Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 16 2011

Hey gramps how you doing. everything is good here in mexico. i love every minuete. every day i get to think of someone else and their needs and through the help of the spirit i can teach them to thier needs and i can see the change that takes place in their lives. i love it. i never want to think of myself again. i love the people here and i love being a misionary. i know that granny is part of this great work on the other side. i think the work on the other side is even alot bigger than here and granny is part of that work. grandpa i love you with all of my heart and am thankful for the example that you have set for me. stay away from my chocholate milk. there isnt any down here in mexico. haha elder hancock
hello mother. sorry i dont have much time to write you but all is good. today we played football it was pretty fun and for that i dont have much time. this week was really good. we are working really hard. on tuesday we visited all the moms that we are teaching and all the moms in the word. i drew a pictrue of Eunice in the bible when she is teaching timothy the scriptures. it is in 2 timothy 1 something. i drew that and made coppies and we gave it out to all of them. i think we gained alot of respect and confidence from the members and we received some references for doing that so that was good. on monday night we had a awesome family night where sister paty invited her friends and we taught them. it is a couple their names are victoria and gorge. they are ready to receive this gospel. it is so much better to work this way with the members. i say this couple will get baptized this next month. i have been praying to find a couple that can get baptized and in a year i can go to the temple with them when they get married. i think this is a answer to my prayer. they are a really cool family and they are hungry to learn more. i love this work and i know that if we want to have success we need to work with the members. the members are key. i think we have gained the confidence with alot of the members. i am excited to go to work again this week. tomorrow we have a conference with elder rasband from the 70 with all of the mission. i am excited for that. the whole mission is going. but i love you all so much. keep working hard in the work of God. the missionarries need your help to find people so find them. haha.

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