Sunday, January 9, 2011

January 3 2011

i decided to answer to dads email this week so there is no complaining. haha jk but thanks for all the birthday wishes. it is kinda crazy to think that i am 20 years old. i am getting way to old. time is going way fast. but i havent go my presents yet this week but the zone leaders are going to cuernavace this week so they should get them this week for me so it is all good. for my birthday we have a dinner appointment with these people and at church they said they are going to take me out to eat for tacos al pastor so i am way excited for that it should be fun. this week was good. it was slow but it was good. it was slow because we dedicated this week to work with the members. it went really well i believe. we went to judiths and we went to people that just were made ward missionarries and we did a monthly planning session with them like we do every month. we went through and made goals for them to help us and there friends. for example judith has a goal to have 5 of her references to be baptized this month and she is excited to work for it. our key indicators for them are baptisms lessions with us, how many of their friends go to church, how many references they give, how many people they talk with about the gospel. so i think it will be really good because they are all excited to work and work with us. with judith alone she could think of like 25 people that we can go and visit. so i think it will be really effective. so that is what we focused on this week. we confirmed 2 this week which was socorro and roxana. so i have 11 confirmationes so far and hannah montana is going to get baptized this next week. she went to church this week so she is ready to be baptized. we still have the same problems with the ones not being married but we talked to isriel this week the son. and he is way excited to be baptized and prayed and dumped his girl friend that he was living with because he recieved an answer that he should. i think we might be able to baptize him this week. him and his dad got up and bore their testimonies this week in church. it was way cool to hear them and see the gospel change their lives even though they havent been baptized yet. they got up and just said they were thankful for us and knocking on their door and that they know that this church was true. it was a great feeling to see them get up there and do that. it was the best birthday present i could have. it was way cool. also this new years was one that i will never forget. it was one of the coolest experiences that i have had on my mission. one of the scariest and one of the coolest experieces i have ever had. it was pretty crazy. it is so nuts that i cant reallly share it. you have to know the whole situation and story. i dont have time to type it to yall now but lets just say that prayer is power and miracles do happen. . thats all i can say now but it was pretty intence and lets just say that prayer is power and that it works.but that is pretty much it. this morning we played monopoly with our zone leaders and other missionarries and that was fun and that is pretty much it. but this week was a good week and i am excited to be here on my mission to do the lords work. i am thankful for all you have done for me and all the help and support you have all have given me. i think it is nuts that teisha is going on her first date. tell tate to harass her for me because i wont be there. haha jk but i love you allso much and hope you all have a great week. oh send me like the joseph smith movie and testaments in spanish. that would be way helpful actually. so if you can find that send me that for valentines. love ya.

elder hancock

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