Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Yeah i cant believe that i have completed one year in the mission. it has gone by way to fast. in reality i have less than a year if i have to go back a little early for school. by the way did you talk to coach or no. and how is the paper junk going. but this week was a awesome week. we saw alot of miracles happen this week. the first miracle was the baptism that we had. we baptized soledad. she is the lady that we found our first week here. it was really cool to see her get baptized. she has had so many problems in here life and it was cool to see her feel the peace and love that god has for her. she really felt it at her baptism and her confermation. about a year ago her 16 year old son died. she has like 12 kids. . she has 2 younger kids a 15 year old daughter and a 11 year old son. they went to church with her and they will get baptized in 2 weeks. we told her that if she wants to see changes in her family it has to start with her and she knows it and has taken the first step to do it. i know that with her example she will see the changes in her life. i was just so happy to see her get baptized. i have really felt that love that god has for her and her family. also the other miracle this week was we were walking to see nicolas and he wasnt there so i had a impression to visit a inactive family and they werent there and i was like that stinks so lets go to our other appointment a little early. so we went and a lady stopped us in the street and told us that her son has been looking for us and has talked to missionaries in tijuana and wants to talk to us. so the next day we went to their house and we found him and he was baptized 5 months ago and has the priesthood and everything. he gave us 8 references of his family and they are all really cool and willing to listn to us. so those were the miracles of the week. the spirit is in charge of all the miracles. haha. but my comp is fine. i love elder cornejo. we have gotten along really well. he really loves the people and is willing to work hard.. but this week for pday we played soccer on a turf field here that is small. it was pretty sweet. we had a tournament going which was way fun. i am writeing late because we went with a hermana that had food. and we made the food and it took forever. but all is good. my district is doing good. we already completed our goal of 8 baptisms and we are working to complete the goal for the zone which has never happend here in galeana. but we are going to do it this month. i want you to send me those videos of the ruins and stuff. we can watch movies like that of the church. so you can send me some movies like that. that would be pretty sweet. this week i have learned alot about the book of mormon and why it was written. almost every prophet in the book of mormon talks about the importance of the plates and their writings. it says that they wrote them for the children to come unto christ. our purpose as missionaries is to invite others to come unto christ and what better way to come unto christ reading the book of mormon. also there are alot of specific spriptures for the people here in south america. almost all of mormon and moroni is for them. they saw their posterity in these days and what they say is for them. . haha but i love the book of mormon and the power it has in the conversion of every person. but i love you all and i am thankful fo all you do for me. keep up the great work and have fun at camp. elder hancock

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