Monday, December 12, 2011

Nov 28 2011

This week was a good week. This week we didnt get to talk to the president directly. He was too scared but we talked to some of the people that work below him and we talked to this guy today that is in charge of a company to redo parks and stuff like that and so we talked to him and we are going to restore a park here in chilpancingo. we are going to cut trees do yard work and repaint a few things. so it should be a good activity to go and work and help out the comunity. The parks are to help those that are trying to overcome adictions. so it is for a good cause. also this week we had a really cool lesson with Victor and his family. Victor is a member but is inactive. now he is active and his 2 kids this week participated in the primary program and everything. we have started a activity to play basketball every saturday morning at 7 as a ward and that has really helped to bring the priesthood together and bring inactives back to activity. Sports work miracles. haha but in the lesson with victor and his family we taught them the gospel and talked about the gift of the holy ghost and shared them the scripture in DyC 39:10 that says the gift of the holy ghost one of the greatest blessing that we can ever recieve. en español dice que es una bendicion mayor que cualquiera que hayas conocido. i like it better in spanish. but we had them tell us all the blessing they have recieved and they told us then we read the scripture and said the gift of the holy ghost is a greater blessing than all the blessings that god can give us. Lety told us that she has felt that blessing when we have come and taught her and we told her when she get baptized she can have this gift for the rest of her life. she told us she wants to recieve the gift of the holy ghost so her and Charly her son are getting baptized this sunday. so we are going to baptize this week which is good. they are a way cool family. also the next week we have planned that we are going to baptize the another couple. there names are Oscar and Yadira. Yadira got baptized but told us that she never got confirmed and so she is not a member. all of her kids are members. so we are going to baptize her and her husband. they are a cool couple as well. We just need to work extra hard with Oscar. but this month should be a good month. me and cornejo are pumped to do to work. tomorrow we go to cuernavaca so i should get some packages maybe. the zone is ok. today me and cornejo are going to split up and watch the district leaders in there meetings and do divisions this week with them to better the districts. so that should be good. but all is going good here in Heroico. We are starting ot see the fruits of all the work that we have done. we are going to keep better the area everyday. How did the interview go with CJ. you guys didnt tell me how that went and how is game went this week. but that is good that you all got to talk to tim. that is crazy that Stef is going to get married. i feel like i havnt aged at all and neither of my friends either. i feel like stef is still a little girl and now she is getting married. i still feel like i am only 18. crazy. but her in mexico everyone gets married when they are 12. crazy huh. haha that was good that you all went to the temple. i want to go to the temple. i dont think we get permision to go to the temple when we finish. but who knows. but this week i have been studying a talk about beeing a number 4 misionarry. i really like it alot. it talkes about 4 types of misionarrys. it can also work for members. a number 1 member doesnt obey anything and is excomunicated. and number 2 member doesnt obey but isnt excomunicated. a number 3 member is obedient and does everything that they should but really they dont want to do it. they do it because they know they should but they go it with there heart might mind and strength. they give there time but they dont give themselves. there actions are good but the thoughts and intentions arent. a number 4 member is obedient and does everything right and also does it with all there hear might mind and strength. they give there time and themselves. there will becomes the will of the fathers. i really like that. it makes me think of the scripture in Mosiah 5: i dont remember the verse. it is the one that sayse how can someone know someone he hasnt served. how can we know the savior if we havent served him with all of our heart might mind in strenght. i like that. love you all
Elder Hancock

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