Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June 27 2011

ounds like everything is going well in texas. I did get my package and i have been enjoying my peanut butter. i ran out. so i need more. i cant find it here in mexico so send me a bunch of peanut butter and send me some more stuff to make cookies i have already made them on sunday. they were pretty good. the cookies in mexico stink. haha but this week was a good week but we didnt baptize. we went with nicolas almost everyday trying to show him that he is ready. i even read the seccions in dnc when christ is talking to oliver cowdry about the answeres that he has already recieved. i read that to him and put his name in instead of olivers cowdrys. we even brought i new convert alex to bare his testimony about baptism and he did it. it was a way powerful testimony. that made my week to here his testimony that he has gained and to see the change that he has made in his life. he wants to serve a mission and this week he just recieved the arronic priesthood. so that was way cool to see that this week. but this week we droped alot of people that werent progressing. that is always hard but it has to be done. and anacaren hasnt got permision. she is starting to be disanimated because of the problems she sees in her family and she thinks it is because she is going to our church. so that has been hard. we have done all we can. now it is up to the members to help us out. a member is going to pass by and talk to her and her grandparents so we are praying that that all goes well. but me and my comp are stil working hard and talking to everyone. and the couple that we are teaching we just cant find them. they arent home and they are not answering their phones so we hope we can find them. also we had like 5 investigators ready to go to the temple but the bus that has a contract with the church just changed the contract and the night before they had to cancel the trip. we were pretty bummed because we worked all week to have people go to the temple and it got cancled. we knew we could put our money on the temple. but things happen. next month we will have more people go. but all is good and we are working hard. we are starting to have consejo with the bishop and all the leaders each week. before it was just with
t he bishop but he planched everyone and everyone is going and they are makeing goals centered on missionary work. so that is good. if a ward wants to be successful it needs to focus on missionary work. if it doesnt then there is no progression. so thats good that the ward is starting to see the importance. i love this work and i have learned alot on my mission. there are things here that you learn that you cant learn anywhere else. i can see why every young man should serve a mission. i love this work and i love the people here. thats why it hurts when they dont progress. they dont understand what they are missing. but i love you all and sounds like everyone is doing good. tell teisha that she needs to keep here eyes open for my future wife. and tell chris kirk that i love him. also tell joel that when you see him. i cant believe that it has been 2 years that is crazy. that seems like forever ago. but yeah you can start the paper work i am going back to be a falcon. so yeah you can start. good luck with all that fun. haha but i love ya and keep up the good work. elder hancock

June 20 2011

Thanks dad. I guess you did work pretty hard on your mission. haha i just keeep telling my self that when the girls start looking good here that i just need to work harder and there is a wife with blond hair and blue eyes waiting for me. haha i just need to keep telling myself that. haha jk but i just wanted to wish ya a happy fathers day and let you know how much i love ya and i am thankful for all that you have done for me and our family. thanks for all you do. golf was alot of fun. i stunk but it was alot of fun. haha the golf course was way nice. it was legit. haha but love ya and thanks again. elder hancock

Everything is going good here in puente the only bad news is that we didnt baptize this week. Anacaren still hasnt got permision. we went to talk to her grandpa and she almost started crying because she didnt want us to talk to him, so we didnt. she told us that if we talk to him he wont let her go to church. so what we are going to do this week is have a have a member go and talk to him to tell him what we do and then we can talk to him. but i have faith that she will get baptized this week. she just needs a signature and she is ready to go. so we are going to do everything we can so that she can recieve these blessings this week. also nicolas is ready to get baptized but in the last second he said that he is going to wait. so we are going to show him all the blessings and answeres that he has recieved and we are going to planch him so he understands faith. haha he is a good kid he is just a little scared to act and do it. we are going to have the bishop come with us to talk with him. so we should have 2 baptisms this week if everything goes well. also the ward is going to have a ward temple trip and we asked the bishop to reserve spots so investigators can go so we have 10 spots to fill so that our investigators can go to the temple with the ward. i think this is a awesome idea so they can go to the visitor center and learn all that stuff and feel the spirit of the temple. so we are going to make sure that we have 10 people going to the temple on saturday. the couple we are teaching got fed with a bunch of anti this week. i hate when that happens. Ester has recieved an answer and then she got fed with a bunch of bull so we didnt even get to talk about marriage with them. we have a appointment with them this week so we are going to see how they are. so pray for them. i know she has felt something and she didnt say that we cant come by so that is good. so we are going to help them out. we just bore our testimonies to them and taught them how they can gain their own testimony. so that was this week. we found alot of cool people this week so that was good. the work is moveing along and all is good. i did my first baptismal interview this week. that was way cool. i think this is one of my newest favorite things is to do a baptismal interview. i did it with a 16 year old girl. she was way cool. its just cool to see the excitement that people have and the faith that they have to follow christ. it was a cool experience. thanks for all the support and love that you give me and i love you all very much. keep finding people for the missionarries. if you love your testimony share it. love ya elder hancock

June 13 2011

thanks for all the emails. it was good to hear from everyone. this week was really good. this week we had a miracle. we have really been working hard to baptize every week and so far this month we have done it. this week we were walking and ran in to a recent convert that just got baptized right before we got here and when i first got here we were teaching here 18 year old son named alex. he had problems with drinking and the ladies and his mom sent him to a alcohol place to have him stop drinking. he just got back this week and we went to visit him and the first thing he asked us was a blessing to stop drinking and to change his life. he hasnt drank for a month and a half and doesnt have any desire to do so. it was cool to see the change in his life. he told us he prayed the hardest he ever had while he was gone and really wants to change. after the blessing he told us he wanted to be baptized. so president did his interview at our stake conference that we had and he got baptized after. it was way cool. after he told us he finally felt clean. so now we are going to work with him so he goes to the temple this month with the ward and then prepare him for a mission. he is a cool kid. so that was the miracle of the week. Anacaren is ready to get baptized she just needs the permission. she fasted this week to get permision and the person from the seventy pres. Alonso spoke and spoke dirictly to her to do everything in here power to recieve this saving ordinance. so i know she will get baptized this week. we also had another investigator at the conference that is ready to get baptized. all of his family is members but him. we have taught him for a while and he told us this week that he is ready and then hes not ready. we told him just to listen to elder alonso and elder alonso and pres spanaaus all talked on baptism and just planched him so he will get baptized this week as well. so we should have two bapttisms this week. so we are excited for that. the stake conference was so good. elder alonso just planched the whole stake to do missionary work. it was so cool. he said i dont have fear to share my testimony with anyone because it is true. i have fear when the missionaries come to my house and i dont have a reference to give them. haha he was pretty bold. he had all of us missionarries go up and sing i am a child of god and then just planched everyone to work with us. it was sweet. haha it was a good conference. also we are working with this young couple that need to get married so pray for them so that the husband has the desire to get married. the wife she is ready to be baptised we are just working with him. so the work is moveing along. i love every min of it. and all is good with the district. all the new missionarries are good. im going on divisions with them to help them out. so every area in the zone baptizes. but today i wrote you early because there is a member that is going to get us in a golf course for free to golf. so i am going golfing. im pumped. it should be fun. but i love you all and thanks for all that you do for me. tell grams i got his letter and that i love him alot. it really meant alot to me. tell him i love him. i didnt get the package so it might still be in cuernavaca. but yeah. love ya elder hancock

June 6 2011

What up fam. no mother i havent go the package yet. i should get it today from the zone leaders and i should get the letter from grandpa from them as well. dont worry i will get them. all the new elders are here i havent met them yet but i will meet them today so that will be good. this week we baptized Conrado. it was a cool baptism. he was way nervious but he did it and after he was good. he is like 50 years old and he lives alone and he rides a bike around every day collecting trash. he is a way cool guy. every lesson he had a whole list of questions that he had written down when we got there. he told us that he has never had any friends like us before and he just thanked us for everything it was way cool. so that was the highliht of the week. also in his baptism we had 2 investigators come. there names are Alfredo and Ester. they are a couple that are references from our ward misionarries. we taught the first time in a family night with our ward missionarries that are sisters. we taught them the first lesson with the joseph smith movie. they went to church and liked it. the next week they couldnt come and them they came again this weeek. we taught them the book of mormon this week and they came to the baptism. they arent married and every time they have come to gospel docterine the class is about marrage. this week it was on the law of chastity. that was good for them to here. they were like yeah we know what we need to do. so this week we will talk to them a little more about that. but they are progressing good. we also have a young girl named anacaren she is 16 and she has come 3 times to church and she wants to get baptised. she is just a little scared because all of her family is catholic. she lives with her grandparents. she doesnt have parents. but she is progressing along really well. we are teaching alot of families they just need to come to church. so we will work on that this week. but all is going good. we could baptize anacaren this week we just need to get permision from one of her grandparents. so we will seee how that goes. but the work is moveing along good in puente de ixtla. sounds like tate ended a good year in the 7th grade. congrats on all the work that you did tate. and it sounds like teisha had a stinky week this week. haha but dont worry teish sometimes we have bad weeks. keep working hard and dont mess up my truck too bad. i need to take it to colorado in one peice. haha but tht is all that has gone on this week. we are working hard each and every day. oh this week we talked to a christian preist that lived in the united states and went to a baptist school to become a priest and after broke off from them and is christian. he is was crazy. i told him that we would listen to him and then he would listen to us. he didnt let us talk at all. that was a waste of time. its sad that the people dont understand what they are reading in the scriptures. the consepts they have are so fare off and make no sence. he was trying to say that being reborn is not baptism and that baptism isnt necessary because we were baptized when we were born and all we need now is baptism of fire and all this stuff. he didnt make any sense at all. it was just a testimony builder that this is the true church. i was about to thank him for building my testimony that what we are teaching is true. haha but i didnt. today for pday we went and played pool. that was way fun. tell tate i still got it and that he can only beat me if i scratch. haha i killed everyone today. it was fun to play some pool. but keep up the good work and keep shareing the gospel. oh this week the bishop showed us the dvds that they are makeing for the youth right now. they are legit. do you guys have them. they are way good. there are some really cool messages. i want some if you can send me some. i want those dvds to share with members. but i love you all.
elder hancock