Monday, February 27, 2012

Feb 13 2012

All has been good this week. ON sunday i got to know Candies mom. she
is a really cool lady. She took us out to eat at pollo feliz. haha. We
called her that night after she dropped us off and she told us she was
in the hospital and that after she dropped us off that she got in a
reck. so i hope she is ok. she sounded ok but i dont know how the car
is or anything. you should ask Candy to see if she is ok. i feel bad
she took us home and then after got in a reck. but she is really cool.
The area is really cool. We are a really small ward. it is the
smallest ward that i have been in my whole mission but the members are
all really cool. there are alot of inactives so we are working on
that. we have visited alot of inactives that have a lot of family that
need to get baptized. We are teaching alot of families. We have found
alot of news and we had 7 people go to church this week which was
good. Right now we dont have a bishop we just have a counsoler but the
stake president told us on sunday that in may we are going to recieve
7 new families that are all active. He is going to change the
boundries in march so next month. Our area is huge and is going to be
even bigger. THe change will be good to have more families to get
refterences. We are going to baptize 2 or 4 this week. We are teaching
alot of teenage kids which are really cool. The ward needs more
priesthood so we need to baptize alot of men. The zone is doing good.
it is alot smaller than chilpo. we just have 18 missionaries in the
zone. i know some of the elders really well and others i dont know at
all because they are new. tomorrow i will get to know them because we
have zone conference tomorrow with pres. After i write you i have to
go and set everything up. we have to go and buy all the food as well.
We are in Ziuatanejo. it is a cool area. the zone is split up in 2
districts. One district is in Guacamayas and the other district is in
Ziuatanejo. and they are a hour and a half apart so we hardly ever see
the other district. but it is a cool zone. we should be able to
complete the zone goal this month if everyone finishes strong. Me and
my comp really get alone. ELder Rojas is really cool. he got baptized
3 years ago. He got baptized when he was 17 and a year later came on
the mission. He is really smart. A cool story from him is that his
comp in the MTC went to the mission of where he lives and was knocking
doors and ran in to the mom of elder rojas. And his comp from the mtc
baptized his mom. Cool huh. The blessing of the mission. So all is
good with my new comp. we are going to finish strong. We should be
able to baptize alot of people here. we are teaching alot of cool
families. We found a lady that had been praying for help and didnt
want to live anymore and we knocked her door and taught her and her
kids. Her kids have already gone to church before. WE gave her a
blessing and i feel we should be able to baptize the whole family next
month. that was the maricle of the week. Happy Valentines day to
everyone. i just cant wait for nexts years valentines day. haha that
is crazy that jay is goin to get married tell him to do it in June so
that i can go. Tate sounds like you are playing good. keep up the good
work. Teisha stay away from boys and keep up the good work in tennis.
I love you all.
Elder Hancock

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