Monday, May 2, 2011

may 2 2011

What up fam. sounds like all is good back home. Teisha that is awesome that you kicked butt. haha keep up the good work and keep working hard. here inmexico mothers day is on the 10th so i wont talk to you on sunday i will talk to you on tuesday so you will have to wait 2 more days to talk to me. haha sorry but thats the way it is. everything went good this week. me and my comp can start to baptize every week like our president has told us. this week we are going to baptize Belen. she is 10 years old. her mom got baptized like 5 years ago and has been inactive. we went and visited her with a member and began to teach her and her daughter. we taght Belen her daughter how to pray and she gave the closing prayer. it was way cool. she began to pray and began to pray for her mom and her family. she and her mom started to cry. it was way cool. the spirit reconfirmed to the mom that they need to go to church and they went this week and Belen is excited to get baptized. the next week we can baptize A. A is 18 and all of his family just got baptized right before we got here. We had some really cool lessons with him this week and he has stopped drinking and is reading the book of mormon and is praying. the problem is he didnt go to church this week because he went to work. so this week we are going to pound keeping the sabath day holy. The next week we can baptize someone by the name of Conrado. this week we had a missionary activity with our misson leader and our ward missionarries. it was pretty sweet. there is a street in our area where there are a bunch of people vending stuff and we got a spot in the morning and set up a table and put up pictures of the church and had liahonas and pamphlets of the family and stuff like that. and we just contacted all the people that stopped by for like 3 or 4 hours. it was pretty sweet. one guy that passed by was conrado and this weeek he went to church and he really liked it. we are going to teach him this week. the next week we have Soledad. soledad is someone that we found knocking doors. she is way cool. she told us our first visit that she was just talking about with her family what is the truth and then we knocked her door. cool hugh. the spirit is awesome. but this week we taught her the plan of salvation and it really made sence to her because she has been thinking about all these questions of where we come from and where we go after this like. she just opened up to us and told us that her son that was 16 just passed away in a car accident and that her brother is in jail because he was drunk driveing and got it a wreck and it killed the kid that was in the car. so she needs the gospel now and she is progressing really well. she just couldnt go to church this week because she had to go to see her brother in jail. she is like in her late 50s and has a big family so after she gets baptized i say that her family is going to follow her example. then we also have another person that could get baptized the last week of this month his name is Nicholas. he is 20 and his parents got baptized a year ago. we taught him and he had alot of questions which was good. he really wants to know if these things are true. so i am pumped. me and my comp are working hard and studying hard. the new program is really cool. we have dvds of misionarries that they filmed from the united states. one is from our mission in texas and the other is from california. we watch that every day seeing what they did good and what they did bad and how we can improve and then we practice with each other doing role plays. it is like watching film every day for football but it is for misionary work. it is pretty sweet. i like it alot. my butt is good. this week i went to mexico city again and they just pulled out some stiches and rubbed off a bunch of dead skin. but all is good. they said everything looks good. so i am doing great. after we went to carls jr and got a huge burger with the assistents. so that was good to have some american food. but i have 2 butts and i am happy. haha my house is pretty sweet i have a huge balcony which is cool. that is cool that you gave a blessing to tims mom and that is sweet that tim is the elders quorum president. that is so awesome i am excited for him and mitch getting married. thats nuts. is she hot. haha. but all is good here in puente de ixtla. i love you all very much and i am looking forward to talking to you all on tuesday. on monday i will give you all the details of how you can get a hold of me. ok. love ya.
elder hancock

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