Tuesday, August 2, 2011

July 11 2011

All is good here in Puente. we almost had a baptism this week. _______ had a interview with president and pres told us that he needs to wait for 2 weeks to fix a few things. I knew that something was wrong with him because he kept telling us that he will tell us when he wants to get baptized. so we went with him and i told him straight up that i knew that he wasnt telling us something and he told us that he wasnt and he told us that he didnt want to tell us so i told him that there is someone that he can tell and that is pres. so he talked to him and i think all went well. i think he should get baptized in 2 weeks. and this week we found alot of cool families this week. we had 5 references from members and we had 7 people in church. so it was alot better this week. i didnt get changed this week. we had changes on saturday and i am still in puente with the same comp. i was glad i didnt get changed because of the people that we are teaching. The ward is starting to see the importance of missionary work and are starting to get excited. elder roskelly got changed and elder olsen came in as our zone leader. elder olsen was in my district from the mtc. he is so funny. i am excited for that. this week me and my comp just challenged everyone to be baptized it was pretty legit. it is alot easier to do that to see who is interested. that was fun. also in conveys little vans we just start teaching lessons to is pretty legit because you can see who is listning and who isnt and they have to listn to you. haha we have found alot of people doing that. i love this work and i am glad to still be in puente. that stinks about the guy that fell and died. and that is good that you went to the temple i want to go to the temple here. i should be able to go in a few months with investigators that will complete one year as members and can go. so i am pumped for that. but keep up the good work and keep shareing the gospel. love you all. elder hancock

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