Monday, February 27, 2012

Feb 20 2012

Sounds like everyone is doing good. That is nuts that everyone is getting married. Everyone is getting old. haha but to answer your question about the sabeth day that is what they do here in mexico. i have planched alot of people about it but they just do it. Every meal they need fresh tortillas and everyone of them buys there tortillas on sunday. Sad but that is what they do. The zone conference went good this week. we were able to get everything planned. We tauht about helping the missinoaries bring more people to church. We used a pretty cool example to teach the importance of going to church. we filled up a glass of water and said that the water is like us when we were baptized we were pure and clean like the water. but clearly we arent perfect after baptism and we sin. and we had Grape Juice to represent sin. so we pored grape juice in the water and and makes the water dirty. So none of us wants to return to god dirty so that is why he camands us that we go to church to portake of the sacrament. when we partake of the sacrament we are clean again. so we pored clorine in the water and it made the water clear again. so that is the blessing we recieve each week when we partake of the sacrament. so we can be clean each and every week when we partake of the sacrament. we have taught that example alot here and it works. Mexicans like to see example and stuff. haha Pres talked about the book of mormon. it was really good. it was a good conference. this week me and my comp baptised Pedro. He was a old convert and we visited him when i got here and his mom and sister got baptised like 5 months ago and he never did. He has liked to party with his friends and hasnt wanted to change. one day we gave him Alma 5 to read and he read it and understood it pretty well. we talked about that with him with the same example of the glass of water but using it as baptism to wash us clean of our sins. and sence then he has been really cool and wanted to be batised and got baptised this week. he is 17. he wanted a picture of teisha. haha he is a funny kid. The 2 others we were going to baptise didnt get permision from their mom. she wants them to wait a little longer. they will get baptised this upcoming month. We have another baptism this week his name is Jose. he is 19 years old. his brother got baptised like a year ago and we have been teaching him. He has recieved an answer and everything. He is a really cool kid. He is one that i think will serve a mission. He has been reading the book of mormon and is really interested. So the work is going good her. Contacting here is really affective. THere are alot of people that are willing ot listn. Next month they are changing the ward boundries so we will have more families in the ward to visit. so all is good here. i did get the package. thanks for everythings. the pants fit perfectly. thanks. the tools work as well. so all is good. Keep up the good work and if you want to help our the missionaries you need to ask your neighbors or friends if they want to listn to the missionaries and if they say yes you have a reference. alof of times members talk about he gospel but forget the part to ask if they want to listn to misionaries. they forget that the misionaries are the ones called to teach and baptise. it is good to teach the gospel to your friends but if you dont invite them to listn to misionaries they will never get baptised. So something you and the fam can do better is when you have family nights and stuff with freinds invite the missionaries and they will do the rest if they know what they are doing. haha that is something i didnt know when i invited my friends and stuff to church activities and family home evenings. i never invited them to listn to the missionaris and that is whay they havent been baptised. so when you have friends and people over for family nights and stuff like that you need to involve the missionaries. and then you will see fruits from missionary work. but i love you all.
Elder Hancock

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