Sunday, April 15, 2012

April 9 2012

Hey fam,
Yesterday for easter was just a normal sunday. Easter here is a little different but we ate really good. A hermana gave us a bunch of food. but it was a normal sunday. We visited the family that we are teaching and taught them the The sabbath day because they didnt go to church. We knew the wife wasnt going to go but the rest of the family could of gone. Mayte the wife is the one that makes everyone go and she didnt go because she had to work. We taught them the important of commandments and she told us that she was thinking about quiting her work not to work on sundays. she just works on sundays every 3rd week or so but thats what she told us. She says that she sees a different in her week when she goes and when she doesnt go. She is really cool. We just have to animate the rest of the family. Her daughters are really cool as well. Her husband is really funny. He likes to joke around. He says my name really funny and We know that he is interested but he really doesnt like to show it. We talk about eternal families and I know he really likes it but tries to shrug it off making a joke. but through the example of his wife he will strart to come around. it will just take a little more time with him. but this  week it is possible that Mayte and her daughter can get baptized this week. so we are going to work hard for that to help them be ready for this week. Oh also this week when we were teaching them the plan os salvation their old preacher from the christian church came over and got all ofended that they were listning to us. He came in and started to ask us a bunch of questions. He is a apostle of the christian church or something like that. He came in and and asked us what we teach and all this stuff. we said the gospel of christ and he was like no you dont. You use the book of mormon that isnt the gospel of christ. he said show me a scripture in the book of mormon that talks about how we can be saved. I was like that is easy i went to 3rd nefi 11 where christ teaches us exactly what we need to do to be saved. he was like huuuuugh. he didnt know what to say and then said i am jelous that you guys are teaching my sheep and confusing them. I told him first of all they are not your sheep they a Christs sheep. second of all they invited us in their house and who are you to kick us out. haha it was a fun conversation. in the end he wanted a book of mormon to read. so that was good. Mayte told us as a leader in a christian church she doesnt like how he lives his life and all kinds of stuff and told us she feels different when we come and likes the way we explain everything to her and her family. but there will always be oposition in all things. haha so that was our fun experience of the week. Here in Lacero there are alot of poeple that go to this christian church and they have their prophet and everthing. this prophet has a television program and everything. There are also alot of Jehovas witnesses here. They are the ones that arent willing to listn to anything. They thing they know everthing in the bible but their bible has been changed around that they cant even call it a bible. its called something like the new translation of the holy scriptures or something like that. It was funny this week me and my comp found a lady and her husband. the lady has studied a year with the jehovas witnesses and the husband is catholic. She couldnt believe in a modern day prophet and in modern day miracles. We were teaching them the apostia and it is really easy to teach the apostacy with the bible that they have because they have taken out scriptures. We were takling about how christ established his church and how he healed people and how he gave the authority to his apostles so that they could do the same. My comp shared the story that there was one time the apostles couldnt cast out a devil of someone and christ could and we aked her why couldnt they if christ gave them the authority and we told her the answer is in Matthew 17: 21 and it says that christ fasted and they didnt thats why christ could and they couldnt and we told her to read the verse and it wasnt there in her bible because it is the bible of the TJs and that scripture isnt there because they dont believe in fasting. She wasnt understanding the apostacia so we used her own bible to show her how after the apostacy people started to take and add things to the bible for their own convinience. It was pretty funny but she understood the apostacy so that was good. haha So this has been good. We are workin hard and it was fun to go to curenavaca and see everyone. President just taked to us about his experience in Salt Lake and when they set him appart as a seventy. We just talked about that the whole time. It was really neat to learn about the organization of the church and how we are all in good hands. He is in the 7th quorum of the seventy and he is over Argentina, Uraguay, Brazil and other places close to there. President Holland set him apart. it was really neat. i have it all written down of how that all works and stuff. it was cool to learn. I got my package so thank you. i love my new nike pants. if i knew they excisted before i left i would of just bought pure nike pants. they are way confy. thanks. The now knives are really cool. I would send pres the holiness to the lord knife i like that one. Everthing is really cool. keep up the good work. keep me posted on the academy. Tell tate and tiesh congrats. Mom you and tiesh srcreaming reminded me of the good old days. haha the comment of gramps made me laugh about President Oboma. Gramps is right. haha but i love you lots and just want yall to know that i know that Jesus died for us and the great news that gives us all peace is that he resurected and that he lives. Thanks to him we will all resurect and be with our love ones once again. Every loss that we have had in this life will be restored to us in the life to come thanks to him. We owe eveything to him. The knollage we have that he lives gives us peace. Imagine the peace we can have helping those that dont know that he lives. Imagine the joy and peace they are missiog not knowing that he lives and they can see a loved one once agian. For this purpose we need to open our mouths and help those that dont know. Thanks for everthing. love ya

Elder Hancock

April 2 2012

Sounds like everyone is doing good. Tate congrats on breaking the record in pole vault. i saw the video it was pretty sweet. Keep up the good work bro. Teisha good job on the tennis match. keep up the good work. This week was a good work. Conference week is always a good week. We had to drop abdiel because he isnt progressing. He knows it is true and knows that he should be baptized but his family is a major influence and he doesnt want to do it. It is sad but we had to drop him. But we have been teaching a family of 7. At first we talked to their kids but this week we were able to teach the whole family which was good. We have taught the mom but we have never taught the dad. we were able to teach him this week. He told me you have 5 min to teach me your lesson. i was like ok and i timed it and everything. i taught the resaration in 5 min and i think he was pretty shocked after. haha it was funny. he is a funny guy. He likes sports so i was able to teach the restauration easy with an example of a team. But we taught them twice this week and they all went to the last session of conference. All 7 of them went which was good. Also a Teresa went this week with her daughter and a guy named Pio went. So we had 10 investigators go to conference so that was a blessing. I really liked conference. i was bumed that i wasnt able to see the priesthood session but i will watch it on internet to see the talks. What happened is all the priesthood went to see the preisthood session in Zihuatanejo that is like a hour and a half away. We thought that we could stay here and watch it but they turned off the satalite so i have to watch it on internet. but all is good. I really liked the talks of Elder Holland, Elder Erying. I also liked the talk of It was worth it talking about missionary work. i forgot the guys name that gave it. I liked Elders Perrys talk on the book of mormon and Elder Ballards talk on the family. Our investigators were there to hear those talks so that was good. But i really liked conference. We have a family night with the family that we are teaching tonight. The good thing is is that a counselor in the stake presidencey lives right in front of this family. we are going to teach them with this family. So all is good here in Lazero. This week we are going to Cuernavaca on Wednesday. We leave tuesday in the night. i should get the package there and be able to see all the knives. All the missionaries went nuts when they called pres as a general authority. that was funny. He is a really good guy i knew he was going to be a general authority but that was pretty fast. haha the 17th we go to acapulco again which will be fun. but that is pretty much what went on this week. The new misssionarries here are good. They are all really good missionaries. but love ya all and keep up the good work. Oh and i need the return date as soon as possible the mission offices just called me and want to know the day so they can buy the plane tickett. They already want to buy my plane tickett crazy hugh. haha

Love, Elder Hancock

March 26 2012

What up fam,
This week was a good week. First of all i didnt feel anything in the earthquake. We had no clue that there was one untill someone told us that there was one. So all is good dont worry. And no i havent heard anything about the visit of the pope. Hasnt effected us at all. This week Jorge Luis got baptized this week. It was a really cool baptism. This guy is really cool. He was the one that almost read the entire book of mormon in one day. After his baptism he told me that he wants to go on a mission. He is a really cool kid. He is from a place called Morelia it is the capital of Michoacan and his family is huge. He doesnt have any support from his family. He is studying and working here alone. He lives with some friends from his home and that is it. He told us he has been on his own almost all his life. He doesnt know his mom. she left him after he was born. Kinda sad but he is excited to be in the church. He is really smart. He already knows alot more than the members. It was our miracle of the month. This week we taught abdiel how to fast he is 16 years old and really wants to be baptised so we fasted with him so his mom would give him permision and the day we fasted for the first time we were able to talk to his mom. We talked to her for like an hour. she had alot of questions and i just told her straight up that her son is ready to be baptised and it is something that will bless his life. She said that they were going to talk about it as a family and they still havent talked about it. so we hope that they can talk about it this week. But fasting works since i have been her we have never been able to talk to her. But all is good with the investigators. We found another cool family this week. it was on thursday and alot of our appointments fell and to be honest we didnt want to do anything but we felt we should contact before we went to look for another person. so we contacted for like 15 min and found this lady named Teresa. She and her 12 year old kid went to church this week. So that was good. So never give up. Mom it is true what you said about God making us suffer to learn what he wants us to learn and so that we BUILD CARACTER. HAHA like you and dad always told me. but all is good her in Barrio Palmas. This week in church they called the new bishop. He is a really cool guy. we are excited to work with him and the new bishopric. so there have been some good changes in the word and we are excited to work with all the new leaders. The new bishop is bishop Benjamin Elizea. He is a real sharp guy. Also this week we are pumped for general conference as well. i think Candies mom will be able to go and see it live. she is in utah right now for the graduation of her son. he is graduating byu and she is there for that. But it would be nice to know the date when i have to go to the academy so i put you in charge mom to get that done. haha also pres just sent us a message that we are going back to acapulco for another conference. Elder Walter F. Gonzalez from the seventy  is coming to speak. who knows why we are having all these conferences. but its all good with me. i love going to acapulco. Im going to buy a house in Acapulco on the beach useing the money from the new buisness. haha but i really like the cards. they look really good. I hop everthing goes good. They are going to be ready for general conference? crazy. But this upcoming month i should be going to the temple the last week of April and it will be in the mexico city temple. i am pumped for that i havent been in the temple forever so that will be fun. Sounds like Tiesha and Tate are doing good. Tate in Track and teish in tennis. Keep up the good work. I got a letter form gramps this week. Tell him thankyou and that i love him.  I love you all lots.

Love, Elder Hancock

March 19 2012

This week was a good week we worked really hard to baptize this week. but at the end it didnt happen. we have 2 teenagers that are really legit. They know everything and want to get baptized but the mom still hasnt given them permision and she doesnt want to talk to us. we found out why this week. We had a plan to figure out why. when we teach them there are usually alot of teenagers there and also his brothers are there and stuff so it is hard to just talk to him and find our whats up. so what I did. was i knew that they all liked to play football. so what i did was i challenged his brothers and cousins to a game of soccer. there was a court there close so i played soccer with them and my comp talked to him alone while we were playing. he talked to him on the side and found out the real problem. He told his mom that his mom worships death. it sounds weird in english but here in Mexico there is a Saint called the death. it is called La Santa Muerte. And she prays to this Saint and has seen miracles and stuff from this Saint. And he thinks that for that she doesnt want to talk to us and hasnt given him permision. He told us this week that when he was praying about baptism and how he wanted to be baptised that he felt something that he has never felt before. it was way cool. we just need to pray hard this week that she gives him permison. He just needs to explain to her about his prayer and i think she will give him permision. he is 16 and his brother is 17. so thats whats up with them. This week we found this one guy that is way cool. He is 22 years old and contacted the missionarries and he lives in our area. He is 22 years old and just moved here to study and work. We taught him on Wendesday the Restauration and the book of mormon and left him 3 Nephi 11 to read. We came back on Thursday and he read almost all the book of mormon. He read up to 3 Nephi 11 in one day. He prayed and had a dream that he lost the book of mormon and that he was really fustrated that he couldnt find it and was really worried. He told us that he knows the book is true because if it wasnt true he wouldnt of been so fustrated to lose it. he is way cool he went to church and everthing. he should be able to get baptised this week becuase he has progressed so fast. That was a miracle of the week. Also this week we taught a lady named Mayte. We have been teachin her daughter and her son in law. This week we were lookin for them and she came to the door and we have always invited her but she never listned. this time she just opened up on the door step and started to tell me about all these problems that are happening in her family and all this stuff. she said that she has been going to a christian church named the comunity of god. it is a christian church. she and her family have been going there for 2 years and she told us that she hasnt seen any change in her life going to this church and she was confused about why there are a bunch of churches and everthing. so it was really easy to teach her and she really liked the lesson and she broght her whole family to church this week. 5 of them went this week. so that was really cool. so we are starting to see the fruits of the hard work that we are doing. But i go back to Cuernavaca in like week and a half. this week we had changes but me and my comp are still together. he only has one more change that me here. i think we will finish together here. Our 2 district leaders are going home they finished there mission so we are going to have some new missionaries in the zone. Also Elder Roskelly is done. he goes home on Wednesday i think. Crazy hugh. time flys. but that would be nice to know when i go back to the Academy so i can tell Pres. I have no idea about the medical papers. Hopefully you can figure that all out. good luck. haha but that is good that tim came over. i love that kid. he is still huge. there is no one like that here in mexico. haha but last pday we went to Ixtapa. look it up it is really pretty. we played football on the beach. but love you all. keep up the good work. love elder hancock

March 12 2012

Sounds like i should of never told you all waht happened. it wasnt that bad. After they took the money and stuff we got on the bus and just waited till the sun came up. i fell asleep. haha and no they didnt take my cards or anything. they just took money. the day that it happened was Thursday at 1:30 in the morning. but all is good dont worry about me. i didnt want to tell you to worry. Everything is fine. I have taken out money to buy food. and then no you dont need to pay pres back. The money came from the mission. The plans for the temple is i am going to go in April with her. she cant go this month. so i am going to go in April with her to the temple. it will be way fun. i am excited. but i wont go with elder roskelly. he is already with his parents. Crazy hugh. he is finished with his mission. his parents are already here. we have changes next month. but i know that i am going in April to the temple because this week we had a conference in Acapulco in Costa Azul my old area where i was born. We had a conference with elder Tenordio from the seventy. It was really good. he is a really cool guy. He talked about 3 things that someone has to do to be successful. First is that someone has to Work. Second someone has to be focused. Third is someone has to be Happy. It was a really good talk. He gave examples of how in is work one of his bosses told him it is too bad you dont know engish because you could make double the money and go to new york every month. Right there he was determined to learn english. He took a course for 2 weeks to learn english. 9 hours in the school and 9 hours listning tapes at this house. he did it everyday for 2 weeks. and went to his boss and just starting repiting all the stuff he learned. he said he didnt give his boss the chance to ask questions he walked in and said everything he learned and the boss gave him his certificate that he spoke english. it was a funny story. He talked about prayer as well and we read together. Genesis 24:1-27 where Abraham comands his servant to find a wife for his son. Before that he shared the scripture in 2 Nephi 25:23 that says we have to do everything in our part and the lord will do the rest. Despues de hacer cuanto Podamos. i like it better in spanish. but knoing that he told the story of this servant and how he prayed and did everything he could to find the wife for Abrahams son. The servant had a plan and presented his plan to the Lord through prayer. He had planned to go to the well because that is where all the daughters went to get water for the family. He had planned that the wife that would be right for isac would give water to him and his camels. also he brought a bunch of gold and stuff to please the family. So elder Tenordio was trying to teach us that we have to do everything we can and the lord will give us what we ask him after we do all that we can. Also the servant was explicit and exact when he told the lord how he wanted to know if the wife was the right one. He shared an experience when he was going to teach a mission that the mission president forgot to book a room for him in a Hotel and it was halloween night. So there was no way to get another room. So he told the mission pres not to worry about it htat he would find a room. He started to pray and said. Heavenly Father i dont have a room to stay the night. it isnt my fault it the is mission presidents fault so i need your help. I am going to go to this hotel at 9:30 and ask a worker if there is a room. they are going to tell me no. i am going to tell them that i am going to eat for an hour and at 10:30 i am going to come back and somene will leave at that time and i can take that room. that was his prayer and he did exactley that and when he came back at 10:30 the front desk got a call exactly at 10:30 and he got his room. He told us that The Lord likes details and if we do our part with faith the lord will do the rest. i really liked that. I need to be better at that. i need to pray for things more specifictly. but it was a really good conference i learned alot. After i was able to go to my old area and visit alot of my converts. it was really good to see them all. i ate with Karla the one that is going to the temple. it was good to see her and her family. it was fun to be back in Acapulco. we got back Sunday late in the night and went to church. We should be able to baptize this week. we have been working hard. we found a cool family yesterday as well. So this week was a good week. Hermana Tere told me we ate burgers at the same time as well. but i know your burger was alot better than mine. I miss mighty fine. but love ya and have a great week. that is awsome that all went good with my new buisness. haha

Love, Elder Hancock 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Feb 27 2012

Sounds like everyone is good besides poor Tiesha. Sorry Teisha but that made me laugh. haha but  i hope all goes well. Know you know how Grandpa Tuckett feels haha. You two are hearing buddies. haha but this week was a good week. we baptized Jose Guadalupe this week. he is 19 years old. He is a really cool kid. it was a good baptism. he is from the costa chica were all the black slaves settled and lived. He isnt quite black but he could grow a fro. haha i have baptised alot of people from the costa chica. but it was a good week. we are working had and finding new families. they just need to go to church. We are going to really focus on the church this week. with the members and our investigators. there are alot of inactive families in our area. So this week we are going to visit alot of the member familes this week. but me and my comp are good. We are working good together. My comp is way funny. it has been fun. i hope that we finish together. I  talked to elder roskelly this week we should be going to the temple in the next 2 weeks which will be fun. Our investigator Karla from acapulco is going to the temple. i think you accepted her on facebook. she knows english so you could talk to her if you want. she is really cool. in 2 weeks elder roskellys parents are coming to pick him up in mexico. so he thinks that we are going to go when his parents come. so i am pumped to go to the temple. it should be fun. On mondays i wash my cloths and then we go to internet then we eat at the stakes presidents house. he is way cool. then today before distirct meeting i am going to throw the football around at the church because if i dont play something i will kill someone. haha and then have the district meeting and then we are going to have a family night. that is pretty much my pday. i sent you a bunch of pictures so i hope your happy. haha but this week we are going to work hard with the people we could baptize. we have a few possabilites we just need to work hard this week with them. the zone is doing good.  Mom i havent thought about any of that stuff. i have no clue what i am going to study. ill worry about that when i get home. on sunday we ate with Hna Tere the mom of candy and she is good. she is still a little shell shocked from the accident she asked us to give her a blessing and we did. she is a really nice lady. but you can tell candy and chris that she is doing good. but i love you lots. keep up the good work.

Love, Elder Hancock

Feb 20 2012

Sounds like everyone is doing good. That is nuts that everyone is getting married. Everyone is getting old. haha but to answer your question about the sabeth day that is what they do here in mexico. i have planched alot of people about it but they just do it. Every meal they need fresh tortillas and everyone of them buys there tortillas on sunday. Sad but that is what they do. The zone conference went good this week. we were able to get everything planned. We tauht about helping the missinoaries bring more people to church. We used a pretty cool example to teach the importance of going to church. we filled up a glass of water and said that the water is like us when we were baptized we were pure and clean like the water. but clearly we arent perfect after baptism and we sin. and we had Grape Juice to represent sin. so we pored grape juice in the water and and makes the water dirty. So none of us wants to return to god dirty so that is why he camands us that we go to church to portake of the sacrament. when we partake of the sacrament we are clean again. so we pored clorine in the water and it made the water clear again. so that is the blessing we recieve each week when we partake of the sacrament. so we can be clean each and every week when we partake of the sacrament. we have taught that example alot here and it works. Mexicans like to see example and stuff. haha Pres talked about the book of mormon. it was really good. it was a good conference. this week me and my comp baptised Pedro. He was a old convert and we visited him when i got here and his mom and sister got baptised like 5 months ago and he never did. He has liked to party with his friends and hasnt wanted to change. one day we gave him Alma 5 to read and he read it and understood it pretty well. we talked about that with him with the same example of the glass of water but using it as baptism to wash us clean of our sins. and sence then he has been really cool and wanted to be batised and got baptised this week. he is 17. he wanted a picture of teisha. haha he is a funny kid. The 2 others we were going to baptise didnt get permision from their mom. she wants them to wait a little longer. they will get baptised this upcoming month. We have another baptism this week his name is Jose. he is 19 years old. his brother got baptised like a year ago and we have been teaching him. He has recieved an answer and everything. He is a really cool kid. He is one that i think will serve a mission. He has been reading the book of mormon and is really interested. So the work is going good her. Contacting here is really affective. THere are alot of people that are willing ot listn. Next month they are changing the ward boundries so we will have more families in the ward to visit. so all is good here. i did get the package. thanks for everythings. the pants fit perfectly. thanks. the tools work as well. so all is good. Keep up the good work and if you want to help our the missionaries you need to ask your neighbors or friends if they want to listn to the missionaries and if they say yes you have a reference. alof of times members talk about he gospel but forget the part to ask if they want to listn to misionaries. they forget that the misionaries are the ones called to teach and baptise. it is good to teach the gospel to your friends but if you dont invite them to listn to misionaries they will never get baptised. So something you and the fam can do better is when you have family nights and stuff with freinds invite the missionaries and they will do the rest if they know what they are doing. haha that is something i didnt know when i invited my friends and stuff to church activities and family home evenings. i never invited them to listn to the missionaris and that is whay they havent been baptised. so when you have friends and people over for family nights and stuff like that you need to involve the missionaries. and then you will see fruits from missionary work. but i love you all.
Elder Hancock

Feb 13 2012

All has been good this week. ON sunday i got to know Candies mom. she
is a really cool lady. She took us out to eat at pollo feliz. haha. We
called her that night after she dropped us off and she told us she was
in the hospital and that after she dropped us off that she got in a
reck. so i hope she is ok. she sounded ok but i dont know how the car
is or anything. you should ask Candy to see if she is ok. i feel bad
she took us home and then after got in a reck. but she is really cool.
The area is really cool. We are a really small ward. it is the
smallest ward that i have been in my whole mission but the members are
all really cool. there are alot of inactives so we are working on
that. we have visited alot of inactives that have a lot of family that
need to get baptized. We are teaching alot of families. We have found
alot of news and we had 7 people go to church this week which was
good. Right now we dont have a bishop we just have a counsoler but the
stake president told us on sunday that in may we are going to recieve
7 new families that are all active. He is going to change the
boundries in march so next month. Our area is huge and is going to be
even bigger. THe change will be good to have more families to get
refterences. We are going to baptize 2 or 4 this week. We are teaching
alot of teenage kids which are really cool. The ward needs more
priesthood so we need to baptize alot of men. The zone is doing good.
it is alot smaller than chilpo. we just have 18 missionaries in the
zone. i know some of the elders really well and others i dont know at
all because they are new. tomorrow i will get to know them because we
have zone conference tomorrow with pres. After i write you i have to
go and set everything up. we have to go and buy all the food as well.
We are in Ziuatanejo. it is a cool area. the zone is split up in 2
districts. One district is in Guacamayas and the other district is in
Ziuatanejo. and they are a hour and a half apart so we hardly ever see
the other district. but it is a cool zone. we should be able to
complete the zone goal this month if everyone finishes strong. Me and
my comp really get alone. ELder Rojas is really cool. he got baptized
3 years ago. He got baptized when he was 17 and a year later came on
the mission. He is really smart. A cool story from him is that his
comp in the MTC went to the mission of where he lives and was knocking
doors and ran in to the mom of elder rojas. And his comp from the mtc
baptized his mom. Cool huh. The blessing of the mission. So all is
good with my new comp. we are going to finish strong. We should be
able to baptize alot of people here. we are teaching alot of cool
families. We found a lady that had been praying for help and didnt
want to live anymore and we knocked her door and taught her and her
kids. Her kids have already gone to church before. WE gave her a
blessing and i feel we should be able to baptize the whole family next
month. that was the maricle of the week. Happy Valentines day to
everyone. i just cant wait for nexts years valentines day. haha that
is crazy that jay is goin to get married tell him to do it in June so
that i can go. Tate sounds like you are playing good. keep up the good
work. Teisha stay away from boys and keep up the good work in tennis.
I love you all.
Elder Hancock

Feb 6 2012

Yes i got transferred. i am in the farthest zone in the mission. i am in Lazaro Cardenas Michoacan. i am zone leader with Elder Rojas. He is a really cool guy. we are going to work good together. i was on a bus for like 10 hours today. that is why i am wirting late. but i am excited to be here. I am by the beach again. but this week was good with elder Cornejo. we baptized 3 this week. on saturday we baptized Ramon and his son Rafa. It was a really cool baptism. they are a really cool family. and then i sunday we baptised Carin. There is something in the water here in mexico. She is 11 and looks older than teisha. but she was able to get baptised so that was good. haha  So it was a good week. On sunday the ward had a party for me before i left. it was pretty cool. they gave time for all the people to just thank me. it was really nice of them. and then i just went around saying bye to all my converts. its always sad to leave but that is the mission. I am pumped to be here with elder rojas. he is going to finish the same time as me. so we are ready to work hard. Elder rojas is from Veracruz. Tate that was good that you won and tiesha keep up the good missionary work with your friend. I love you all lots. elder hancock

Jan 30 2012

This week was a good week. We baptized anita. it was a cool baptism. she is a really spiritual little girl. We had alot more people come to church this week which was good. We have a posibility of baptising 5 this week if everything goes good. We should be able to do it. I think i am gone this change. We will know changes this saturday. I think i am out because i have alot of time with Elder Cornejo and i have 6 months here in Chilpo. We had interviews with Pres this week. That went good. he planched a few missionaries that havent been working which was good. haha He asked them. what would you do if i sent you home right now. haha that woke em up. but the zone is doing good. We just need to baptise more. Me and Elder Cornejo should be able to baptise alot this week we are pumped. We have one guy his name is Ramon. He is really cool. we found his kid 3 months ago when elder cornejo just got here. we dropped him becuase he never went to church. one day we felt we should stop by and we did and found his dad Ramon and he is really cool. Today he got his answer. He has been reading and praying and he said that after praying he felt overwhelmed with joy and has had energy like he has never had before. it was way cool. we are going to baptise him and maybe his son this week. the other family we have is maria, karen, mariel. THe husband of Maria got baptised in the united states and she has gone to the church before but the missionaries got changed and never passed by again. One of her daughters really wants to get baptised and knows that it is true. the mom and mariel are still waiting for their answeres. if they have their answeres they should be able to be baptised. The husband has a problem with alcohol. so we need to help him with that. but everthing is going good. Teisha i do love you. sorry i havent put anything in my letters. its because i know you are good and dont need to here from me. haha but keep up the good work. I wish i could of seen you yell at the other coach. haha. Tate shoot the ball. that is all i have to tell you. haha but keep up all the good work. I love you all. Elder Hancock

Jan 23 2012

Thanks for all the news. sounds like all is going good in texas. Mom i did get the right scriptures thanks. This week was a good week we baptized Petra. She is like 60 something. she is a really cool lady. Her brother is a member and she lives above his house. We found her like 3 weeks ago when my comp had to use the bathroom. haha so we went there and he used the bathroom and i contacted her and we taught her. she went to church on her own and she wanted to get baptised. she has alot of faith. She cant read but she is really cool. Also this week we are going to baptise a little girl that is 10 years old this week. her name is Ana. she is really cool. last week me and my comp worked really hard and none of the people we found went to church. God blessed us with Anita. She came with a member family. her mom and her grandma are members. she loves to go to church and now lives here and wants to get baptized. we have been teaching her this week. it has been really cool. we have taught her using a notebook. we had the idea to have her take notes and stuf when we teach like in the school so she could learn better. it has worked really well. she has done everything that we have told her to do. she has read and prayed. we asked her to pray to know if she should get baptized and she told us that when she prayed that she heard a voice in her heart that told her that she should. she said that it was a voice of a man. it was really cool. the next visit we taught about joseph smith and told her to pray if he was a prophet and she told us that she heard the same voice in her heart. she said that the voice also told her that she should listn to the missionarries. it was really cool. the spirit was really stong when she told us that. she said that her heart was on fire. it was really cool. If all the people had the faith that she has they would all get baptised. haha but all is good. also this week Ramon went to church. it is a family that we have found. He is really cool. we have given him a blessing and he knows that it is true. we should baptise him andhis family next month. but all is good here. we just need to help all these families thatwe are teaching to go to church. they need to go to church. so we are going to focus on that this week. but all is good here. That is crazy that tate is already almost done with basketball. i remember the game that they came to watch us. haha that is cool that you were able to go and see tim fight. tell him i said hi and i love him and i kick his but when i get home. Dad i did get the letter from Gramps. i havnt read it yet but i will and let you know what i think. mom i really dont need anything. if you want you can send me some new pants to help me finish strong. haha im strarting to get some holes. haha but all is good. love you lots. elder hancock

Monday, January 9, 2012

Jan 9 2012

Sorry for the delay. what happened was that we had to wait for a hermana from Guacamayas. the sisters in centro are going to do divisions for 2 weeks with hermanas that are preparing to serve missions and we had to recieve them and make sure everything was good. so that is whay i am writing you late. i dont have much time cause i have to be in the house at 930 but all is good here. we didnt baptize this week because Letys daughter monse has her real dad. and the grandma on the side of her real dad wants her to do stuff in the catholic church. so the poor girl is a little confused. so that is what happened. Satan trying to stir things up. but Pedro is doing good he accepted fecha to be baptized this week the 14. we had a really good lesson with him this week. we had him make a list of all the blessings he could recieve if he got baptized and then we asked him if there was anything bad that would happen after being baptized and he couldnt think of anything. He had a huge list of blessings and couldnt think of one bad think. i asked him why would you wait to recieve all these blessings. He couldnt couldnt think of anything and accepted fecha. so we need to pray for him so that he pulls through and can be baptized. but also this week we found alot of new investigators. me and my comp have been praying to know where there are familes that are waithin to hear the gospel and we found 3 really cool families this week. we felt we should contact a part that we have never contacted before and we contacted and didnt have much success. then i guy was walking toward us and i felt i should contact him in the street so i did. turns out he got baptized in louisiana and now lives here. his wife and his 2 daughters havent been baptized. they are really cool. i know god knows the people are ready to recieve the gospel and will guide us if we are willing to do our part. we have put goals to contact more people to show are faith and we really have seen the blessings. we found 19 news this week and 17 of them accepted fecha to be baptized. so we are going to keep working had this week to find more families that are ready for the gospel. but sounds like everyone is doing good. teisha congrats on the win in tennis. keep up the good work. keep me posted on my future wife. haha and tate all i have to say is shoot the ball. haha love ya bud. and this week i didnt get the package so i dont know if it got lost or what. but i havent got it. but my birthday was pretty legit. i ate so much food and cake it was alot of fun. on sunday hermana ana made me bbq ribs that she found in sams club to use the rudy sause. it was way good. i felt at home. haha but everything is going good here in mexico. love you lots. tell the Robinsons thank you for the christmas present. they sent me UT sunglasses and pens and a sweet tie. so tell them thanks.  love,
Elder Hancock

Jan 2 2012

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. it is pretty crazy to think that i am 21. time goes by way too fast. also happy new years. For new years we went to a members house with Elder Roskelly and his comp and we had a little fam night. and then we ate food and we had permision to be home till 1030. so that was fun. on Sunday i celebrated my birthday with pedro. He wanted me to make a texas dinner. so i did the best i could. i made steak and french fries. im not going to lie. it was pretty legit considering the tools i had to use. i had to cook it over a stove because there are no grills here in mexico. so i did that and had a few seasonings and i used alot of A1. we found A1 in walmart and we used that. it was a way good steak. pedro liked it. after we had root bear floats. so that was fun. Pedro just needs to read more of the book of mormon. he is a awesome guy. the key is to talk to his wife and that is what we are going to do. we are just going to ask her straight up why she doesnt want to listn to her. so we will see how that goes. but this week we are going to baptize Monse the daughter of Lety. she is turning 8 this week so we will have a baptism this week. The zone is doing good. we really got some good missionarries here. so i feel we will start to see changes. This week we asked Pres. to have a special meeting with all the zone to animate them to complete their goals. so we will see how that goes. Mom thanks for getting all the air force crap done. that is cool that Lamar Smith wrote a letter. that was nice of him. that is cool that air force is ranked to be one of the top schools in the nation. it is crazy that pretty soon i will be back in school. i dont even want to think about that. haha but the work in our ward is going good. the youth are pretty strong in my ward. it could be better. but they are good. and alot of the youth arent really in the ward because here in mexico there is a high school for the church and alot of the youth go there in mexico city. but i feel that the ward has progressed. on sunday hardly any of the members came. but all my converts where there so i was happy. haha but this week i will go to cuernavaca. so i should get my package with my scriptures and stuff. but i already got the package from the lady that put it there in the office. i got the knife. it is pretty cool. thanks. i really like the grooves that they did. This week we have some more holidays to deal with. haha on the sixth is a day called el dia de los reyes. the day of the kings. they celibrate when the 3 wise men gave gifts to jesus christ. and that is when they give presents to there kids and stuff is on that day. i swear every week there is a holiday in mexico. haha but it is all good. that means that we get more and more food. haha but i love you all. keep up the good work.
Elder hancock

Dec 26 2011

It was good to hear from all of you too. I couldnt even recognize tates voice. haha What i did yesterday was first i went to church had the baptism and then i went to eat with Lety my convert. she made us some food. after that i went and ate pizza with hermana Rica. then i went and ate with hermana Ana and after talked to you and then we went to our converts house to see them and then went home and i have been in the bus station all day today for changes. i have to got back after writeing you to recieve elder roskelly to show him his house and everything. so that is all i have done. tell all the fam i love em in the party. sounds like you are all having fun. But yeah i am pumped to be with elder roskelly he is a funny kid. but me and elder Cornejo get along really well. he is prob my favorite comp because i trained him.haha he is a really good misisonary. he is a really spiritual kid and is really smart. he basicly has learned english on his own just listing. we have had alot of success together. ending this change we will be together 7 and a half months. crazy huh. but all is good here in chilpo. we got alot of new missionarries and we will have a fresh start. Roskelly goes home in 3 months. but love you all lots.

Dec 19 2011

Sounds like you are all having a great time in Utah. Tell everyone i said hi and that i love them. This week was alot of fun. We have been busy planning our conference tomorrow. Tomorrow we are going to have our christmas conference with president and everything. it should be way fun. we are going to start with a white elaphant game. then we are going to have a talent show. then we are going to have a dinner then a devotional. it should be legit. this week we had to go with a hermana and buy all the food. so we got all that done. then we are makeing all the programs today and tonight we are cleaning the church and setting up all the tables and stuff. so a pretty busy day today. but all good. today we had the bball tournament it was so fun. we had all the missionaries. it was way fun. the goverment people showed up late but it was fun. we first played as missionarries with our team and then they had a team from chilpancingo that wanted to play our best players and they had prizes and stuff. it was legit. when we played the team they had it was pretty intence. it was no longer missionary mess around ball. it was pretty competative. i had alot of fun. they were all talking trash and the refs were horrible. the first half i was on fire im not going to lie. we went up on them 25 to 20 and the half and they were ticked it was so funny. the second half they did a box and 1 and just put one player on me the whole time wherever i went so i always had open players so i had to dish it and the poor missionarries couldnt make it. we ended up loseing by three. it was pretty intence but alot of fun. i didnt know i could talk trash in spanish. but i did. haha it is pretty fun to talk trash in spanish. haha but it was fun. i won a jersey trophy and a basketball. it was way fun. i was good to have a good compatition. i will send ya a pick. tell tate the final score was 35 32 and i had 21 points. tell him to get on my level. haha but this week we didnt have any baptisms. we got really close with Pedro. Pedro knows it is true and we studdied for him all week to teach him. we had a sweet lesson plan about the holy ghost and to show him that he has felt the holy ghost. we had 3 points that the holy ghost does to help us. first he testifies of the Father and the Son. Second he Tistifies of Truth. Third he santifies those that have been baptized and recieve the gift of the holy ghost. when we talked about how the holy ghost testifies of truth i remembered he told us a story of when his kid was baptized in a church and how he was mad he had to pay the priest or bishop or whatever he was to baptize his kid. he told us that he felt that was wrong. i told him that was the spirit testified the truth. the holy ghost testified to him that that was wrong. I asked him if the Church that Christ established would do something "wrong." he told me no and he felt the spirit. we went to him again on saturday and my comp told him that we pray for him everyday and he started to thing about that on sunday and said that he asked us if we prayed at 8 o clock. we told him yes because thats when we prayed to leave for church. he asked did you pray for me. we said yes. he siad that he was thinking about that and started to think about baptism and he said that he felt something peaceful and he said that he wanted to be baptized and then was like but not right now. not right now. and all this other crap. i hate when people dont follow the answer that they recieve. he knows it is true but he is scared. but i know that there is power in prayer. thats why he felt what he felt. but this next week on christmas we are going to baptize a couple. there names are yadira and oscar. they are way cool. its the best christmas i could recieve.  but on christmas i am going to call you guys at like 430 5ish. i am eating with a hermana that can call the united states free on her cell phone. so i will call you guys. ther major still hasnt called me. i will try to call him. i have his number. but thanks for all that you all do for me. Have a merry christmas and have fun with all the fam. Love ya.
Elder Hancock