Monday, April 25, 2011

Tranfers April 18 2011

Everything is good here in Galeana. i got transfered to Galeana. it is in Morelos it is about 40 min away from cuernavaca. it is a pretty sweet area. i recieved another mexican comp straight from the mtc. i am training again. he seems like a cool kid. his name is elder cerejo or something like that. haha he is another 18 year old mexican and is green as can be. haha i am way excited. i am opening this area here and my zone leader is elder roskelly so that is pretty cool. the zone here has really struggled but i have heared the ward i am in is really strong. our ward mission leader picked us up from the bus station and took us to our house and he is a returned missionary of a year or so. he seems like a cool guy. i am way excited to get to work. we are going to start visiting all the members and start getting to work. this area is full of a bunch of farmland of fields of corn and stuff. it is way cool. there are ruins in this zone and stuff like that. i am pumped. also this week on thursday me and my comp elder miguel went to cuernavaca for a conference with pres. it was for all the people that are going to train this change. salt lake 10 days ago made a new program and we are implamenting it here in the mission. pres said we might be the first mission starting this program. it is way sweet. it is a booklet of how to train a new comp. usually we study 3 hours a day but now we have to study 4 hours a day and 2 of those hours is studying with our comp. they gave us dvd players and movies that we use to learn in our comp study. it is pretty sweet. so we have a dvd player and it is a 12 week program and it is all focused on studying together with your comp to help him grow. it is pretty sweet. i am pumped to start studying tomorrow. we report every weeek to pres how we are progressing and everything. so that is that. also my kid elder miguel he is training a american. he has 3 month and he is training. so i am already a grandpa. haha but elder miguel is ready. he was a really good comp. i love that kid. we didnt baptize this week but it was a really cool. week. louisa the mom of miguel is ready to be baptized and we had 2 powerful lessons with her this week. she was going to get baptized on sunday but she didnt get to talk to her daughter so she is going to do it this week. thats ok she is my convert. haha elder miguel should baptize at least 8 people this next month. so that is good. it was hard to leave but all is good. judith and socorro my investigators were crying but it was all good. judith wanted me to thank you for being my mom and letting me go to her house and teach her. haha it was really sweet what she said. but i am pumped to work here in this area with my new comp and my new zone. there are alot of cool misionarries that got put in this zone. it should be sweet. everthing is good with my butt it is all closeing up good. i dont have any problems or anything. i just have to go back to get it checked and that is all. it is not infected. but thanks for all the prayers and everything. that is sweet that teisha tood 3rd. that is so cool. good job teish. keep up the missionary work and i love you all so very much. thank you for all that you have done for me. love ya. elder hancock

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