Monday, January 9, 2012

Jan 2 2012

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. it is pretty crazy to think that i am 21. time goes by way too fast. also happy new years. For new years we went to a members house with Elder Roskelly and his comp and we had a little fam night. and then we ate food and we had permision to be home till 1030. so that was fun. on Sunday i celebrated my birthday with pedro. He wanted me to make a texas dinner. so i did the best i could. i made steak and french fries. im not going to lie. it was pretty legit considering the tools i had to use. i had to cook it over a stove because there are no grills here in mexico. so i did that and had a few seasonings and i used alot of A1. we found A1 in walmart and we used that. it was a way good steak. pedro liked it. after we had root bear floats. so that was fun. Pedro just needs to read more of the book of mormon. he is a awesome guy. the key is to talk to his wife and that is what we are going to do. we are just going to ask her straight up why she doesnt want to listn to her. so we will see how that goes. but this week we are going to baptize Monse the daughter of Lety. she is turning 8 this week so we will have a baptism this week. The zone is doing good. we really got some good missionarries here. so i feel we will start to see changes. This week we asked Pres. to have a special meeting with all the zone to animate them to complete their goals. so we will see how that goes. Mom thanks for getting all the air force crap done. that is cool that Lamar Smith wrote a letter. that was nice of him. that is cool that air force is ranked to be one of the top schools in the nation. it is crazy that pretty soon i will be back in school. i dont even want to think about that. haha but the work in our ward is going good. the youth are pretty strong in my ward. it could be better. but they are good. and alot of the youth arent really in the ward because here in mexico there is a high school for the church and alot of the youth go there in mexico city. but i feel that the ward has progressed. on sunday hardly any of the members came. but all my converts where there so i was happy. haha but this week i will go to cuernavaca. so i should get my package with my scriptures and stuff. but i already got the package from the lady that put it there in the office. i got the knife. it is pretty cool. thanks. i really like the grooves that they did. This week we have some more holidays to deal with. haha on the sixth is a day called el dia de los reyes. the day of the kings. they celibrate when the 3 wise men gave gifts to jesus christ. and that is when they give presents to there kids and stuff is on that day. i swear every week there is a holiday in mexico. haha but it is all good. that means that we get more and more food. haha but i love you all. keep up the good work.
Elder hancock

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