Monday, December 20, 2010

Dec 20 2010

Feliz navidad. sounds like the fam is doing good. por fin tate finaly got his first deer. haha i got my first deer when i was like 7 and it was a 300 yard shot in the snow standing up in a tree. haha jk tate that is awesome i am proud of ya. but i am not proud that you are not shooting the ball in bball. if you want to win then shoot the ball. the worst that willl happen is it wont go in so shoot it every chance you get. so tiralo. that means shoot it. haha it sounds like everyone is having a great time. i liked the pics besides the fat one. haha i looked almost like a real mexican. jk but that was funny. i have actually lost weight here ive lost like 6 to 8 pounds of muscle. buts its ok i can stilll kick the trash out of tate. ahaha but this week was a bummer i am not going to lie. we knocked about 400 doors and got 13 news and maybe 2 of those will get baptized. it is frustrateing when you teach em all and they feel the spirit and then they reject it. i hate when that happens. we even ask them what do you have to do to know if this is true. they are like read pray and go to church and then they dont do it. it is frustrateing. but everyone has there agency but when they feel it and know it and then reject it is tough. but yeah. we did find some cool people though. we had a cool experience with this one family that we taught. we taught her and her 2 daughters and we asked her to pray at the end and we told her to ask if this church is true and she did it and started chokeing up and holding her chest and the spirit was way strong. she recieved her answer right there on the spot which was way sweet. but they didnt go to church so we need to focus on that with them this week. we didnt have any baptisms because guadalupe the one that backed out on us the other week had a wedding for her sister so we need to still talk to her. and madaline didnt go to church again this week and we even passed by her to go and she wasnt there or didnt wake up to answer the door. but on the bright side we have 3 baptisms planned for christmas which should be way fun. one her name is rosana she is our neighbor and the other is oliver and his mom. oliver is 18 and his moms name is weird i would have to look in my planner but they are way cool. also we might be able to baptize leonardo and his wife we are not sure. we are going to talk to president this week to see what we can do for them. . but we dont know so we are going to talk to pres and see because they want to get baptized. we did a special fast for them this week so pray that everything goes well. i love this work and i am so excited to talk to everyone not as excited as mom but i am excited. haha. but la verdad i have no clue when i am going to be able to call you guys because we are going to have those baptisms. i think we will do it in the morning and that would be best. so plan on us calling you in the morning but i am not sure depending on when we have the baptisms. so plan on getting a call in the morning. we are either going to use the phone in the hermanas house next to us or the phone at judiths. so am just going to call you from there and then you just call back so you pay for it. sound good? haha but sorry i dont have an exact time. it is because we are going to have a white christmas. haha but plan on getting a call in the morning. but yeah that is pretty much it for now. but i love you all and i will talk to you on christmas.
Elder hancock

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