Monday, October 24, 2011

October 24 2011

Sounds like everyone has had a good week. Tate good job on the game sounds like you tor it up and teisha that is sweet you get to go and taylor swift. that will be way fun. Mom i do have my camara i just dont send pictures because it takes forever to do it here in mexico. dont worry i am takeing pictures. but this week was a good week. we had alot of success visiting the inactive members this week. also i have learned to plan out our day alot better. we planned out our day good but pretty much everyday all of our citas fell and they really hasnt happened to me. so we have learned we got to have a really good backup plan and we have been doing that and we have seen the blessings. i feel if we do everything on our part useing the tools the lord has given us he will make up the rest. and we really saw the blessings of that this week. the first part of the week we visited a guy named Randy that got baptized when he was 15 and now he is 30 something and hasnt gone to church since after high school. we went and taught him and his wife and 2 kids. they seem way cool. they let us in without any problems. then also this week we went to a appointment that we had and she wasnt there and we had our backup plan to visit the inactive member next to her we pass by and he was really sick. his name is Victor. we found him in the street like 2 weeks before. his dad was one of the first members to start the church in a litte city next to mexico city. he was baptized when he was 8 and hasnt gone since his youth. He has a wife and 2 kids. his wife was there when we passed by and we offered him to give him a blessing and he accepted and we gave him the blessing  and we explained to him and his wife what a blessing was and that the priesthood that christ had has been restored and all that. he told us that he felt better and asked us to give his wife a blessing and we did. She started to cry and they were just grateful that we passed by and he started to open up to us and he told us that he knew that god sent us and his wife is now interested to listn to us. so it was a cool experience. We also had another experience like that with another inactive member that had just gone through with a husge iligal problem and then we knock on the door the day after. she was grateful. there are just a bunch of inactives in this area. it is pretty sad. we just got a new counsoler in the bishoprick and he is the coolest guy in the ward that is way pumped to work with us. he is a returned missionary and we are going to make a plan to bring all the inactives back so we are pumped for that becuse we have pretty much done everything on our own til now. also this week we did a activity with a family where me and my comp make lazana and brownies and the theme of the family night was feasting upon the words of christ. our lazana was so good. we did a pretty good job. haha. it was fun. so it was a good week. pedro is doing good he is just going through a bunch of stuff with his family. his family is really catholic and they are giveing him a hard time he asked us if he could be saved without getting baptized on our church. and had questiongs about what if i obey all the comandments but i am not part of your church and all that stuff. he is a really good guy. i know that he will be able to figure it all out. also we did a bunch of service this week. i just dont let people say no when we ask to help we just go and do it. so that has been fun. so all is good here. that stinks i have to go back in june. do i need to tell pres that i am going to need to end a month early. i really dont want to end early. but thanks for everything. keep up the good work Love ya.
Elder Hancock

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