Monday, December 20, 2010

Dec 13 2010

all is good here in aucapulco. i am aficialy staying here for another change which is a answer to my prayers. de verdad i didnt want to leave here because we have alot of people that can get baptized and alot of good investigators. this is really a area that is really growing and there are alot of people ready to recieve the gospel.

but like i was saying i love this area and i am still with elder roskelly. we realy get along really well and i believe that we make a really good team when we teach so that is good. this week we when to a old peoples home or casa de ancianos and we hung out with them from like 10 to 5 in the afternoon. it was way fun. there was a lady there that had read the whole book of mormon and is like yeah i know this book is true and she was like 90 it was pretty cool. the house is like right in front of where we live and we had no idea that it was there. there is a huge fence so we had no idea what was behind it. but it was way fun. we played bingo with all of them and that helped me learn alot of new words in spanish so that was good. i helped feed this dude that couldnt feed himself. i also taught a 90 year old the joseph simth story and then i also all the workers there talked to us and i contacted them so all in all it was a really good experience. before that on tuesday this week. we were going to visit leaondardo and his wife to see if they got there birth certificates to see if they can get married but they werent home and i saw this girl sitting in the front door. and i told my comp hey we need to talk to them. we did and turns out the grandma is there and is a member but wants nothing to do with the church. we taught the daughter and grandaughter and i told them straight up that we had no clue that that lady was a member and we felt we should talk to them and was like there is no coincidences and i know they felt the spirit but they were scared to admit it because of their mom and grandma. but that was pretty cool. also we had more divisions this week because we had people that needed to get intervviewed to be baptized. so i stayed here and had elder carlos our zone leader with me. it was alot of fun. we found alot of cool people throughout the day just always haveing in your mind that your going to find walking from cita to cita even when you are busy. also the other day on like the 12th was a mexican holiday for the virgin guadalupe that the catholic church worshipes here and we saw this kid that we have taught before and we were like why didnt you go to church and he was like i dont know and we were like well go tomorrow and he is like i cant and we were like why not and he said because of this holiday for the virgin guadalupe . after reading the book of mormon. in reality alma and amulek and ammon and all of them just told people how it was and in reality we need to be like that too. yeah we need to have love and charity but when something is wrong then its wrong. i thought you guys would like that story. haha but this week we had 2 baptisms that fell through because one is she wantsto have her uncle come and he couldnt come this week so we are doing it this next week. the other one is named guadalupe and she lives with a member family because her husband is a member. this week she was way pumped to get baptized. she had been having problems with her mom telling her stuff and her mom and we told her. who doesnt want you to get baptized and she was like satan and we were like who wants you to get baptized and she was like god. and we said who are you going to follow and she said god and she was way pumped and stufff and we were going to do it right before church and we got a call that morning that she didnt want to do it. we talked to the fam at the church and they said she was with her mom after the interview so we are going to go back and talk to her. she knows it is true and has felt the spirit so i think she will come around. but we did have 2 conformations so for this month we already have 4 and we have alot more to go so we are pumped this week. today we got a new zone leader with elder carlos and elder norris left. im going to miss elder norris he was way cool but he new dude seems cool too but yeah that is pretty much it for the day. we dont have meetings today so thats why we are typing a little later. but everything is going good here. we had 9 investigators at church this week which was good but the bad thing is 6 need to get married. haha so we really need to work and that and help them. but yeah this was my week. and sounds like everone is doing great in texas. i love you all and am gratefull for all your support.

ps. i heard today i have a bunch of packages in cuernavaca so i should get them the 23rd so they did get there.

con amor, elder hancock

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