Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June 13 2011

thanks for all the emails. it was good to hear from everyone. this week was really good. this week we had a miracle. we have really been working hard to baptize every week and so far this month we have done it. this week we were walking and ran in to a recent convert that just got baptized right before we got here and when i first got here we were teaching here 18 year old son named alex. he had problems with drinking and the ladies and his mom sent him to a alcohol place to have him stop drinking. he just got back this week and we went to visit him and the first thing he asked us was a blessing to stop drinking and to change his life. he hasnt drank for a month and a half and doesnt have any desire to do so. it was cool to see the change in his life. he told us he prayed the hardest he ever had while he was gone and really wants to change. after the blessing he told us he wanted to be baptized. so president did his interview at our stake conference that we had and he got baptized after. it was way cool. after he told us he finally felt clean. so now we are going to work with him so he goes to the temple this month with the ward and then prepare him for a mission. he is a cool kid. so that was the miracle of the week. Anacaren is ready to get baptized she just needs the permission. she fasted this week to get permision and the person from the seventy pres. Alonso spoke and spoke dirictly to her to do everything in here power to recieve this saving ordinance. so i know she will get baptized this week. we also had another investigator at the conference that is ready to get baptized. all of his family is members but him. we have taught him for a while and he told us this week that he is ready and then hes not ready. we told him just to listen to elder alonso and elder alonso and pres spanaaus all talked on baptism and just planched him so he will get baptized this week as well. so we should have two bapttisms this week. so we are excited for that. the stake conference was so good. elder alonso just planched the whole stake to do missionary work. it was so cool. he said i dont have fear to share my testimony with anyone because it is true. i have fear when the missionaries come to my house and i dont have a reference to give them. haha he was pretty bold. he had all of us missionarries go up and sing i am a child of god and then just planched everyone to work with us. it was sweet. haha it was a good conference. also we are working with this young couple that need to get married so pray for them so that the husband has the desire to get married. the wife she is ready to be baptised we are just working with him. so the work is moveing along. i love every min of it. and all is good with the district. all the new missionarries are good. im going on divisions with them to help them out. so every area in the zone baptizes. but today i wrote you early because there is a member that is going to get us in a golf course for free to golf. so i am going golfing. im pumped. it should be fun. but i love you all and thanks for all that you do for me. tell grams i got his letter and that i love him alot. it really meant alot to me. tell him i love him. i didnt get the package so it might still be in cuernavaca. but yeah. love ya elder hancock

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