Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June 27 2011

ounds like everything is going well in texas. I did get my package and i have been enjoying my peanut butter. i ran out. so i need more. i cant find it here in mexico so send me a bunch of peanut butter and send me some more stuff to make cookies i have already made them on sunday. they were pretty good. the cookies in mexico stink. haha but this week was a good week but we didnt baptize. we went with nicolas almost everyday trying to show him that he is ready. i even read the seccions in dnc when christ is talking to oliver cowdry about the answeres that he has already recieved. i read that to him and put his name in instead of olivers cowdrys. we even brought i new convert alex to bare his testimony about baptism and he did it. it was a way powerful testimony. that made my week to here his testimony that he has gained and to see the change that he has made in his life. he wants to serve a mission and this week he just recieved the arronic priesthood. so that was way cool to see that this week. but this week we droped alot of people that werent progressing. that is always hard but it has to be done. and anacaren hasnt got permision. she is starting to be disanimated because of the problems she sees in her family and she thinks it is because she is going to our church. so that has been hard. we have done all we can. now it is up to the members to help us out. a member is going to pass by and talk to her and her grandparents so we are praying that that all goes well. but me and my comp are stil working hard and talking to everyone. and the couple that we are teaching we just cant find them. they arent home and they are not answering their phones so we hope we can find them. also we had like 5 investigators ready to go to the temple but the bus that has a contract with the church just changed the contract and the night before they had to cancel the trip. we were pretty bummed because we worked all week to have people go to the temple and it got cancled. we knew we could put our money on the temple. but things happen. next month we will have more people go. but all is good and we are working hard. we are starting to have consejo with the bishop and all the leaders each week. before it was just with
t he bishop but he planched everyone and everyone is going and they are makeing goals centered on missionary work. so that is good. if a ward wants to be successful it needs to focus on missionary work. if it doesnt then there is no progression. so thats good that the ward is starting to see the importance. i love this work and i have learned alot on my mission. there are things here that you learn that you cant learn anywhere else. i can see why every young man should serve a mission. i love this work and i love the people here. thats why it hurts when they dont progress. they dont understand what they are missing. but i love you all and sounds like everyone is doing good. tell teisha that she needs to keep here eyes open for my future wife. and tell chris kirk that i love him. also tell joel that when you see him. i cant believe that it has been 2 years that is crazy. that seems like forever ago. but yeah you can start the paper work i am going back to be a falcon. so yeah you can start. good luck with all that fun. haha but i love ya and keep up the good work. elder hancock

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