Monday, April 25, 2011

April 25 2011

Everything is going good in the new area. we have worked really hard this week. the members here are really cool and are willing to work with us. there are alot of inactives in our ward but the ward is pretty strong. there is about 100 or less that come every week and there is like 400 members in our area. so we have alot of work to do but the bishop is cool and are ward missionary is really cool as well. my comps name is elder cornejo. he is from sinaloa. it is north somewhere in mexico. he is a really good misionary. his first few days he was a little timid to talk but by the end of the week he was commiting people to be baptized in contacts. so he is doing really well. he has alot of faith and amor for the people and really wants to help the people here. he is 18 years old and has never lived away from his home but he is doing good. haha today for pday we went to a missionaries house and in his back yard he has a basketball court and everything. it was so sweet. i was so jelous. i have always wanted to have a house with a whole court in my backyard. if i had that i would go out and shoot hoops everymorning. it was so sweet. when i have a camera that works i will send picks of my dream mision house. haha but this week was good. we have met alot of the members and we have tried to talk to everyone. we found 24 new investigators which is really good but none of them went to the church. it was because this week was the semana santa or the holy week so everyone had family in town and didnt do jack. we had alot of appointments that fell because all the fam was in town. but it is ok we are going to visit them this week and encourage them to go to church. but we confirmed 2 this week. there names are mirnerva and victor. there mom got baptized like 2 or 3 weeks ago and they got baptized last week and got confirmed this week. they were references from a member so they counted for us. haha but they are a cool family. the mom is from la costa chicka which is really close to my area in acapulco. we are teaching his son he is 18 and likes to drink so thats why he hasnt got baptized so we are going to work hard with him to help him out. we have also found alot of members that have family members that can get baptized so we are going to visit them all this week. so i am pumped to work here. i know that me and my comp can start to baptize every week if we keep working hard and talking to everyone. it is a really pretty area. there is alot of farmland here and it is green. we are teaching a guy that reminds me of grandpa hancock. he is pretty funny. ill have to see if i can get a pic of him. but yeah all is good here in puente de ixtla. galeana is a city that is next to us. but puente is its own little town. and my butt is doing good. i dont have any pain. and i dont think i have to go back to the doctor because no one has called me so i think i am good. and no i am not on antibiotics. just on silver. haha but that is cool that that guy got baptized. i remember going to his house with the misionarries. and it should be good to go and give a blessing to tims mom. that is sweet. that is awesome that you guys found a place with tacos al pastor. there is only one place in puente with tacos al pastor and i dont even know if they are good or not. but the food here is all good. nothing different. i love the food here. when i go back home i am going to miss the food. expecially the tortillas. i love tortillas. they are my favorite. i also love the fruit drinks that they make here. but yeah all is good. me and my comp are working hard and we are going to see alot of success here in puente. i am pumped to go to work tomorrrow. but i love you all very much. hancock ctr and stick together. oh yeah thats sweet that you have all lost weight. welcome to the club. i think i have lost a bunch of weight too. i am just a skinny short white boy now. haha but love ya.
elder hancock

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