Sunday, April 15, 2012

March 19 2012

This week was a good week we worked really hard to baptize this week. but at the end it didnt happen. we have 2 teenagers that are really legit. They know everything and want to get baptized but the mom still hasnt given them permision and she doesnt want to talk to us. we found out why this week. We had a plan to figure out why. when we teach them there are usually alot of teenagers there and also his brothers are there and stuff so it is hard to just talk to him and find our whats up. so what I did. was i knew that they all liked to play football. so what i did was i challenged his brothers and cousins to a game of soccer. there was a court there close so i played soccer with them and my comp talked to him alone while we were playing. he talked to him on the side and found out the real problem. He told his mom that his mom worships death. it sounds weird in english but here in Mexico there is a Saint called the death. it is called La Santa Muerte. And she prays to this Saint and has seen miracles and stuff from this Saint. And he thinks that for that she doesnt want to talk to us and hasnt given him permision. He told us this week that when he was praying about baptism and how he wanted to be baptised that he felt something that he has never felt before. it was way cool. we just need to pray hard this week that she gives him permison. He just needs to explain to her about his prayer and i think she will give him permision. he is 16 and his brother is 17. so thats whats up with them. This week we found this one guy that is way cool. He is 22 years old and contacted the missionarries and he lives in our area. He is 22 years old and just moved here to study and work. We taught him on Wendesday the Restauration and the book of mormon and left him 3 Nephi 11 to read. We came back on Thursday and he read almost all the book of mormon. He read up to 3 Nephi 11 in one day. He prayed and had a dream that he lost the book of mormon and that he was really fustrated that he couldnt find it and was really worried. He told us that he knows the book is true because if it wasnt true he wouldnt of been so fustrated to lose it. he is way cool he went to church and everthing. he should be able to get baptised this week becuase he has progressed so fast. That was a miracle of the week. Also this week we taught a lady named Mayte. We have been teachin her daughter and her son in law. This week we were lookin for them and she came to the door and we have always invited her but she never listned. this time she just opened up on the door step and started to tell me about all these problems that are happening in her family and all this stuff. she said that she has been going to a christian church named the comunity of god. it is a christian church. she and her family have been going there for 2 years and she told us that she hasnt seen any change in her life going to this church and she was confused about why there are a bunch of churches and everthing. so it was really easy to teach her and she really liked the lesson and she broght her whole family to church this week. 5 of them went this week. so that was really cool. so we are starting to see the fruits of the hard work that we are doing. But i go back to Cuernavaca in like week and a half. this week we had changes but me and my comp are still together. he only has one more change that me here. i think we will finish together here. Our 2 district leaders are going home they finished there mission so we are going to have some new missionaries in the zone. Also Elder Roskelly is done. he goes home on Wednesday i think. Crazy hugh. time flys. but that would be nice to know when i go back to the Academy so i can tell Pres. I have no idea about the medical papers. Hopefully you can figure that all out. good luck. haha but that is good that tim came over. i love that kid. he is still huge. there is no one like that here in mexico. haha but last pday we went to Ixtapa. look it up it is really pretty. we played football on the beach. but love you all. keep up the good work. love elder hancock

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