Monday, January 10, 2011

Jan 10 2011

hello family how is everyone doing. sounds like everything is going good down in texas. it doesnt surprise me that your phone was going nuts with all the birthday wishes for me. thats just normal. haha jkbut my birthday this week was pretty sweet. for lunch we went to a member and they gave us tacos al pastor. it was awesome as usual. also at night we went to judith´s because she bought me a cake and made us dinner and made a pinata. it was pretty crazy. it is tradition here that they shove your face in the cake so they did that to me so that was pretty funny. also the pinata that i broke was full of flour so i had flour alll over me and they threw ketchup on me and all kinds of stuff. so it was pretty nuts. we had a flour war with them and it was pretty crazy. it was way fun. i have pics but i dont have time to send them all i dont think. but yeah this week was a good week. we recieved alot of references from members and every day we areuseing the members to work. it is alot better this way. we have found 3 cool families through references that all want to be baptized.references is the way to go. me and my comp have built a great team of members working with us. judith went out with us 2 times this week to our lessons and la familia martinez are ward missionarries and they have a huge family and just let us teach there whole family and they arent afraid to speak to anyone so we got a good team going. me and my comp dont want to get changes but there is a posibility. we have like 22 new missionarries coming this change so in like 2 weeks and it is a possibility i might be training and my comp as well. so we will findout. we should have interviews with president and tell him that we have a good set up here and to keep us together so we can keep baptizeing but we will see. it isnt our decision. haha but we baptized israel this week. he is 23 years old and is the son of israel and doris. the ones that need to get married but cant yet. but there son israel did. israel the one that we baptized just seperated from his girl to be baptized. he prayed about it and got his answer that she wasnt the one and got baptized this week.he is a way cool kid. hannah montana didnt get baptized this week because her mom cant walk right now and couldnt come watch her be baptized but we are going to baptize her this week. it will happen. we are also going to baptize this lady that is a single mom and her family is way catholic but we talked to her and like the first visit with her she was like i want to be baptized. it was pretty sweet. i will tell you more about her next week. but yeah everything is going good here. i love every min of the work here. but that is awesome that teisha had a good time on her date. teisha i want a play by play of the date to let you know if he is worth talking to or not. haha so le tme know. haha and tate you need to shoot the ball more. thats all i am going to tell you. haha but i love all of you guys and thanks for all the support. mom i liked your scripture you sent. that power that he gives us is also the power to be like him. which is the power of the priesthood. because one must have the priesthood to become like god... it is the power god used to create worlds and to create us. this is the power we recieve to help us become like him. i like a saying here in spanish that the patriach said to us. he said. perritos llegana ser perros. catitos llegan a ser catos. somos diositos y podemosllegar a ser dioses. it basicly says puppies become dogs. kittens become cats. we are little gods and we become gods. it is alot better in spanish though. haha but love yall
elder hancock

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