Sunday, April 15, 2012

April 2 2012

Sounds like everyone is doing good. Tate congrats on breaking the record in pole vault. i saw the video it was pretty sweet. Keep up the good work bro. Teisha good job on the tennis match. keep up the good work. This week was a good work. Conference week is always a good week. We had to drop abdiel because he isnt progressing. He knows it is true and knows that he should be baptized but his family is a major influence and he doesnt want to do it. It is sad but we had to drop him. But we have been teaching a family of 7. At first we talked to their kids but this week we were able to teach the whole family which was good. We have taught the mom but we have never taught the dad. we were able to teach him this week. He told me you have 5 min to teach me your lesson. i was like ok and i timed it and everything. i taught the resaration in 5 min and i think he was pretty shocked after. haha it was funny. he is a funny guy. He likes sports so i was able to teach the restauration easy with an example of a team. But we taught them twice this week and they all went to the last session of conference. All 7 of them went which was good. Also a Teresa went this week with her daughter and a guy named Pio went. So we had 10 investigators go to conference so that was a blessing. I really liked conference. i was bumed that i wasnt able to see the priesthood session but i will watch it on internet to see the talks. What happened is all the priesthood went to see the preisthood session in Zihuatanejo that is like a hour and a half away. We thought that we could stay here and watch it but they turned off the satalite so i have to watch it on internet. but all is good. I really liked the talks of Elder Holland, Elder Erying. I also liked the talk of It was worth it talking about missionary work. i forgot the guys name that gave it. I liked Elders Perrys talk on the book of mormon and Elder Ballards talk on the family. Our investigators were there to hear those talks so that was good. But i really liked conference. We have a family night with the family that we are teaching tonight. The good thing is is that a counselor in the stake presidencey lives right in front of this family. we are going to teach them with this family. So all is good here in Lazero. This week we are going to Cuernavaca on Wednesday. We leave tuesday in the night. i should get the package there and be able to see all the knives. All the missionaries went nuts when they called pres as a general authority. that was funny. He is a really good guy i knew he was going to be a general authority but that was pretty fast. haha the 17th we go to acapulco again which will be fun. but that is pretty much what went on this week. The new misssionarries here are good. They are all really good missionaries. but love ya all and keep up the good work. Oh and i need the return date as soon as possible the mission offices just called me and want to know the day so they can buy the plane tickett. They already want to buy my plane tickett crazy hugh. haha

Love, Elder Hancock

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