Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nov 7 2011

All was good this week. i did get the package. i love the shoes they are light. thank you for the the cd it was legit. i like it alot. the work song is way good. my has been converted. haha that is good that tate had a good game and good teisha played good in tennis. everyone is all grown up its crazy. haha but this week was good. pedro didnt get baptized. he just lacks the faith right now to do it. he believes that his baptism as a catholic is valid but we all know it is not. but we will help him out this week with that. the family of victor this week went to church. that was sweet. he hasnt gone in a really long time. his wife and kids are progressing good. his wife is really nice. we should baptize them this month. we also had a incactive lady go to church this week with us and we are teaching her mom. also this week a guy that doesnt believe in god came to church with us and we had a family night with him. we found him like a month ago and i feel like he is progresing along good. his sister is a member. so this week went really good this week. on tuesday we went to curenavaca and had a good conference. pres is awesome. he talked about satan and how satan knows exactly our weaknesses and attacks. we need to know our weakneesses and know where he is going to attack and do what we know is right. it was good. this week we are going to have our zone conference and me and my comp have to prepare everything. so that should be fun. but that is pretty much all that is going on. Imsorry that it is short but we have to go and have a meeting with all the district leaders to teach them what pres taught us. but i love you all.
love elder hancock  

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