Tuesday, August 2, 2011

July 4 2011

Everything is going good here in mexico. this week i had a 4 day conference with pres and his wife. it was way good. it was for all the zone and district leaders and thos that are training. it was way good. i learned alot. i learned that i have alot of things to improve on. there is aways room for improvement. for this week 2 more elders stayed in our house. they are serving in acapulco and chilpancingo which is pretty far away and they stayed in my house for the conference. so every day i was with elder anaya. he is a way good misionary i learned alot from him. so it was a good. week. we found alot of cool families this week but they didnt go to church. but thing happen. it has been hard here to get people in church here for some reason. i have done everything i can think of. this week we taught with members. we had members pass by for our investigators. we passed by for investigators and we also made phone calls and we had one investigator in church. so some weeks just stink. haha but it was ok. the plus is that we had 5 inactive members that we visited this week come to church. so that was good. but our investigators didnt. people just dont understand the doctrine. they dont understand the importance and are just plain lazy. haha but its alright we are going to work extra hard this week to get people to church. mom in my package i want a huge thing of whey protein from mustle milk. chocolate please. and the shirt needs to say whatever you want it to say. . and i want a huge bag of chips. and i want jelly. and i want oreos and nutter butters. and more protein bars or something. thanks mom love ya. tell teisha to send me picks from efy. sounds like tate is quite the fishermen. just let him know that when i get home that i will always catch the bigger fish. and thats good that he was watching my old games. maybe he learned a few good pointers of how a real athlete plays. haha and that is sweet that joel came over. he is a awesome kid. i cant believe you didnt invite him to church. haha he looks alot bigger. he has finaly beefed up a bit. thats sweet that he has a agent already. he better give me some of that money when he goes to the nba. haha he needs to remember who taught him how to shoot the ball. haha but everything is good here in puente. there has been alot of rain but i like it because that means that it isnt so hot. i love shareing the gospel and i know that there is angels that are preparing certain people to here the gospel. thats why i talk to everyone because you never know. my distric is doing really good. as a district we have baptized 5 weeks in a row. out of 22 district only 6 baptized every week and we were one of them. i have some really cool elders in my district. they work really hard and have alot of faith. one of them is . but yes mom that would be good if you can get a hold of coach. i still want to play. i love sports. today we played soccer. it was all the white kids against the mexicans that play everyday and we killed them and we never play. it was fun. haha but i knew that i needed to go because the notes you took are pretty clear. i shouldnt deny the answer that i have already recieved. pres uchdorf was pretty clear. so yeah i am still a falcon if i get back in. haha but i love you all very much keep up the good work and stay strong. keep praying for missionay experiences and i know god will give them to you if you have real intent to act on your answer. also pray specificly. alot of times we pray for and experience but that is pretty broud. you should ask things specificly to recieve a specific answer. example heavenly father what friend of mine is ready to recieve the gospel and he will give you a name. just a example. oh dad i was just thinking about that this week about our ancestors and how they taught the doctrine of christ. first adam taught the doctirne of christ then enoc then the apostles then christ then nefi then alma then christ again then our profet and apostles and our ancestors and so if all these people the doctrine of christ so do we. we are here to teach the doctrine of christ. thats why we inviete everyone to be baptized. love ya elder hancock

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