Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August 1 2011

Sounds like you all had a good time on your trip. thats cool that you saw elder hidalgo on the trip and he was companions with uncle terry. that is also cool that you found the our families land. did you buy it? we should just take it back. that is sweet that adam on diamon is the center of the united states. that is sweet. i bet you all learned alot i want to hear all about it. i should get my package today if not today this week because we are going to have a mission conference this week with president. i am going to ask him if he knows elder hidalgo. but this week was a good week. we baptized Marcos. he is 11 he will be 12 this month. he is a way cool kid. it is the son of soledad and she told us that he gets mad at his family every time they dont pray to eat or dont pray at night. he is way cool. it was a cool baptism. also this week we Javier was able to go to church. Javier was the one that couldnt go to church because of his the oporation that he had. he is a way cool kid. He should get baptized 2 weeks. also we talked to nicolas this week the kid that had a interview with president. i dont know what we siad but whatever we said worked. he aways told us that he would pick his day to be baptized and he finaly picked his day. we are going to baptize him not this tuesday but next tuesday. he is a way cool kid. he is really serious about changing and being better. also this week we had a actividad. it was a tarde de talentos or a talent show. we did it as a district. it was a really good turn out. we had alot of our investigators and we recieved 6 references. right when we started we did a tour of the church and then we did the talent show it was pretty legit. as elders we sang elders of israel. it was pretty good. we are going to visit all of the references this week which should be good. it has been a good week. we have been working really hard and we are seeing the changes in the ward. we have really focused on the less active members because that is how we have found alot of our investigators. there is one guy his name is Mauricio. he is 24 and he is the nephew of the bishop. he was baptized when he was 8 and then his parents went inactive and so did he and his family. he is a way cool guy. we taught him the first time about repentece and told him if he wants to repent he has to read pray and go to church and he has been doing that. he has smoked pretty much all his life and the first day we gave him a blessing to stop smoking. the next week he told us that he had cut it in half and was only smoking 4 a day and this week we went to teach him and he told us that evertime he sees a cigarett or smells it that he wants to throw up. i was like good that is awesome. that was our miracle of the week. that just goes to show that the priesthood is real and that him showing his faith reading praying and going to church allowed him to recieve the blessing to quit smokeing. that is awesome that he has to throw up everytime he sees a cigarett. he is a way cool dude. i gave him my nike watch to help him quit as well. i told him that if he never smokes agian he can have my nike watch. so he quit and now i need a new nike watch. so if you would be so kind and send me a new nike watch. that would be sweet. haha so this week has been really good. i love you all lots and make sure to send me the details of the trip and also you should probably call coach theisen. he is my possion coach. love ya elder hancock

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