Monday, February 28, 2011

feb 21 2011

hola familia. all is well here on the coast. sorry mom i forgot my camera and so i cant send pictures this week. you just need to have paciencia. you will get your pics some day it just might be when i get home. haha but this week was a good week. we had 2 baptisms this week with alma and miguel angel. they are way cool. we contacted them in a convey or a van and i challenged them to baptism and they accepted in the van. this was 2 weeks ago and now they are baptized. they were way escogido. miguel angel is 13 and he is going to go to the efy that they are going to have here in mexico. they are a cool family. alma just felt a change in her life when we came and taught her. she had all these problems but just felt the peace of the spirit in her life and was ready to be baptized. they were way cool. this week we are trying to baptize to reach are goal of 4. we have 3 and need one more. i know that we can do it we just to have faith and go to work. we have a few possibilities but some of those need to get married first. we are teaching alot of families where alot of the family is members and some are not. so that is aloways good with the support of the members that are familly. but alot of them are young and have babies and need to get married. we have 2 young couples where the husbands are members but the wifes arent and they need to get married before we can baptize them. yuritzy is doing good. there family is having a hard financial time and the dad is working on sundays. they all want to go to church but sometimes it is hard for them to go. but everything is going good. karla and her daughter katolina went to church this week. i think karla got a job this week which is good. but i am not sure. there are a bunch of tenis matches going on at the princess hotel and she got a job there i think. but yeah me and my comp i trying to use all the members that we can to help us with the work and it is going good we are having alot of noches de hogar or family nights which is way good. this week we had 10 investorgators in the church which was really good. i havent had that in a while. me and my kid are working way hard. this weeek the pres and his wife came down and we had are zone conference. he talked about how we all need to be a 4 missionary. there are 1, 2, 3, and 4 missionaries. there are alot of good missionarries but not alot of great missionarries. the great misisonarries are the ones that totaly forget themselves and are constantly thinking of others and are lost in the work. they are the ones that are obedient and follow the spirit. it was way goood. i love listning to our president he is a way funny guy. so i need to be a 4 missionarry. i. thats cool that kaleb got the email from his friend. his friends name is elder evans. he was way cool. he served in my area like a year ago. he went hot tubing at kaylas house and remembers glen because of his fingers. haha it was way cool. i chilled with him at the conference. he was in kalebs efy group for like all 4 years. crazy hugh. he is from texas too but in dallas or something. sounds like tate is having a great time in track. im not going to lie i hated track. haha but thats good. and tate keep standing up for whats right. haha teisha stay away from all those boys. haha. but i love you all and everything is going good here in acapulco. i love it here and me and my comp are working hard. my comp has learned alot and is a great misionary. he has turned into a great teacher and is doing great. he is a great misionary. but mom you are right my pdays are dedicated to playing some type of ball. haha today we played some bball. it was way fun. but yeah it is crazy that i have 7 months today. time is flying by so fast. all is good with marian the member we live by she is a great misionary. she loves to give us references she is a great person. haha i dont think i put a book of mormon in the library. i dont remember. that is way cool that he has been reading it. he needs to get baptized. tell the misionarries there to keep up the great work . oh our baptizm was on the beach and it was pretty sweet. alma brought a friend that knows someone that owns a resturant on the beach and we got to go there and use the bathrooms and have the service in the shade with chairs and everything. they brought us cocanuts and there was hardly anyone there. it was pretty sweet. the waves were way strong so it was difficult but we got the job done. it was cool. haha but i love you all and am thankful for all of your examples.
love, elder hancock

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