Monday, January 9, 2012

Dec 26 2011

It was good to hear from all of you too. I couldnt even recognize tates voice. haha What i did yesterday was first i went to church had the baptism and then i went to eat with Lety my convert. she made us some food. after that i went and ate pizza with hermana Rica. then i went and ate with hermana Ana and after talked to you and then we went to our converts house to see them and then went home and i have been in the bus station all day today for changes. i have to got back after writeing you to recieve elder roskelly to show him his house and everything. so that is all i have done. tell all the fam i love em in the party. sounds like you are all having fun. But yeah i am pumped to be with elder roskelly he is a funny kid. but me and elder Cornejo get along really well. he is prob my favorite comp because i trained him.haha he is a really good misisonary. he is a really spiritual kid and is really smart. he basicly has learned english on his own just listing. we have had alot of success together. ending this change we will be together 7 and a half months. crazy huh. but all is good here in chilpo. we got alot of new missionarries and we will have a fresh start. Roskelly goes home in 3 months. but love you all lots.

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