Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Aug, 15 2011

">what up fam. sounds like all is good. mom the email is perfect so just send i to them so they get it. thats sweet that you all ran a 5k. i would of never thought that you guys would run a 5k. haha but the tournament last week went really good. we got 3rd place against all the mexicans they play everyday. we would of won first but we had a shoot out at the end and our goaly failed us. haha but it was fun. i led the team in goals with 3. just to make sure tate knows. haha im pretty sure i led the tournament in goals. haha it was fun. but this week was a good week. we were going to baptize the daughter of soledad. her name is angeles but she wanted to wait to do it this week with her nephew so we are going to have 2 baptisms this week. the work is moveing along really well. we had 8 investigators in church this week which is good. we have alot of investigators that are progressing and this next week we have changes. im pretty sure i am gone but who knows. i really dont want to leave because of the success that we have been haveing and the investigators that we are teaching. alot of them will get baptized next month. but thats the mission. me or my comp is out of here becuase i have never heard a comp being with his comp for more than 3 changes. im pretty sure that elder cornejo is going to train this change and i am gone. but it is up to the lord. today we played soccor with a kid that plays professionaly. we have taught him once and he knows the church is true he just started his season though and he plays on sundays but he is a really cool kid and will get baptized in the future. it was fun to play with him. but one thing really cool that happened this week was that our investigator Maribel ever since we taught her the word of wisdom has stopped smoking and she said that she has prayed to stop and every time she smells a cigarette or sees one she wants to throw up. i think that is so legit. prayer truely changes things. the kid that i told you about that is a member that we have activated just got the priesthood this week and he went to the temple to do baptisms for the dead. he is rocking. so all is good here in puente. that is crazy that school is starting over again. the next school year ill have to study how stincky is that. haha i love the mission. im pumped to hear from elder ballard. i am way pumped. i read his book called our search for happiness. it is legit. he is a powerful man. i really liked the quote you said mom about the prayer. it is so true. that goes the same for us. if we want a answer we have to ask with that same real intent. if we dont do it how can we expect our investigators to do it. but thank for all that you do. i love you all. elder hancock

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