Monday, December 12, 2011

Dec 12 2011


That is legit. you need to send me picks of the robbins. i know granny is part of this great work too. Also granps is up there teaching all of the people he wanted to kill and do baptisms for the dead for all of them. haha right now thats all i want to do here today. today is the day of the virgin. Last night we couldnt even sleep with all the parties celebrating the virgin. it is so sad to see all the people praying to her. i bet she is tired of it. i bet she is like dont worship me worship my son. haha but its all good. we will still win. but the major hasnt called because i accidently put the wrong number. my bad. hhaha.sorry. but yes i did feel the earthquake. it was pretty nuts. if it would of lasted longer everything would of fell down. i have never felt anything like that. it just strengthened my testimony that we are nothing and god has all power. this week we baptized Lety. it was a way cool baptism. it was cool. after they invited us to eat tacos and we were there and the earthquake came. but all is good. the power was out for a night and that was it. but all is good down. aslo this week we did the service and cleaned the park. it kind of stunk because they didnt give us alot of supplies to clean it but it was good. i bought the zone all mcdonalds. also i took out 300 dollars to pay a house rent in tixtla but i got it back from the mission so dont worry. this week we found a really cool family. it is a reference from our patiriach. we went and taught his dad sister and neices and nephews. my comp asked them how do you all feel this time of year in christmas. and the daughters that have 17 and 12 years were sad and said that christmas is not the same. and then they told us there dad was killed 2 years ago. we taught the plan and the mom told us she knows it is true. so they are way cool. oh also next week we are going to have a bball tournament. the guy we did service for in the park puts together workshops and tournaments for the goverment and has to do a bball tourn. but cant find the people to play because mexicans dont like to play. so he told us on monday that we make our teams of elders and he is going to give us jersys and trophys. so i am pumped for that. haha it should be way fun. its a good way to bring the zone together i think. but have a great week and keep up the great work. have fun in utah. i will tell you next week how we can talk. love ya

Elder Hancock

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