Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Aug, 22 2011

Hey sounds like everyone is good besides the kids because they have to go to school and dad as well because now he has to go to work and mom is fine because she doesnt do anything anyways. haha jk i am grateful for all your help mother. i couldnt do anything without you. haha i just sent the emails this week to my coaches so we will see if they respond. but it would be good mom if you can email president to tell him all the info. i dont want to email him about that. you can do that for me. thanks. but this week we had changes and i am now in Chilpancingo, Guerrero. My area name is Herioco it means heroic. pres only sends the true heroes to this area. haha My new companion is Elder Woolsey he is from south jorden Utah. he is a cool guy. he has a year and a half. we are ready to go to work. we are the zone leaders in the biggest zone in the mission. we have 3 districts in this zone. there are 26 missionaries that are in our zone. so we have to set the standard. this is the zone that usually baptizes the most but it hasnt baptized that much these past few months so we are going to work! i am pumped to go to work. as zone leader we get to work with the stake leaders and all that stuff so that will be fun. that also means we get blamed for everything so it will help me get prepared to enter the air force again. haha but im pumped. it seems like a way cool area. the last elder that was here just finished his mission. so we got to rivive the area a little bit but we are pumped to go to work. this past week i had 3 baptisms in puente. it was a really good week. we went with Maribel and her family and we found out her daughter just turned 8 and we baptized the daughter Itzel and her son Kevin. The grandma Socorro was going to get baptized but she got really sick and had a bloody nose and couldnt get in water. but she will get baptized this week. her other son will get baptized next week as weel. they are a awesome family. Maribel said the closeing prayer at the baptism and thanked god that her kids got baptized in the true church. it was pretty sweet. also her little daughter after her baptism told us smileing i feel god and jesus. it was a cool baptism. we also baptized the grandkid of Soledad. we were going to baptize her daughter but she had problems and couldnt get in water either. but she will get baptized next week. so puente is booming. haha i loved puente. i learned alot and met alot of really cool people. it has been fun to see the changes in the ward. Elder Cornejo is going to train so he will do really good. i am pumped for him. he will keep the success rolling in puente. basicly half my district from the mtc is in my zone here so that will be fun. i am pumped to go to work and try to help out all the missionaries here. it should be fun. so thats nuts that tate is in 8th grade and teisha is a junior. that is crazy. i remember both those years. tell em i love em and to keep their noses clean. haha i know that they will do great. teisha in her tennis and tate in football. i mean i taught them everything so there is only room for success. haha jk but i love you all lots and keep up the good work.
Elder Hancock

Aug, 15 2011

">what up fam. sounds like all is good. mom the email is perfect so just send i to them so they get it. thats sweet that you all ran a 5k. i would of never thought that you guys would run a 5k. haha but the tournament last week went really good. we got 3rd place against all the mexicans they play everyday. we would of won first but we had a shoot out at the end and our goaly failed us. haha but it was fun. i led the team in goals with 3. just to make sure tate knows. haha im pretty sure i led the tournament in goals. haha it was fun. but this week was a good week. we were going to baptize the daughter of soledad. her name is angeles but she wanted to wait to do it this week with her nephew so we are going to have 2 baptisms this week. the work is moveing along really well. we had 8 investigators in church this week which is good. we have alot of investigators that are progressing and this next week we have changes. im pretty sure i am gone but who knows. i really dont want to leave because of the success that we have been haveing and the investigators that we are teaching. alot of them will get baptized next month. but thats the mission. me or my comp is out of here becuase i have never heard a comp being with his comp for more than 3 changes. im pretty sure that elder cornejo is going to train this change and i am gone. but it is up to the lord. today we played soccor with a kid that plays professionaly. we have taught him once and he knows the church is true he just started his season though and he plays on sundays but he is a really cool kid and will get baptized in the future. it was fun to play with him. but one thing really cool that happened this week was that our investigator Maribel ever since we taught her the word of wisdom has stopped smoking and she said that she has prayed to stop and every time she smells a cigarette or sees one she wants to throw up. i think that is so legit. prayer truely changes things. the kid that i told you about that is a member that we have activated just got the priesthood this week and he went to the temple to do baptisms for the dead. he is rocking. so all is good here in puente. that is crazy that school is starting over again. the next school year ill have to study how stincky is that. haha i love the mission. im pumped to hear from elder ballard. i am way pumped. i read his book called our search for happiness. it is legit. he is a powerful man. i really liked the quote you said mom about the prayer. it is so true. that goes the same for us. if we want a answer we have to ask with that same real intent. if we dont do it how can we expect our investigators to do it. but thank for all that you do. i love you all. elder hancock

Aug, 15 2011

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August 1 2011

Sounds like you all had a good time on your trip. thats cool that you saw elder hidalgo on the trip and he was companions with uncle terry. that is also cool that you found the our families land. did you buy it? we should just take it back. that is sweet that adam on diamon is the center of the united states. that is sweet. i bet you all learned alot i want to hear all about it. i should get my package today if not today this week because we are going to have a mission conference this week with president. i am going to ask him if he knows elder hidalgo. but this week was a good week. we baptized Marcos. he is 11 he will be 12 this month. he is a way cool kid. it is the son of soledad and she told us that he gets mad at his family every time they dont pray to eat or dont pray at night. he is way cool. it was a cool baptism. also this week we Javier was able to go to church. Javier was the one that couldnt go to church because of his the oporation that he had. he is a way cool kid. He should get baptized 2 weeks. also we talked to nicolas this week the kid that had a interview with president. i dont know what we siad but whatever we said worked. he aways told us that he would pick his day to be baptized and he finaly picked his day. we are going to baptize him not this tuesday but next tuesday. he is a way cool kid. he is really serious about changing and being better. also this week we had a actividad. it was a tarde de talentos or a talent show. we did it as a district. it was a really good turn out. we had alot of our investigators and we recieved 6 references. right when we started we did a tour of the church and then we did the talent show it was pretty legit. as elders we sang elders of israel. it was pretty good. we are going to visit all of the references this week which should be good. it has been a good week. we have been working really hard and we are seeing the changes in the ward. we have really focused on the less active members because that is how we have found alot of our investigators. there is one guy his name is Mauricio. he is 24 and he is the nephew of the bishop. he was baptized when he was 8 and then his parents went inactive and so did he and his family. he is a way cool guy. we taught him the first time about repentece and told him if he wants to repent he has to read pray and go to church and he has been doing that. he has smoked pretty much all his life and the first day we gave him a blessing to stop smoking. the next week he told us that he had cut it in half and was only smoking 4 a day and this week we went to teach him and he told us that evertime he sees a cigarett or smells it that he wants to throw up. i was like good that is awesome. that was our miracle of the week. that just goes to show that the priesthood is real and that him showing his faith reading praying and going to church allowed him to recieve the blessing to quit smokeing. that is awesome that he has to throw up everytime he sees a cigarett. he is a way cool dude. i gave him my nike watch to help him quit as well. i told him that if he never smokes agian he can have my nike watch. so he quit and now i need a new nike watch. so if you would be so kind and send me a new nike watch. that would be sweet. haha so this week has been really good. i love you all lots and make sure to send me the details of the trip and also you should probably call coach theisen. he is my possion coach. love ya elder hancock

July 25 2011

Sounds like everyone had a fun week with camp and fishing. haha Teisha thats awesome that there were alot of nonmembers that went to camp with you. keep up the good missionary work. but this week was really well. we have found alot of new families that we are teaching. this week we went to a family and the moms name is maribel and her son is noe and kevin and her moms name is socorro. they are a really cool family. Maribel told us when she read the book of mormon that she felt something that she has never felt before and that she knows that it is true. it was way cool. the problem is that she didnt go to church. i think her husband isnt letting her go so we need to talk to him so she can go. also this week we did alot of service which was fun. the first one was we pulled a bunch of weeds for this guy in our ward and in return he gave us a reference. also this week we went and helped soledad move all these rocks that she had. so i felt like i was back at home working. haha but it was fun. this week soledad and part of her family came to church. This week we found out that the daughter in law of soledad is a member. we have been teaching her for like a month and she just told us she had been baptized. her name is Janin and her husband is noe and noe is the son of soledad. haha they all went to church which was good. she got baptized when she was 15 and now she is 23. we had a really powerful lesson with noe. he was really effected when his little brother died and he had a whole bunch of questions about death and life after death we taught him the plan and he loved it. he started to cry. we taught him the spirt world and how the spirit world is here in the earth. i asked him if he as ever felt the presence of his brother after his death and he shared a cool experience when he saw his brother in white. it was really cool. this week we are going to baptize Marcos. he is the little son of soledad. he has 11 years. he is a cool kid. also we are teachin a kid and his name is javier. he is 19 and he just had a oporation on something in his stomach. we have taught him everything but the commandments he is a cool kid. he has read alot of the book of mormon and knows that it is true. he will get baptized next month. right now he cant leave the house to go to church but next month he should be able to. so the work is going good here in puente. today we played volleyball which was fun. but thats pretty much all that happened this week. we are working hard and we have found alot of cool families. i love you all very much. enjoy your trip. that will be way fun to go and see all the church sites and find our land that belongs to us. love elder hancock


Yeah i cant believe that i have completed one year in the mission. it has gone by way to fast. in reality i have less than a year if i have to go back a little early for school. by the way did you talk to coach or no. and how is the paper junk going. but this week was a awesome week. we saw alot of miracles happen this week. the first miracle was the baptism that we had. we baptized soledad. she is the lady that we found our first week here. it was really cool to see her get baptized. she has had so many problems in here life and it was cool to see her feel the peace and love that god has for her. she really felt it at her baptism and her confermation. about a year ago her 16 year old son died. she has like 12 kids. . she has 2 younger kids a 15 year old daughter and a 11 year old son. they went to church with her and they will get baptized in 2 weeks. we told her that if she wants to see changes in her family it has to start with her and she knows it and has taken the first step to do it. i know that with her example she will see the changes in her life. i was just so happy to see her get baptized. i have really felt that love that god has for her and her family. also the other miracle this week was we were walking to see nicolas and he wasnt there so i had a impression to visit a inactive family and they werent there and i was like that stinks so lets go to our other appointment a little early. so we went and a lady stopped us in the street and told us that her son has been looking for us and has talked to missionaries in tijuana and wants to talk to us. so the next day we went to their house and we found him and he was baptized 5 months ago and has the priesthood and everything. he gave us 8 references of his family and they are all really cool and willing to listn to us. so those were the miracles of the week. the spirit is in charge of all the miracles. haha. but my comp is fine. i love elder cornejo. we have gotten along really well. he really loves the people and is willing to work hard.. but this week for pday we played soccer on a turf field here that is small. it was pretty sweet. we had a tournament going which was way fun. i am writeing late because we went with a hermana that had food. and we made the food and it took forever. but all is good. my district is doing good. we already completed our goal of 8 baptisms and we are working to complete the goal for the zone which has never happend here in galeana. but we are going to do it this month. i want you to send me those videos of the ruins and stuff. we can watch movies like that of the church. so you can send me some movies like that. that would be pretty sweet. this week i have learned alot about the book of mormon and why it was written. almost every prophet in the book of mormon talks about the importance of the plates and their writings. it says that they wrote them for the children to come unto christ. our purpose as missionaries is to invite others to come unto christ and what better way to come unto christ reading the book of mormon. also there are alot of specific spriptures for the people here in south america. almost all of mormon and moroni is for them. they saw their posterity in these days and what they say is for them. . haha but i love the book of mormon and the power it has in the conversion of every person. but i love you all and i am thankful fo all you do for me. keep up the great work and have fun at camp. elder hancock

July 11 2011

All is good here in Puente. we almost had a baptism this week. _______ had a interview with president and pres told us that he needs to wait for 2 weeks to fix a few things. I knew that something was wrong with him because he kept telling us that he will tell us when he wants to get baptized. so we went with him and i told him straight up that i knew that he wasnt telling us something and he told us that he wasnt and he told us that he didnt want to tell us so i told him that there is someone that he can tell and that is pres. so he talked to him and i think all went well. i think he should get baptized in 2 weeks. and this week we found alot of cool families this week. we had 5 references from members and we had 7 people in church. so it was alot better this week. i didnt get changed this week. we had changes on saturday and i am still in puente with the same comp. i was glad i didnt get changed because of the people that we are teaching. The ward is starting to see the importance of missionary work and are starting to get excited. elder roskelly got changed and elder olsen came in as our zone leader. elder olsen was in my district from the mtc. he is so funny. i am excited for that. this week me and my comp just challenged everyone to be baptized it was pretty legit. it is alot easier to do that to see who is interested. that was fun. also in conveys little vans we just start teaching lessons to is pretty legit because you can see who is listning and who isnt and they have to listn to you. haha we have found alot of people doing that. i love this work and i am glad to still be in puente. that stinks about the guy that fell and died. and that is good that you went to the temple i want to go to the temple here. i should be able to go in a few months with investigators that will complete one year as members and can go. so i am pumped for that. but keep up the good work and keep shareing the gospel. love you all. elder hancock

July 4 2011

Everything is going good here in mexico. this week i had a 4 day conference with pres and his wife. it was way good. it was for all the zone and district leaders and thos that are training. it was way good. i learned alot. i learned that i have alot of things to improve on. there is aways room for improvement. for this week 2 more elders stayed in our house. they are serving in acapulco and chilpancingo which is pretty far away and they stayed in my house for the conference. so every day i was with elder anaya. he is a way good misionary i learned alot from him. so it was a good. week. we found alot of cool families this week but they didnt go to church. but thing happen. it has been hard here to get people in church here for some reason. i have done everything i can think of. this week we taught with members. we had members pass by for our investigators. we passed by for investigators and we also made phone calls and we had one investigator in church. so some weeks just stink. haha but it was ok. the plus is that we had 5 inactive members that we visited this week come to church. so that was good. but our investigators didnt. people just dont understand the doctrine. they dont understand the importance and are just plain lazy. haha but its alright we are going to work extra hard this week to get people to church. mom in my package i want a huge thing of whey protein from mustle milk. chocolate please. and the shirt needs to say whatever you want it to say. . and i want a huge bag of chips. and i want jelly. and i want oreos and nutter butters. and more protein bars or something. thanks mom love ya. tell teisha to send me picks from efy. sounds like tate is quite the fishermen. just let him know that when i get home that i will always catch the bigger fish. and thats good that he was watching my old games. maybe he learned a few good pointers of how a real athlete plays. haha and that is sweet that joel came over. he is a awesome kid. i cant believe you didnt invite him to church. haha he looks alot bigger. he has finaly beefed up a bit. thats sweet that he has a agent already. he better give me some of that money when he goes to the nba. haha he needs to remember who taught him how to shoot the ball. haha but everything is good here in puente. there has been alot of rain but i like it because that means that it isnt so hot. i love shareing the gospel and i know that there is angels that are preparing certain people to here the gospel. thats why i talk to everyone because you never know. my distric is doing really good. as a district we have baptized 5 weeks in a row. out of 22 district only 6 baptized every week and we were one of them. i have some really cool elders in my district. they work really hard and have alot of faith. one of them is . but yes mom that would be good if you can get a hold of coach. i still want to play. i love sports. today we played soccer. it was all the white kids against the mexicans that play everyday and we killed them and we never play. it was fun. haha but i knew that i needed to go because the notes you took are pretty clear. i shouldnt deny the answer that i have already recieved. pres uchdorf was pretty clear. so yeah i am still a falcon if i get back in. haha but i love you all very much keep up the good work and stay strong. keep praying for missionay experiences and i know god will give them to you if you have real intent to act on your answer. also pray specificly. alot of times we pray for and experience but that is pretty broud. you should ask things specificly to recieve a specific answer. example heavenly father what friend of mine is ready to recieve the gospel and he will give you a name. just a example. oh dad i was just thinking about that this week about our ancestors and how they taught the doctrine of christ. first adam taught the doctirne of christ then enoc then the apostles then christ then nefi then alma then christ again then our profet and apostles and our ancestors and so if all these people the doctrine of christ so do we. we are here to teach the doctrine of christ. thats why we inviete everyone to be baptized. love ya elder hancock