Sunday, April 15, 2012

March 26 2012

What up fam,
This week was a good week. First of all i didnt feel anything in the earthquake. We had no clue that there was one untill someone told us that there was one. So all is good dont worry. And no i havent heard anything about the visit of the pope. Hasnt effected us at all. This week Jorge Luis got baptized this week. It was a really cool baptism. This guy is really cool. He was the one that almost read the entire book of mormon in one day. After his baptism he told me that he wants to go on a mission. He is a really cool kid. He is from a place called Morelia it is the capital of Michoacan and his family is huge. He doesnt have any support from his family. He is studying and working here alone. He lives with some friends from his home and that is it. He told us he has been on his own almost all his life. He doesnt know his mom. she left him after he was born. Kinda sad but he is excited to be in the church. He is really smart. He already knows alot more than the members. It was our miracle of the month. This week we taught abdiel how to fast he is 16 years old and really wants to be baptised so we fasted with him so his mom would give him permision and the day we fasted for the first time we were able to talk to his mom. We talked to her for like an hour. she had alot of questions and i just told her straight up that her son is ready to be baptised and it is something that will bless his life. She said that they were going to talk about it as a family and they still havent talked about it. so we hope that they can talk about it this week. But fasting works since i have been her we have never been able to talk to her. But all is good with the investigators. We found another cool family this week. it was on thursday and alot of our appointments fell and to be honest we didnt want to do anything but we felt we should contact before we went to look for another person. so we contacted for like 15 min and found this lady named Teresa. She and her 12 year old kid went to church this week. So that was good. So never give up. Mom it is true what you said about God making us suffer to learn what he wants us to learn and so that we BUILD CARACTER. HAHA like you and dad always told me. but all is good her in Barrio Palmas. This week in church they called the new bishop. He is a really cool guy. we are excited to work with him and the new bishopric. so there have been some good changes in the word and we are excited to work with all the new leaders. The new bishop is bishop Benjamin Elizea. He is a real sharp guy. Also this week we are pumped for general conference as well. i think Candies mom will be able to go and see it live. she is in utah right now for the graduation of her son. he is graduating byu and she is there for that. But it would be nice to know the date when i have to go to the academy so i put you in charge mom to get that done. haha also pres just sent us a message that we are going back to acapulco for another conference. Elder Walter F. Gonzalez from the seventy  is coming to speak. who knows why we are having all these conferences. but its all good with me. i love going to acapulco. Im going to buy a house in Acapulco on the beach useing the money from the new buisness. haha but i really like the cards. they look really good. I hop everthing goes good. They are going to be ready for general conference? crazy. But this upcoming month i should be going to the temple the last week of April and it will be in the mexico city temple. i am pumped for that i havent been in the temple forever so that will be fun. Sounds like Tiesha and Tate are doing good. Tate in Track and teish in tennis. Keep up the good work. I got a letter form gramps this week. Tell him thankyou and that i love him.  I love you all lots.

Love, Elder Hancock

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