Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Feb 7 2011

Tucker has been crazy busy the past few weeks and we have only had very short emails so i have not posted them. but atleast this week we got a little more info. He is now training a new companion from mexico and is very excited about that. He is still in the same area and his companion Elder Roskelly got transfered. Thanks for all your prayers in his behalf.

happy bithday mother. feliz cumpliaƱos. mom thanks for all that you have done for me. you are a great example to me and i love you very much. and mom yes you need to add karla as a freind and send her a message. that would be awesome if you could do that. she knows the church is true and is having a hard time right now. she might be doing it becuase her mom is sick and she doesnt want to cause any stress on her mom but she knows the church is true so yeah that would be great to send her a message. she knows english. but sounds like everythin is going good in texas. sounds like it is cold. im not going to lie i am glad i am not there. haha. but all is good here in acapulco .the conference that i had this week was amazing i learned alot of stuff for presedent and his wife. me and elder woodcox. woodcox was my comp in the mtc for a little bit. we stayed at the AP house and worked in their area in cuernavaca. it was pretty sweet. we had alot of fun together. but yeah pres talked alot about our purpose and that we need to challenge everyone to baptism. if you are not challengeing everyone to baptism then you are not doing your job. me and elder roskelly lead the mission with people with fecha which was good. so me and elder miguel need to keep it up. because the more people you have with fecha the more you are going to baptize. me and my kid when we got we have been challenging vans and stuff so it has been really good. this week we are going to baptize 2. we are going to baptize cezar he is 17 and he is really cool. i believe that he will serve a mission he is a really cool kid. then we are going to baptize crisian who is 8 years old. him and his mom have been going to church for a long time and he wants to get baptized so does the mom but she is not married so we are working on that. but all is going good. i know that no one can stop the work of the lord and we are going to continue to keep working hard. but yeah that is what went on this week. everything is going good. i did get the package thanks for the treats and the mighty fine shirt. and all the church movies. thanks you. oh yeah and i do remember brooke. she is a cute girl just give her my address and she will get baptized for sure. haha i remember she played basketball. but yeah. thats cool that she is getting baptized. and for ____________. give him a book of mormon from me and tell him to read it and that i love him. give him scriptures about the atonement to read. i love that kid and feel horrible for him. sorry mom i dont have time to send pics right now. i promise i will send you some. just not this week. but i just want to wish ya a happy birthday and tell ya that i love ya. thanks for your example for me. you are right about how i just need to serve those here in mexico. you are the greatest example i can think of of service. thanks for that example for me. but i love you all very much and i will talk to yall next week.
elder hancock

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