Monday, April 4, 2011

Sorry for the lack of Tuckers posts explanation below.

The past month has been a little crazy for Tucker he has had 2 surgery procedures in the last month. so we havent posted all those details. Thank you everyone for all your prayers. He is doing really well and recovering at the mission home and is hoping to be back in his area by friday. The following are bits and pieces of his emails: Mom you are not coming to mexico. that is the last thing that you are going to do. i say that i dont even talk to you all after the surgery. i really dont want to talk to you guys. i think it will be better if i wait for mothers day. but dont worry about me everthing is good. my freaken egg finally broke in my butt on thursday i feel a whole lot better. i can finally walk normal. but yeah i am not going to lie that this week stunk. i couldnt do anything. all i have done is slept read and i have drawn a bunch of stuff because that is all i could do. on thursday we had a conference with elder johnsen of the seventy. he is over all of mexico. it was pretty sweet. the night before we stayed witht the zone leaders and my egg started to ozz. and in the morning it started to ozz some more. so i was like. how in the world am i going to go to the freaken conference with this thing ozzing puss and blood. so i was like. you guys go buy me some diapers because these pads dont work. haha so they went and bought me some diapers and so i wore diapers for like 2 or 3 days. it was great. in the middle of the conference i had to change my diaper. it was pretty sweet. haha these diapers are huge. haha but they work. i didnt get any puss or blood on my suit and my garments. it was the best idea i ever had. haha. but mom and family thanks for all the prayers and everything. it has really helped. so thank you. but mom you need to calm down. i am fine. and i am going to the doctor with president in 2 hours. me and my comp are in cuernavaca and we´re just chillin. so i will really find out what this thing is in a few hours. most of all the swelling has gone down because all the puss and blood broke out. so i feel a whole lot better now. so we will see what happens in a few hours. but the pills that i am takeing are something. i really dont know what they are. i was just told to take them and i have taken them. i havent felt anything from them so im good. haha and the pain meds are nothing. i took them after all the pain went so who knows if they work. hhaha. but all is good. dont worry about me. and mom you are not coming to mexico. haha you couldnt survive 2 seconds here in mexico. ahaha jk mother. but the conference of elder johnsen was really good. he talked alot about faith and if we submit our will to jesus christ like he submited his will to the father then we will find people to baptize every week. jesus was perfect becuse he submited his will to our heavenly father and because of that he was perfecft. so yeah it was really cool. i learned alot in my diaper. hhaha. it has been fun telling everyone that i have a cist on my butt. everyone wants to know excpecialy everyone in the ward. haha but its all good. i dont even care. haha and in church we still had more investigators than the zone leaders and we didnt even work this week. haha it was pretty funny. but yeah all is good. here we are going to know the news and i little bit. so i am sure you´ll here from me in a little bit. but that is awesome that teisha rocked her tennis tournament and tate rocked his track meet. i just want to let you know tate that you are lucky that i never did pole vault in middle school. they didnt have it when i was there. so if we did have my name would still be there in the record book above yours. hahahahahahah jk bro that is awesome that you broke the record. thats sweet. haha but i love you all and i will talk to ya´ll in a little bit. mom you can add what you want to the letter. maybe a explanation of what the book of mormon is so he knows. i just wrote that really fast for him. but all is well. i am here in the offices and just chillin. i dont have any pain. i am ready to go work.haha i can walk and everything so we will see when i can leave. i have to go back to mexico in 8 days for a check up so we will see what happens. but all is good. but the only advice i can give is for the missionarries to study for investigators personaly and as a companionship and make a plan to teach them. me and my comp have started to do that and our lessons are alot powerful and our studies are alot powerful because we are thinking of someone that we love and want them to change. so yeah the missionarries have the keys for them so they know what to do. haha but just get em baptized. but yeah that is pretty much all that has gone on. thats good that tate and teisha are doing good. tate is tearing up in track so that is good. . but yeah keep up the good missionary work. keep it going. haha but i love you all so much and thank you for all that you do for me. thanks for all the prayers and thank all the fam and friends for all their prayers for me. i really do feel good. so all is well. you guys dont need to worry. i am good. but love ya all and talk to ya later. Mi familia, everything is going fine here in the offices. i feel just fine. i just have a nice little hole in my butt. it is kinda like another hinny. haha so i have 2 holes now. it is pretty sweet. haha it isnt that big. . . . he is way funny. his family is pretty rich. he drove a mercedes and he had a servant in his house do everything. haha he . i always tease him that i am going to marry his sister. she is going to serve her mission in salt lake at the temple and she knows english. so when you go to salt lake look for a sister miguel. haha i told him that when pres scott was talking about marriage i was just thinking of his sister. it was pretty funny. he is a funny kid. but yeah on thursday i go back to the doctor to get it checked then i friday i leave to go back to acapulco. the office is like 5 min away from the mission home. it is way close. but i say that i am going to get changed this change but who knows. i get back this friday and then i will have a week to work and we have changes. i will know the 16th if i get changed or not. so we will see. but this week has been good. i just have been chillin. i feel fine. the day after my operation i was ready to go back and work. i worked with more pain before when i had my egg on my butt than i do now. i dont even have any pain right now. but i have to stay cuz i have to go back to the doctor this week. so this week. pres. bought all of us tacos one day in the offices. the other day i went with the sec. on divisions to eat and do a interview. the next day i went with the assistents on divisions and knocked doors. so i havent had to sit in the offices all day which is good. i would hate it if i had to do that. so i have been helping everyone here in the offices and then i leave out to go work. thats what i am going to do tomorrow also. so it should be fun. also conference was way good. i really enjoyed it. it did talk alot about why we have adversity and stufff like that so yeah i get the point. haha but i really liked elder oaks talk on desire. and i liked the example of the rugby player. that was pretty sweet. also i liked the talk of pres monson and elder scott on marriage. i now know what i need to do when i get home. haha i need to get married. haha but yeah conference was way good. a fam of three that we are teaching back in acapulco went to every session besides one. so that was sweet. also madalyne our other investigator went so we had 4 peaple in church without even working. so that was pretty good. haha so we should baptize this family on the 16th. they are a pretty cool family. we have only taught them once because of my egg but they accepted to be baptized and are really eager to learn. they have been to church twice and the members have really helped them out which is good. so we should have 3 baptisms when we get back. so i am pumped for that. but yeah that is all that has gone on this week. we have just been chillin with the secrateries and the asistents. it has been pretty fun. but i am ready to go back to our area. but just have to freakin wait and be patient. i dont have any patience so i am working on that. haha but that is way sweet that tate broke the record. he better break it in district. that is when it counts. he better man up and do it. vale la pena. haha and teisha that is nuts that she is going to prom. i cant believe it. it should be fun. tell dad or tate or someone to bring out the guns or knives or something. bring out the bear thing and scare him with that. haha that would be way funny. oh and mom fort collins is north of denver so no it is not closer to the springs. but still cool that colorado is going to have another temple. also that rome is going to have a temple that is pretty sweet. but yeah i love you and dont worry about me i am just fine. con amor, elder hancock

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