Tuesday, August 2, 2011

July 25 2011

Sounds like everyone had a fun week with camp and fishing. haha Teisha thats awesome that there were alot of nonmembers that went to camp with you. keep up the good missionary work. but this week was really well. we have found alot of new families that we are teaching. this week we went to a family and the moms name is maribel and her son is noe and kevin and her moms name is socorro. they are a really cool family. Maribel told us when she read the book of mormon that she felt something that she has never felt before and that she knows that it is true. it was way cool. the problem is that she didnt go to church. i think her husband isnt letting her go so we need to talk to him so she can go. also this week we did alot of service which was fun. the first one was we pulled a bunch of weeds for this guy in our ward and in return he gave us a reference. also this week we went and helped soledad move all these rocks that she had. so i felt like i was back at home working. haha but it was fun. this week soledad and part of her family came to church. This week we found out that the daughter in law of soledad is a member. we have been teaching her for like a month and she just told us she had been baptized. her name is Janin and her husband is noe and noe is the son of soledad. haha they all went to church which was good. she got baptized when she was 15 and now she is 23. we had a really powerful lesson with noe. he was really effected when his little brother died and he had a whole bunch of questions about death and life after death we taught him the plan and he loved it. he started to cry. we taught him the spirt world and how the spirit world is here in the earth. i asked him if he as ever felt the presence of his brother after his death and he shared a cool experience when he saw his brother in white. it was really cool. this week we are going to baptize Marcos. he is the little son of soledad. he has 11 years. he is a cool kid. also we are teachin a kid and his name is javier. he is 19 and he just had a oporation on something in his stomach. we have taught him everything but the commandments he is a cool kid. he has read alot of the book of mormon and knows that it is true. he will get baptized next month. right now he cant leave the house to go to church but next month he should be able to. so the work is going good here in puente. today we played volleyball which was fun. but thats pretty much all that happened this week. we are working hard and we have found alot of cool families. i love you all very much. enjoy your trip. that will be way fun to go and see all the church sites and find our land that belongs to us. love elder hancock

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