Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 9 2011

It was good to talk to everyone yesterday. it sounds like everyone is doing good. my comp and i are working really hard and he has a strong testimony. he is a good comp. haha he is really smart. he is a good comp. we dont have any problems at all. so all is good. and to answer your question. the best part of the mission is seeing someone recieve their answer that the church is true and the worst part of the mssion is seeing them deny the answer that they have recieved. that is the best and worst part of the mission. the best food on the mission is tacos al pastor and chile reenos and the worst food on the mission is pig feet and pig skin. i forgot to tell you i had to eat pig feet here. i thought i was going to die. i couldnt eat it. it was sick. it still had hair and everything. so i hope that answeres all your questions. but looks like teisha had a great time with alejandro. if not at least she got to ride in a lemo. haha and tell mitch he did a great job. she looks perfect for him. and tate has become the little artist. that looks just like mugsie. haha but today we went to the ruins it was sweet. it was fun to chill with the other misisonarrries. we went to xochicalco if you want to look it up. so yeah. but i love you all and i will talk to you next week. elder hancock

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