Monday, February 27, 2012

Jan 30 2012

This week was a good week. We baptized anita. it was a cool baptism. she is a really spiritual little girl. We had alot more people come to church this week which was good. We have a posibility of baptising 5 this week if everything goes good. We should be able to do it. I think i am gone this change. We will know changes this saturday. I think i am out because i have alot of time with Elder Cornejo and i have 6 months here in Chilpo. We had interviews with Pres this week. That went good. he planched a few missionaries that havent been working which was good. haha He asked them. what would you do if i sent you home right now. haha that woke em up. but the zone is doing good. We just need to baptise more. Me and Elder Cornejo should be able to baptise alot this week we are pumped. We have one guy his name is Ramon. He is really cool. we found his kid 3 months ago when elder cornejo just got here. we dropped him becuase he never went to church. one day we felt we should stop by and we did and found his dad Ramon and he is really cool. Today he got his answer. He has been reading and praying and he said that after praying he felt overwhelmed with joy and has had energy like he has never had before. it was way cool. we are going to baptise him and maybe his son this week. the other family we have is maria, karen, mariel. THe husband of Maria got baptised in the united states and she has gone to the church before but the missionaries got changed and never passed by again. One of her daughters really wants to get baptised and knows that it is true. the mom and mariel are still waiting for their answeres. if they have their answeres they should be able to be baptised. The husband has a problem with alcohol. so we need to help him with that. but everthing is going good. Teisha i do love you. sorry i havent put anything in my letters. its because i know you are good and dont need to here from me. haha but keep up the good work. I wish i could of seen you yell at the other coach. haha. Tate shoot the ball. that is all i have to tell you. haha but keep up all the good work. I love you all. Elder Hancock

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