Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June 20 2011

Thanks dad. I guess you did work pretty hard on your mission. haha i just keeep telling my self that when the girls start looking good here that i just need to work harder and there is a wife with blond hair and blue eyes waiting for me. haha i just need to keep telling myself that. haha jk but i just wanted to wish ya a happy fathers day and let you know how much i love ya and i am thankful for all that you have done for me and our family. thanks for all you do. golf was alot of fun. i stunk but it was alot of fun. haha the golf course was way nice. it was legit. haha but love ya and thanks again. elder hancock

Everything is going good here in puente the only bad news is that we didnt baptize this week. Anacaren still hasnt got permision. we went to talk to her grandpa and she almost started crying because she didnt want us to talk to him, so we didnt. she told us that if we talk to him he wont let her go to church. so what we are going to do this week is have a have a member go and talk to him to tell him what we do and then we can talk to him. but i have faith that she will get baptized this week. she just needs a signature and she is ready to go. so we are going to do everything we can so that she can recieve these blessings this week. also nicolas is ready to get baptized but in the last second he said that he is going to wait. so we are going to show him all the blessings and answeres that he has recieved and we are going to planch him so he understands faith. haha he is a good kid he is just a little scared to act and do it. we are going to have the bishop come with us to talk with him. so we should have 2 baptisms this week if everything goes well. also the ward is going to have a ward temple trip and we asked the bishop to reserve spots so investigators can go so we have 10 spots to fill so that our investigators can go to the temple with the ward. i think this is a awesome idea so they can go to the visitor center and learn all that stuff and feel the spirit of the temple. so we are going to make sure that we have 10 people going to the temple on saturday. the couple we are teaching got fed with a bunch of anti this week. i hate when that happens. Ester has recieved an answer and then she got fed with a bunch of bull so we didnt even get to talk about marriage with them. we have a appointment with them this week so we are going to see how they are. so pray for them. i know she has felt something and she didnt say that we cant come by so that is good. so we are going to help them out. we just bore our testimonies to them and taught them how they can gain their own testimony. so that was this week. we found alot of cool people this week so that was good. the work is moveing along and all is good. i did my first baptismal interview this week. that was way cool. i think this is one of my newest favorite things is to do a baptismal interview. i did it with a 16 year old girl. she was way cool. its just cool to see the excitement that people have and the faith that they have to follow christ. it was a cool experience. thanks for all the support and love that you give me and i love you all very much. keep finding people for the missionarries. if you love your testimony share it. love ya elder hancock

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