Monday, February 28, 2011

Feb 28 2011

thanks for all the udates. sounds like everyone is doing good. that is cool that jd is going to get baptized. yeah i remember the dad of zack but i dont remember the wife of his dad. but everything will work out. tell him i said hi and to keep up the great work. in a year he can serve a mission too. that is good that tim was able to go and stay with tammy and kelly. i love that kid to death. haha but to answer tates question no i am not teaching hannah montana she wont go to church so we had to drop her. but this week was really good me and my comp worked really hard. we found 22 new investigators and 18 accepted a date to get baptized so we will see how that goes. we are trying to talk to everyone that we can and challenge them all to baptism because that is are calling. there was a great talk by elder Erying about the calling of a missionary and the calling of a member of the church. our calling is to teach and baptize and the calling of the members is to find the people that we can teach. this week we had 10 lessons with a member which is really good. we are trying to have a family type deal every day where the members can invite their friends and family. it worked pretty well this week. the only problem this week is that we didnt baptize. but we are going to do everything we can to baptize this week. we have people ready but alot of them need to get married. haha but its alright we are going to help em do it. but this week we have changes. i doubt i will get changed out because i just got my kid, but who knows. we are trying to help out the ward here. there is alot of pride in this ward and we are trying to help them to have more love and charity for each other. so if you have any suggestions on activities that we could do to help let me know. but all is good here in acapulco. dont worry mom i am protected and why did the president send a email to you guys. just wondering. but all is good here. that is cool that you were able to go see leander play with melvin and them. sounds like you all had fun. they sent me a little eamil just saying hi. how is joel playing? Have a great week love ya all
Love Elder Hancock

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