained the confidence of the members which is really good. also this week we did alot of service. we moved a bunch of dirt for a investigator and then another day as a zone we built a fence. so i am workin hard. and i love it. but thanks for all you do for me and keep up the good work. that is awesome about hd. i love that kid. i am going to miss him too. i want his email so i can talk to him. love ya. elder hancock

May 16 2011

Hey gramps how you doing. everything is good here in mexico. i love every minuete. every day i get to think of someone else and their needs and through the help of the spirit i can teach them to thier needs and i can see the change that takes place in their lives. i love it. i never want to think of myself again. i love the people here and i love being a misionary. i know that granny is part of this great work on the other side. i think the work on the other side is even alot bigger than here and granny is part of that work. grandpa i love you with all of my heart and am thankful for the example that you have set for me. stay away from my chocholate milk. there isnt any down here in mexico. haha elder hancock
hello mother. sorry i dont have much time to write you but all is good. today we played football it was pretty fun and for that i dont have much time. this week was really good. we are working really hard. on tuesday we visited all the moms that we are teaching and all the moms in the word. i drew a pictrue of Eunice in the bible when she is teaching timothy the scriptures. it is in 2 timothy 1 something. i drew that and made coppies and we gave it out to all of them. i think we gained alot of respect and confidence from the members and we received some references for doing that so that was good. on monday night we had a awesome family night where sister paty invited her friends and we taught them. it is a couple their names are victoria and gorge. they are ready to receive this gospel. it is so much better to work this way with the members. i say this couple will get baptized this next month. i have been praying to find a couple that can get baptized and in a year i can go to the temple with them when they get married. i think this is a answer to my prayer. they are a really cool family and they are hungry to learn more. i love this work and i know that if we want to have success we need to work with the members. the members are key. i think we have gained the confidence with alot of the members. i am excited to go to work again this week. tomorrow we have a conference with elder rasband from the 70 with all of the mission. i am excited for that. the whole mission is going. but i love you all so much. keep working hard in the work of God. the missionarries need your help to find people so find them. haha.

May 9 2011

It was good to talk to everyone yesterday. it sounds like everyone is doing good. my comp and i are working really hard and he has a strong testimony. he is a good comp. haha he is really smart. he is a good comp. we dont have any problems at all. so all is good. and to answer your question. the best part of the mission is seeing someone recieve their answer that the church is true and the worst part of the mssion is seeing them deny the answer that they have recieved. that is the best and worst part of the mission. the best food on the mission is tacos al pastor and chile reenos and the worst food on the mission is pig feet and pig skin. i forgot to tell you i had to eat pig feet here. i thought i was going to die. i couldnt eat it. it was sick. it still had hair and everything. so i hope that answeres all your questions. but looks like teisha had a great time with alejandro. if not at least she got to ride in a lemo. haha and tell mitch he did a great job. she looks perfect for him. and tate has become the little artist. that looks just like mugsie. haha but today we went to the ruins it was sweet. it was fun to chill with the other misisonarrries. we went to xochicalco if you want to look it up. so yeah. but i love you all and i will talk to you next week. elder hancock

Monday, May 2, 2011


may 2 2011

What up fam. sounds like all is good back home. Teisha that is awesome that you kicked butt. haha keep up the good work and keep working hard. here inmexico mothers day is on the 10th so i wont talk to you on sunday i will talk to you on tuesday so you will have to wait 2 more days to talk to me. haha sorry but thats the way it is. everything went good this week. me and my comp can start to baptize every week like our president has told us. this week we are going to baptize Belen. she is 10 years old. her mom got baptized like 5 years ago and has been inactive. we went and visited her with a member and began to teach her and her daughter. we taght Belen her daughter how to pray and she gave the closing prayer. it was way cool. she began to pray and began to pray for her mom and her family. she and her mom started to cry. it was way cool. the spirit reconfirmed to the mom that they need to go to church and they went this week and Belen is excited to get baptized. the next week we can baptize A. A is 18 and all of his family just got baptized right before we got here. We had some really cool lessons with him this week and he has stopped drinking and is reading the book of mormon and is praying. the problem is he didnt go to church this week because he went to work. so this week we are going to pound keeping the sabath day holy. The next week we can baptize someone by the name of Conrado. this week we had a missionary activity with our misson leader and our ward missionarries. it was pretty sweet. there is a street in our area where there are a bunch of people vending stuff and we got a spot in the morning and set up a table and put up pictures of the church and had liahonas and pamphlets of the family and stuff like that. and we just contacted all the people that stopped by for like 3 or 4 hours. it was pretty sweet. one guy that passed by was conrado and this weeek he went to church and he really liked it. we are going to teach him this week. the next week we have Soledad. soledad is someone that we found knocking doors. she is way cool. she told us our first visit that she was just talking about with her family what is the truth and then we knocked her door. cool hugh. the spirit is awesome. but this week we taught her the plan of salvation and it really made sence to her because she has been thinking about all these questions of where we come from and where we go after this like. she just opened up to us and told us that her son that was 16 just passed away in a car accident and that her brother is in jail because he was drunk driveing and got it a wreck and it killed the kid that was in the car. so she needs the gospel now and she is progressing really well. she just couldnt go to church this week because she had to go to see her brother in jail. she is like in her late 50s and has a big family so after she gets baptized i say that her family is going to follow her example. then we also have another person that could get baptized the last week of this month his name is Nicholas. he is 20 and his parents got baptized a year ago. we taught him and he had alot of questions which was good. he really wants to know if these things are true. so i am pumped. me and my comp are working hard and studying hard. the new program is really cool. we have dvds of misionarries that they filmed from the united states. one is from our mission in texas and the other is from california. we watch that every day seeing what they did good and what they did bad and how we can improve and then we practice with each other doing role plays. it is like watching film every day for football but it is for misionary work. it is pretty sweet. i like it alot. my butt is good. this week i went to mexico city again and they just pulled out some stiches and rubbed off a bunch of dead skin. but all is good. they said everything looks good. so i am doing great. after we went to carls jr and got a huge burger with the assistents. so that was good to have some american food. but i have 2 butts and i am happy. haha my house is pretty sweet i have a huge balcony which is cool. that is cool that you gave a blessing to tims mom and that is sweet that tim is the elders quorum president. that is so awesome i am excited for him and mitch getting married. thats nuts. is she hot. haha. but all is good here in puente de ixtla. i love you all very much and i am looking forward to talking to you all on tuesday. on monday i will give you all the details of how you can get a hold of me. ok. love ya.
elder hancock

Monday, April 25, 2011

April 25 2011

Everything is going good in the new area. we have worked really hard this week. the members here are really cool and are willing to work with us. there are alot of inactives in our ward but the ward is pretty strong. there is about 100 or less that come every week and there is like 400 members in our area. so we have alot of work to do but the bishop is cool and are ward missionary is really cool as well. my comps name is elder cornejo. he is from sinaloa. it is north somewhere in mexico. he is a really good misionary. his first few days he was a little timid to talk but by the end of the week he was commiting people to be baptized in contacts. so he is doing really well. he has alot of faith and amor for the people and really wants to help the people here. he is 18 years old and has never lived away from his home but he is doing good. haha today for pday we went to a missionaries house and in his back yard he has a basketball court and everything. it was so sweet. i was so jelous. i have always wanted to have a house with a whole court in my backyard. if i had that i would go out and shoot hoops everymorning. it was so sweet. when i have a camera that works i will send picks of my dream mision house. haha but this week was good. we have met alot of the members and we have tried to talk to everyone. we found 24 new investigators which is really good but none of them went to the church. it was because this week was the semana santa or the holy week so everyone had family in town and didnt do jack. we had alot of appointments that fell because all the fam was in town. but it is ok we are going to visit them this week and encourage them to go to church. but we confirmed 2 this week. there names are mirnerva and victor. there mom got baptized like 2 or 3 weeks ago and they got baptized last week and got confirmed this week. they were references from a member so they counted for us. haha but they are a cool family. the mom is from la costa chicka which is really close to my area in acapulco. we are teaching his son he is 18 and likes to drink so thats why he hasnt got baptized so we are going to work hard with him to help him out. we have also found alot of members that have family members that can get baptized so we are going to visit them all this week. so i am pumped to work here. i know that me and my comp can start to baptize every week if we keep working hard and talking to everyone. it is a really pretty area. there is alot of farmland here and it is green. we are teaching a guy that reminds me of grandpa hancock. he is pretty funny. ill have to see if i can get a pic of him. but yeah all is good here in puente de ixtla. galeana is a city that is next to us. but puente is its own little town. and my butt is doing good. i dont have any pain. and i dont think i have to go back to the doctor because no one has called me so i think i am good. and no i am not on antibiotics. just on silver. haha but that is cool that that guy got baptized. i remember going to his house with the misionarries. and it should be good to go and give a blessing to tims mom. that is sweet. that is awesome that you guys found a place with tacos al pastor. there is only one place in puente with tacos al pastor and i dont even know if they are good or not. but the food here is all good. nothing different. i love the food here. when i go back home i am going to miss the food. expecially the tortillas. i love tortillas. they are my favorite. i also love the fruit drinks that they make here. but yeah all is good. me and my comp are working hard and we are going to see alot of success here in puente. i am pumped to go to work tomorrrow. but i love you all very much. hancock ctr and stick together. oh yeah thats sweet that you have all lost weight. welcome to the club. i think i have lost a bunch of weight too. i am just a skinny short white boy now. haha but love ya.
elder hancock

Tranfers April 18 2011

Everything is good here in Galeana. i got transfered to Galeana. it is in Morelos it is about 40 min away from cuernavaca. it is a pretty sweet area. i recieved another mexican comp straight from the mtc. i am training again. he seems like a cool kid. his name is elder cerejo or something like that. haha he is another 18 year old mexican and is green as can be. haha i am way excited. i am opening this area here and my zone leader is elder roskelly so that is pretty cool. the zone here has really struggled but i have heared the ward i am in is really strong. our ward mission leader picked us up from the bus station and took us to our house and he is a returned missionary of a year or so. he seems like a cool guy. i am way excited to get to work. we are going to start visiting all the members and start getting to work. this area is full of a bunch of farmland of fields of corn and stuff. it is way cool. there are ruins in this zone and stuff like that. i am pumped. also this week on thursday me and my comp elder miguel went to cuernavaca for a conference with pres. it was for all the people that are going to train this change. salt lake 10 days ago made a new program and we are implamenting it here in the mission. pres said we might be the first mission starting this program. it is way sweet. it is a booklet of how to train a new comp. usually we study 3 hours a day but now we have to study 4 hours a day and 2 of those hours is studying with our comp. they gave us dvd players and movies that we use to learn in our comp study. it is pretty sweet. so we have a dvd player and it is a 12 week program and it is all focused on studying together with your comp to help him grow. it is pretty sweet. i am pumped to start studying tomorrow. we report every weeek to pres how we are progressing and everything. so that is that. also my kid elder miguel he is training a american. he has 3 month and he is training. so i am already a grandpa. haha but elder miguel is ready. he was a really good comp. i love that kid. we didnt baptize this week but it was a really cool. week. louisa the mom of miguel is ready to be baptized and we had 2 powerful lessons with her this week. she was going to get baptized on sunday but she didnt get to talk to her daughter so she is going to do it this week. thats ok she is my convert. haha elder miguel should baptize at least 8 people this next month. so that is good. it was hard to leave but all is good. judith and socorro my investigators were crying but it was all good. judith wanted me to thank you for being my mom and letting me go to her house and teach her. haha it was really sweet what she said. but i am pumped to work here in this area with my new comp and my new zone. there are alot of cool misionarries that got put in this zone. it should be sweet. everthing is good with my butt it is all closeing up good. i dont have any problems or anything. i just have to go back to get it checked and that is all. it is not infected. but thanks for all the prayers and everything. that is sweet that teisha tood 3rd. that is so cool. good job teish. keep up the missionary work and i love you all so very much. thank you for all that you have done for me. love ya. elder hancock

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sorry for the lack of Tuckers posts explanation below.

The past month has been a little crazy for Tucker he has had 2 surgery procedures in the last month. so we havent posted all those details. Thank you everyone for all your prayers. He is doing really well and recovering at the mission home and is hoping to be back in his area by friday. The following are bits and pieces of his emails: Mom you are not coming to mexico. that is the last thing that you are going to do. i say that i dont even talk to you all after the surgery. i really dont want to talk to you guys. i think it will be better if i wait for mothers day. but dont worry about me everthing is good. my freaken egg finally broke in my butt on thursday i feel a whole lot better. i can finally walk normal. but yeah i am not going to lie that this week stunk. i couldnt do anything. all i have done is slept read and i have drawn a bunch of stuff because that is all i could do. on thursday we had a conference with elder johnsen of the seventy. he is over all of mexico. it was pretty sweet. the night before we stayed witht the zone leaders and my egg started to ozz. and in the morning it started to ozz some more. so i was like. how in the world am i going to go to the freaken conference with this thing ozzing puss and blood. so i was like. you guys go buy me some diapers because these pads dont work. haha so they went and bought me some diapers and so i wore diapers for like 2 or 3 days. it was great. in the middle of the conference i had to change my diaper. it was pretty sweet. haha these diapers are huge. haha but they work. i didnt get any puss or blood on my suit and my garments. it was the best idea i ever had. haha. but mom and family thanks for all the prayers and everything. it has really helped. so thank you. but mom you need to calm down. i am fine. and i am going to the doctor with president in 2 hours. me and my comp are in cuernavaca and we´re just chillin. so i will really find out what this thing is in a few hours. most of all the swelling has gone down because all the puss and blood broke out. so i feel a whole lot better now. so we will see what happens in a few hours. but the pills that i am takeing are something. i really dont know what they are. i was just told to take them and i have taken them. i havent felt anything from them so im good. haha and the pain meds are nothing. i took them after all the pain went so who knows if they work. hhaha. but all is good. dont worry about me. and mom you are not coming to mexico. haha you couldnt survive 2 seconds here in mexico. ahaha jk mother. but the conference of elder johnsen was really good. he talked alot about faith and if we submit our will to jesus christ like he submited his will to the father then we will find people to baptize every week. jesus was perfect becuse he submited his will to our heavenly father and because of that he was perfecft. so yeah it was really cool. i learned alot in my diaper. hhaha. it has been fun telling everyone that i have a cist on my butt. everyone wants to know excpecialy everyone in the ward. haha but its all good. i dont even care. haha and in church we still had more investigators than the zone leaders and we didnt even work this week. haha it was pretty funny. but yeah all is good. here we are going to know the news and i little bit. so i am sure you´ll here from me in a little bit. but that is awesome that teisha rocked her tennis tournament and tate rocked his track meet. i just want to let you know tate that you are lucky that i never did pole vault in middle school. they didnt have it when i was there. so if we did have my name would still be there in the record book above yours. hahahahahahah jk bro that is awesome that you broke the record. thats sweet. haha but i love you all and i will talk to ya´ll in a little bit. mom you can add what you want to the letter. maybe a explanation of what the book of mormon is so he knows. i just wrote that really fast for him. but all is well. i am here in the offices and just chillin. i dont have any pain. i am ready to go work.haha i can walk and everything so we will see when i can leave. i have to go back to mexico in 8 days for a check up so we will see what happens. but all is good. but the only advice i can give is for the missionarries to study for investigators personaly and as a companionship and make a plan to teach them. me and my comp have started to do that and our lessons are alot powerful and our studies are alot powerful because we are thinking of someone that we love and want them to change. so yeah the missionarries have the keys for them so they know what to do. haha but just get em baptized. but yeah that is pretty much all that has gone on. thats good that tate and teisha are doing good. tate is tearing up in track so that is good. . but yeah keep up the good missionary work. keep it going. haha but i love you all so much and thank you for all that you do for me. thanks for all the prayers and thank all the fam and friends for all their prayers for me. i really do feel good. so all is well. you guys dont need to worry. i am good. but love ya all and talk to ya later. Mi familia, everything is going fine here in the offices. i feel just fine. i just have a nice little hole in my butt. it is kinda like another hinny. haha so i have 2 holes now. it is pretty sweet. haha it isnt that big. . . . he is way funny. his family is pretty rich. he drove a mercedes and he had a servant in his house do everything. haha he . i always tease him that i am going to marry his sister. she is going to serve her mission in salt lake at the temple and she knows english. so when you go to salt lake look for a sister miguel. haha i told him that when pres scott was talking about marriage i was just thinking of his sister. it was pretty funny. he is a funny kid. but yeah on thursday i go back to the doctor to get it checked then i friday i leave to go back to acapulco. the office is like 5 min away from the mission home. it is way close. but i say that i am going to get changed this change but who knows. i get back this friday and then i will have a week to work and we have changes. i will know the 16th if i get changed or not. so we will see. but this week has been good. i just have been chillin. i feel fine. the day after my operation i was ready to go back and work. i worked with more pain before when i had my egg on my butt than i do now. i dont even have any pain right now. but i have to stay cuz i have to go back to the doctor this week. so this week. pres. bought all of us tacos one day in the offices. the other day i went with the sec. on divisions to eat and do a interview. the next day i went with the assistents on divisions and knocked doors. so i havent had to sit in the offices all day which is good. i would hate it if i had to do that. so i have been helping everyone here in the offices and then i leave out to go work. thats what i am going to do tomorrow also. so it should be fun. also conference was way good. i really enjoyed it. it did talk alot about why we have adversity and stufff like that so yeah i get the point. haha but i really liked elder oaks talk on desire. and i liked the example of the rugby player. that was pretty sweet. also i liked the talk of pres monson and elder scott on marriage. i now know what i need to do when i get home. haha i need to get married. haha but yeah conference was way good. a fam of three that we are teaching back in acapulco went to every session besides one. so that was sweet. also madalyne our other investigator went so we had 4 peaple in church without even working. so that was pretty good. haha so we should baptize this family on the 16th. they are a pretty cool family. we have only taught them once because of my egg but they accepted to be baptized and are really eager to learn. they have been to church twice and the members have really helped them out which is good. so we should have 3 baptisms when we get back. so i am pumped for that. but yeah that is all that has gone on this week. we have just been chillin with the secrateries and the asistents. it has been pretty fun. but i am ready to go back to our area. but just have to freakin wait and be patient. i dont have any patience so i am working on that. haha but that is way sweet that tate broke the record. he better break it in district. that is when it counts. he better man up and do it. vale la pena. haha and teisha that is nuts that she is going to prom. i cant believe it. it should be fun. tell dad or tate or someone to bring out the guns or knives or something. bring out the bear thing and scare him with that. haha that would be way funny. oh and mom fort collins is north of denver so no it is not closer to the springs. but still cool that colorado is going to have another temple. also that rome is going to have a temple that is pretty sweet. but yeah i love you and dont worry about me i am just fine. con amor, elder hancock

Monday, February 28, 2011

Feb 28 2011

thanks for all the udates. sounds like everyone is doing good. that is cool that jd is going to get baptized. yeah i remember the dad of zack but i dont remember the wife of his dad. but everything will work out. tell him i said hi and to keep up the great work. in a year he can serve a mission too. that is good that tim was able to go and stay with tammy and kelly. i love that kid to death. haha but to answer tates question no i am not teaching hannah montana she wont go to church so we had to drop her. but this week was really good me and my comp worked really hard. we found 22 new investigators and 18 accepted a date to get baptized so we will see how that goes. we are trying to talk to everyone that we can and challenge them all to baptism because that is are calling. there was a great talk by elder Erying about the calling of a missionary and the calling of a member of the church. our calling is to teach and baptize and the calling of the members is to find the people that we can teach. this week we had 10 lessons with a member which is really good. we are trying to have a family type deal every day where the members can invite their friends and family. it worked pretty well this week. the only problem this week is that we didnt baptize. but we are going to do everything we can to baptize this week. we have people ready but alot of them need to get married. haha but its alright we are going to help em do it. but this week we have changes. i doubt i will get changed out because i just got my kid, but who knows. we are trying to help out the ward here. there is alot of pride in this ward and we are trying to help them to have more love and charity for each other. so if you have any suggestions on activities that we could do to help let me know. but all is good here in acapulco. dont worry mom i am protected and why did the president send a email to you guys. just wondering. but all is good here. that is cool that you were able to go see leander play with melvin and them. sounds like you all had fun. they sent me a little eamil just saying hi. how is joel playing? Have a great week love ya all
Love Elder Hancock