Sunday, April 15, 2012

April 9 2012

Hey fam,
Yesterday for easter was just a normal sunday. Easter here is a little different but we ate really good. A hermana gave us a bunch of food. but it was a normal sunday. We visited the family that we are teaching and taught them the The sabbath day because they didnt go to church. We knew the wife wasnt going to go but the rest of the family could of gone. Mayte the wife is the one that makes everyone go and she didnt go because she had to work. We taught them the important of commandments and she told us that she was thinking about quiting her work not to work on sundays. she just works on sundays every 3rd week or so but thats what she told us. She says that she sees a different in her week when she goes and when she doesnt go. She is really cool. We just have to animate the rest of the family. Her daughters are really cool as well. Her husband is really funny. He likes to joke around. He says my name really funny and We know that he is interested but he really doesnt like to show it. We talk about eternal families and I know he really likes it but tries to shrug it off making a joke. but through the example of his wife he will strart to come around. it will just take a little more time with him. but this  week it is possible that Mayte and her daughter can get baptized this week. so we are going to work hard for that to help them be ready for this week. Oh also this week when we were teaching them the plan os salvation their old preacher from the christian church came over and got all ofended that they were listning to us. He came in and started to ask us a bunch of questions. He is a apostle of the christian church or something like that. He came in and and asked us what we teach and all this stuff. we said the gospel of christ and he was like no you dont. You use the book of mormon that isnt the gospel of christ. he said show me a scripture in the book of mormon that talks about how we can be saved. I was like that is easy i went to 3rd nefi 11 where christ teaches us exactly what we need to do to be saved. he was like huuuuugh. he didnt know what to say and then said i am jelous that you guys are teaching my sheep and confusing them. I told him first of all they are not your sheep they a Christs sheep. second of all they invited us in their house and who are you to kick us out. haha it was a fun conversation. in the end he wanted a book of mormon to read. so that was good. Mayte told us as a leader in a christian church she doesnt like how he lives his life and all kinds of stuff and told us she feels different when we come and likes the way we explain everything to her and her family. but there will always be oposition in all things. haha so that was our fun experience of the week. Here in Lacero there are alot of poeple that go to this christian church and they have their prophet and everthing. this prophet has a television program and everything. There are also alot of Jehovas witnesses here. They are the ones that arent willing to listn to anything. They thing they know everthing in the bible but their bible has been changed around that they cant even call it a bible. its called something like the new translation of the holy scriptures or something like that. It was funny this week me and my comp found a lady and her husband. the lady has studied a year with the jehovas witnesses and the husband is catholic. She couldnt believe in a modern day prophet and in modern day miracles. We were teaching them the apostia and it is really easy to teach the apostacy with the bible that they have because they have taken out scriptures. We were takling about how christ established his church and how he healed people and how he gave the authority to his apostles so that they could do the same. My comp shared the story that there was one time the apostles couldnt cast out a devil of someone and christ could and we aked her why couldnt they if christ gave them the authority and we told her the answer is in Matthew 17: 21 and it says that christ fasted and they didnt thats why christ could and they couldnt and we told her to read the verse and it wasnt there in her bible because it is the bible of the TJs and that scripture isnt there because they dont believe in fasting. She wasnt understanding the apostacia so we used her own bible to show her how after the apostacy people started to take and add things to the bible for their own convinience. It was pretty funny but she understood the apostacy so that was good. haha So this has been good. We are workin hard and it was fun to go to curenavaca and see everyone. President just taked to us about his experience in Salt Lake and when they set him appart as a seventy. We just talked about that the whole time. It was really neat to learn about the organization of the church and how we are all in good hands. He is in the 7th quorum of the seventy and he is over Argentina, Uraguay, Brazil and other places close to there. President Holland set him apart. it was really neat. i have it all written down of how that all works and stuff. it was cool to learn. I got my package so thank you. i love my new nike pants. if i knew they excisted before i left i would of just bought pure nike pants. they are way confy. thanks. The now knives are really cool. I would send pres the holiness to the lord knife i like that one. Everthing is really cool. keep up the good work. keep me posted on the academy. Tell tate and tiesh congrats. Mom you and tiesh srcreaming reminded me of the good old days. haha the comment of gramps made me laugh about President Oboma. Gramps is right. haha but i love you lots and just want yall to know that i know that Jesus died for us and the great news that gives us all peace is that he resurected and that he lives. Thanks to him we will all resurect and be with our love ones once again. Every loss that we have had in this life will be restored to us in the life to come thanks to him. We owe eveything to him. The knollage we have that he lives gives us peace. Imagine the peace we can have helping those that dont know that he lives. Imagine the joy and peace they are missiog not knowing that he lives and they can see a loved one once agian. For this purpose we need to open our mouths and help those that dont know. Thanks for everthing. love ya

Elder Hancock

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