Tuesday, May 31, 2011

may 30 2011

Sounds like all is good in texas. Everything has been good here in puente de ixtla. we have really worked hard this week. we had alot of references and have really worked well with the members. this tuesday we are going to teach a class to the members about preach my gospel. we know that there are alot of members that want to share the gospel with there friends but they dont know how to do it. we are going to give a class about preach my gospel every week to teach them how they can talk to there friends about the gospel. it should be really good. im excited for that. president told us that if we want to baptize every week we have to 2 or 3 distinct things. so that is what we are trying to do. this month we have the families and the people to baptize everyweek. everything just needs to play out good. we just need to teach and find with faith. this week we are going to baptize conrado. he is like 50 and lives alone. he is a way cool guy. he has alot of faith. he is going to get baptized on saturday. we can also baptize another person her name is anacaren. she is 16 but her grandpa doesnt like that she is going to church so we are praying that his heart can change and that we can have a oportunity to talk to him. and we are teaching 5 families right now. i have never taught this many families before and i really want to baptize a whole family that in a year they can all go and get sealed. i have been praying for that and now we are taeching 5 families so now i just need to help them progress. i love this work and i love working in this ward. this week we had changes and me and my comp are staying but alot of people in our district got changed. our district leader got changed so they made me the new district leader. so we will see how that goes. i have to teach every district meeting each week and i do interviews for people that can get baptized. i am excited. the other 2 missionarries in our district are going to train new missionarries so i am going to be the oldest one in our district and i dont even have a year . haha but i am way excited. that means that our district is full of alot of faith and excitement witht the new missionarries that are going to come. we can change the attitude of the zone here in galeana. first me and my comp need to set the example and show the district that it is possible to baptize every week so we are going to do that. but yeah i am pumped. so all is good here. Mom i havent go the package or cards yet but im sure i will get them soon. that is cool that logan is back home in texas. im sure he has no clue what to do. i dont want to go home at all. i dont even want to think about that. alot of my good friends are going home today and it stinks to see them leave but thats the mission. so teisha is on another date. crazy crazy. haha and tate should receieve the niƱa award instead of the athlete award because he wouldnt even touch the bunnies. that is cool that there were bunnies in the garden. also that is nuts that it has been a year since grandpa passed away. time goes by way fast. but i know that hes working hard on the other side. all i know is that missionary work is the most important thing in this church. to have a ward or stake function correctly is to have every organization in the church focus on missionary work. in baptizeing, retaining, and bringing back the lost sheep. thats the only way a ward can grow together and have unity. its the only way. but i love you all and thanks for all that you all do for me.
elder hancock

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