Monday, February 27, 2012

Feb 6 2012

Yes i got transferred. i am in the farthest zone in the mission. i am in Lazaro Cardenas Michoacan. i am zone leader with Elder Rojas. He is a really cool guy. we are going to work good together. i was on a bus for like 10 hours today. that is why i am wirting late. but i am excited to be here. I am by the beach again. but this week was good with elder Cornejo. we baptized 3 this week. on saturday we baptized Ramon and his son Rafa. It was a really cool baptism. they are a really cool family. and then i sunday we baptised Carin. There is something in the water here in mexico. She is 11 and looks older than teisha. but she was able to get baptised so that was good. haha  So it was a good week. On sunday the ward had a party for me before i left. it was pretty cool. they gave time for all the people to just thank me. it was really nice of them. and then i just went around saying bye to all my converts. its always sad to leave but that is the mission. I am pumped to be here with elder rojas. he is going to finish the same time as me. so we are ready to work hard. Elder rojas is from Veracruz. Tate that was good that you won and tiesha keep up the good missionary work with your friend. I love you all lots. elder hancock

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