Sunday, December 5, 2010

November 29 2010

que paso......... whats up fam. things are going really good here in mexico. yesterday was a little disapointing but it is all good. we had our baptism this week on saturday with yuritzy. she is like 10 or 11 and she is going to be the next profeta. she is way smart. when we teach her and her family she is the one answering all of the questions. we baptized her in the beach in front of the princess hotel. it was pretty cool. the problem was she didnt make it to church this week and didnt get confirmed. her mom got called into work and her dad got sick. so this week she needs to go to church. and also judith still hasnt got confirmed either. she got a new boss and her scheduale has been crazy. she knows she needs to got to church so we are going to help her with that this week. so this month we baptized 6 and only confirmed 4. so our monthly goal was 5 so we didnt get it because they havent been confirmed yet. but its all good. we are going to plan to teach all of our investigators of the importance of recieveing the gift of the spirit and the importance of going to church. this month we have the possibility to baptize 9 this month. so we are excited to go to work and try to lead the mission with baptisms this month. we can do it but people need to go to church. so that is whats going to happen. but that is awesome that you guys had a fun thanksgiving. me and my comp for thanksgiving planned 2 dinner appointments instead of 1 haha. it was fun. this p day as a zone and another zone we went bowling. it was way fun. haha i had to show everyone all up like always. haha but thats cool that joel has been doing really good. i love that kid. he sent me a little note. did the fam in utah get to go see him play. also i wanted to wish you and dad a happy anniversary and thank you guys for being awesome parents for me. you are both great examples to me and have always been there for me. thank you. but yeah this was pretty much my week this week. we have this month set up really well to have alot of baptisms we just need to go to work and do it. we are way pumped. also it sounds like teisha had alot of fun on her trip. and sounds like tate is ready to tear it up in basketball. it is crazy how every one is all growing up. i remember when i tried out for basketbal in the seventh grade and all that stuff. it is nuts how time flys. but the language is coming. there are still times in lessons when i dont know what is going on. lessons i understand really well. its when i get out of lessons i need to learn alot more. so im trying to work on that and try to talk to as many people i can to learn as fast as possible. i still catch myself makeing stupid little mistakes. so i need to continue working hard on that. but yeah that is pretty much it for this week. just time to go to work for this new month and do our best. but love you all so much. oh yeah i havent got the packages yet because the zone leaders havent been in cuernavaca to get them yet. so i should get them this week. so dont worrry. . but love you all so much.

elder hancock

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