Monday, January 9, 2012

Dec 19 2011

Sounds like you are all having a great time in Utah. Tell everyone i said hi and that i love them. This week was alot of fun. We have been busy planning our conference tomorrow. Tomorrow we are going to have our christmas conference with president and everything. it should be way fun. we are going to start with a white elaphant game. then we are going to have a talent show. then we are going to have a dinner then a devotional. it should be legit. this week we had to go with a hermana and buy all the food. so we got all that done. then we are makeing all the programs today and tonight we are cleaning the church and setting up all the tables and stuff. so a pretty busy day today. but all good. today we had the bball tournament it was so fun. we had all the missionaries. it was way fun. the goverment people showed up late but it was fun. we first played as missionarries with our team and then they had a team from chilpancingo that wanted to play our best players and they had prizes and stuff. it was legit. when we played the team they had it was pretty intence. it was no longer missionary mess around ball. it was pretty competative. i had alot of fun. they were all talking trash and the refs were horrible. the first half i was on fire im not going to lie. we went up on them 25 to 20 and the half and they were ticked it was so funny. the second half they did a box and 1 and just put one player on me the whole time wherever i went so i always had open players so i had to dish it and the poor missionarries couldnt make it. we ended up loseing by three. it was pretty intence but alot of fun. i didnt know i could talk trash in spanish. but i did. haha it is pretty fun to talk trash in spanish. haha but it was fun. i won a jersey trophy and a basketball. it was way fun. i was good to have a good compatition. i will send ya a pick. tell tate the final score was 35 32 and i had 21 points. tell him to get on my level. haha but this week we didnt have any baptisms. we got really close with Pedro. Pedro knows it is true and we studdied for him all week to teach him. we had a sweet lesson plan about the holy ghost and to show him that he has felt the holy ghost. we had 3 points that the holy ghost does to help us. first he testifies of the Father and the Son. Second he Tistifies of Truth. Third he santifies those that have been baptized and recieve the gift of the holy ghost. when we talked about how the holy ghost testifies of truth i remembered he told us a story of when his kid was baptized in a church and how he was mad he had to pay the priest or bishop or whatever he was to baptize his kid. he told us that he felt that was wrong. i told him that was the spirit testified the truth. the holy ghost testified to him that that was wrong. I asked him if the Church that Christ established would do something "wrong." he told me no and he felt the spirit. we went to him again on saturday and my comp told him that we pray for him everyday and he started to thing about that on sunday and said that he asked us if we prayed at 8 o clock. we told him yes because thats when we prayed to leave for church. he asked did you pray for me. we said yes. he siad that he was thinking about that and started to think about baptism and he said that he felt something peaceful and he said that he wanted to be baptized and then was like but not right now. not right now. and all this other crap. i hate when people dont follow the answer that they recieve. he knows it is true but he is scared. but i know that there is power in prayer. thats why he felt what he felt. but this next week on christmas we are going to baptize a couple. there names are yadira and oscar. they are way cool. its the best christmas i could recieve.  but on christmas i am going to call you guys at like 430 5ish. i am eating with a hermana that can call the united states free on her cell phone. so i will call you guys. ther major still hasnt called me. i will try to call him. i have his number. but thanks for all that you all do for me. Have a merry christmas and have fun with all the fam. Love ya.
Elder Hancock

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