Monday, February 27, 2012

Jan 23 2012

Thanks for all the news. sounds like all is going good in texas. Mom i did get the right scriptures thanks. This week was a good week we baptized Petra. She is like 60 something. she is a really cool lady. Her brother is a member and she lives above his house. We found her like 3 weeks ago when my comp had to use the bathroom. haha so we went there and he used the bathroom and i contacted her and we taught her. she went to church on her own and she wanted to get baptised. she has alot of faith. She cant read but she is really cool. Also this week we are going to baptise a little girl that is 10 years old this week. her name is Ana. she is really cool. last week me and my comp worked really hard and none of the people we found went to church. God blessed us with Anita. She came with a member family. her mom and her grandma are members. she loves to go to church and now lives here and wants to get baptized. we have been teaching her this week. it has been really cool. we have taught her using a notebook. we had the idea to have her take notes and stuf when we teach like in the school so she could learn better. it has worked really well. she has done everything that we have told her to do. she has read and prayed. we asked her to pray to know if she should get baptized and she told us that when she prayed that she heard a voice in her heart that told her that she should. she said that it was a voice of a man. it was really cool. the next visit we taught about joseph smith and told her to pray if he was a prophet and she told us that she heard the same voice in her heart. she said that the voice also told her that she should listn to the missionarries. it was really cool. the spirit was really stong when she told us that. she said that her heart was on fire. it was really cool. If all the people had the faith that she has they would all get baptised. haha but all is good. also this week Ramon went to church. it is a family that we have found. He is really cool. we have given him a blessing and he knows that it is true. we should baptise him andhis family next month. but all is good here. we just need to help all these families thatwe are teaching to go to church. they need to go to church. so we are going to focus on that this week. but all is good here. That is crazy that tate is already almost done with basketball. i remember the game that they came to watch us. haha that is cool that you were able to go and see tim fight. tell him i said hi and i love him and i kick his but when i get home. Dad i did get the letter from Gramps. i havnt read it yet but i will and let you know what i think. mom i really dont need anything. if you want you can send me some new pants to help me finish strong. haha im strarting to get some holes. haha but all is good. love you lots. elder hancock

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