Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 23,2011

Hey happy birthday dad. Im not going to lie i competely forgot it was your birthday but mom reminded me. haha but i love ya and am thankful for all that you do for me. your a great example to me. you treat us and mom like a father should. i always remember my patriachal blessing and how it says i should watch your example and how you treat mom and us. i have done that and i hope some day i can become a dad like you. i love ya lots and keep up the great work.
What up fam. sounds like everyone is doing good in texas. that is funny that brandon and cash took all the mormon girls to their prom. haha that is pretty funny. i love that kid he needs to get baptized. haha also sounds like tate is busy with sports which is good. tell him to keep me posted. and teisha stay away from all those boys . haha but all is good here in puente de ixtla. we had our mission conference with elder rasband. it was way good. he just extended on to the talk that he gave in general conference about the divine companionship. it was way good. in his talk he talks about the experience that he had when he was with pres Erying picking where missionarries go and how it is direct revelation from god and that we are where we are at because god wants us to be here. he continued on to that and talked about how this process doesnt stop when we are in the field. he said that our mission president recieves the same revalation of where we need to go in the mission and who we will be our comp in the mission. He said that this is the only time in our life where we will be guided like this. he said that we are where we are at right now with the comp we have right now because the lord wants it that way. he said the lord wants us to learn something in every area we are in and to learn something with every companion that we are with. it was way cool. i enjoyed his talk. it was also fun to see everyone in the mission. i have made alot of cool friends. this change alot of my good friends are going home. it is pretty sad but thats the mission. oh mom my butt is just fine i went to the doctor this week and he cant believe how it has closed up so fast. i went on thursday and he was surprised. so all is good with my butt. thank everyone for all the prayers. and this week i did find a camara so dont worry. i have one now and it works. haha this week was a good week we had alot of really good lessons and we have really worked well with the members. on saturday we had a family night with our ward missionarries and they invited a couple and one other teenage girl. it was a really good lesson. the couple was like we are for sure going to the church and they did and they liked it alot. so that was way good. we had 7 people in the church this week which was way good. the ward hasnt seen that for a really long time. but the 3 people that are ready to get baptized this week didnt go and they need to go before they get baptized so that stunk. we will have to find out what happened with them. the couple veronica and gorge are doing good. we have a family night with them tomorrow which will be good. oh also this week in church we had 2 other members come up to us and say they have friends that want o here from us. so the blessing are starting to come. not as quickly as we would like because we are not going to meet our goal this month but they are coming which is really good. we have worked hard and we have gained the confidence of the members which is really good. also this week we did alot of service. we moved a bunch of dirt for a investigator and then another day as a zone we built a fence. so i am workin hard. and i love it. but thanks for all you do for me and keep up the good work. that is awesome about hd. i love that kid. i am going to miss him too. i want his email so i can talk to him. love ya. elder hancock

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