Monday, January 9, 2012

Jan 9 2012

Sorry for the delay. what happened was that we had to wait for a hermana from Guacamayas. the sisters in centro are going to do divisions for 2 weeks with hermanas that are preparing to serve missions and we had to recieve them and make sure everything was good. so that is whay i am writing you late. i dont have much time cause i have to be in the house at 930 but all is good here. we didnt baptize this week because Letys daughter monse has her real dad. and the grandma on the side of her real dad wants her to do stuff in the catholic church. so the poor girl is a little confused. so that is what happened. Satan trying to stir things up. but Pedro is doing good he accepted fecha to be baptized this week the 14. we had a really good lesson with him this week. we had him make a list of all the blessings he could recieve if he got baptized and then we asked him if there was anything bad that would happen after being baptized and he couldnt think of anything. He had a huge list of blessings and couldnt think of one bad think. i asked him why would you wait to recieve all these blessings. He couldnt couldnt think of anything and accepted fecha. so we need to pray for him so that he pulls through and can be baptized. but also this week we found alot of new investigators. me and my comp have been praying to know where there are familes that are waithin to hear the gospel and we found 3 really cool families this week. we felt we should contact a part that we have never contacted before and we contacted and didnt have much success. then i guy was walking toward us and i felt i should contact him in the street so i did. turns out he got baptized in louisiana and now lives here. his wife and his 2 daughters havent been baptized. they are really cool. i know god knows the people are ready to recieve the gospel and will guide us if we are willing to do our part. we have put goals to contact more people to show are faith and we really have seen the blessings. we found 19 news this week and 17 of them accepted fecha to be baptized. so we are going to keep working had this week to find more families that are ready for the gospel. but sounds like everyone is doing good. teisha congrats on the win in tennis. keep up the good work. keep me posted on my future wife. haha and tate all i have to say is shoot the ball. haha love ya bud. and this week i didnt get the package so i dont know if it got lost or what. but i havent got it. but my birthday was pretty legit. i ate so much food and cake it was alot of fun. on sunday hermana ana made me bbq ribs that she found in sams club to use the rudy sause. it was way good. i felt at home. haha but everything is going good here in mexico. love you lots. tell the Robinsons thank you for the christmas present. they sent me UT sunglasses and pens and a sweet tie. so tell them thanks.  love,
Elder Hancock

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