Sunday, April 15, 2012

March 12 2012

Sounds like i should of never told you all waht happened. it wasnt that bad. After they took the money and stuff we got on the bus and just waited till the sun came up. i fell asleep. haha and no they didnt take my cards or anything. they just took money. the day that it happened was Thursday at 1:30 in the morning. but all is good dont worry about me. i didnt want to tell you to worry. Everything is fine. I have taken out money to buy food. and then no you dont need to pay pres back. The money came from the mission. The plans for the temple is i am going to go in April with her. she cant go this month. so i am going to go in April with her to the temple. it will be way fun. i am excited. but i wont go with elder roskelly. he is already with his parents. Crazy hugh. he is finished with his mission. his parents are already here. we have changes next month. but i know that i am going in April to the temple because this week we had a conference in Acapulco in Costa Azul my old area where i was born. We had a conference with elder Tenordio from the seventy. It was really good. he is a really cool guy. He talked about 3 things that someone has to do to be successful. First is that someone has to Work. Second someone has to be focused. Third is someone has to be Happy. It was a really good talk. He gave examples of how in is work one of his bosses told him it is too bad you dont know engish because you could make double the money and go to new york every month. Right there he was determined to learn english. He took a course for 2 weeks to learn english. 9 hours in the school and 9 hours listning tapes at this house. he did it everyday for 2 weeks. and went to his boss and just starting repiting all the stuff he learned. he said he didnt give his boss the chance to ask questions he walked in and said everything he learned and the boss gave him his certificate that he spoke english. it was a funny story. He talked about prayer as well and we read together. Genesis 24:1-27 where Abraham comands his servant to find a wife for his son. Before that he shared the scripture in 2 Nephi 25:23 that says we have to do everything in our part and the lord will do the rest. Despues de hacer cuanto Podamos. i like it better in spanish. but knoing that he told the story of this servant and how he prayed and did everything he could to find the wife for Abrahams son. The servant had a plan and presented his plan to the Lord through prayer. He had planned to go to the well because that is where all the daughters went to get water for the family. He had planned that the wife that would be right for isac would give water to him and his camels. also he brought a bunch of gold and stuff to please the family. So elder Tenordio was trying to teach us that we have to do everything we can and the lord will give us what we ask him after we do all that we can. Also the servant was explicit and exact when he told the lord how he wanted to know if the wife was the right one. He shared an experience when he was going to teach a mission that the mission president forgot to book a room for him in a Hotel and it was halloween night. So there was no way to get another room. So he told the mission pres not to worry about it htat he would find a room. He started to pray and said. Heavenly Father i dont have a room to stay the night. it isnt my fault it the is mission presidents fault so i need your help. I am going to go to this hotel at 9:30 and ask a worker if there is a room. they are going to tell me no. i am going to tell them that i am going to eat for an hour and at 10:30 i am going to come back and somene will leave at that time and i can take that room. that was his prayer and he did exactley that and when he came back at 10:30 the front desk got a call exactly at 10:30 and he got his room. He told us that The Lord likes details and if we do our part with faith the lord will do the rest. i really liked that. I need to be better at that. i need to pray for things more specifictly. but it was a really good conference i learned alot. After i was able to go to my old area and visit alot of my converts. it was really good to see them all. i ate with Karla the one that is going to the temple. it was good to see her and her family. it was fun to be back in Acapulco. we got back Sunday late in the night and went to church. We should be able to baptize this week. we have been working hard. we found a cool family yesterday as well. So this week was a good week. Hermana Tere told me we ate burgers at the same time as well. but i know your burger was alot better than mine. I miss mighty fine. but love ya and have a great week. that is awsome that all went good with my new buisness. haha

Love, Elder Hancock 

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