Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nov 22 2010

thanks fam for all the updates. sounds like everyone is doing great. that is awesome that tate ison the ateam. also itis good to hear that joel is doing way good. i love that kid. tell him that he needs to get baptized and the only reason he is balling is because i taught him everything that he knows. haha. also tell jron that he needs to be baptized as well. they all need to listn to the missionarries and get baptized. haha but i am serious. that is good that tim is doing good. tell joel and tim and all of them that they can email me. they are my brothers so they can send me a quick note. all the mail takes too long here and it is way expensive so it would be fine if you gave them my email. also all our fam members too like cousins and stuff. but that is good that you got to go see cj play and hang out with him. but this week was good. we had a baptism for sunday but the family didnt show up for some reason. they are way cool so we are going to find out what happened tonight. she will get baptized this week though. the parents really want to be baptized too but isreal the dad needs to divorse his wife that lives and the states and get married to his girlfriend that he is with now he really wants to and is doing everything he can to get it done. we fasted for him and the other couple that need s to get married. we talked with the 1st counsilor in the bishop ric and they are going to help with money. so that will be good. i know fasting and prayer is power so it will all work out if they continue to do there part. we have had to drop a few people week which is sad. last week we dropped the couple we met in the cab that were suppost to be our first baptisms. they dont understand the aurthority and we were bold and plain with them that the church they go to doesnt have the authority and fullness of the gospel. we were really plain and bold with them and dropped them it was sad to see because they know so much but arent willing to sacrifice just a little to go to church. it stinks to drop people but if they cant progress we need to find others that will. but it is all good. we had a cool experience this week that goes right along with the quote that you gave me today. we went to these investigators to set appointments and after we were going to contact so we talked to them and went to contact. we already contacted this whole area we were at or thought we did. and i look over and this gate was open to this whole other area we hadnt seen before and we went in and first door was a inactive member and she let us in. and all of her grandkids and kids that live with her are member and inactive. she has one daughter that isnt and we talked and talked to her. we made it clear that we were lead by the spirit to be here and it was a powerful lesson. we teach her again this week so hopefully it goes well. she has been taugtht before but we feel this is her time now. oh and a funny story , but this week this older lady like 50 or so. when we left the house i shook her hand and she pulled me in and gave me a kiss on the cheek. it all happened so fast i didnt know what to do. haha so yeah you gave someone a hug this week and someone gave me a kiss this week. and i am fine with food and all that. i have money and stuff so i am good. i ate a really hot small pepper this week at a members house and thought i was going to die but i survived. ha ha. oh and this week we had zone conference with the pres and his wife. they came here for a day and taught us some good stuff. they are so funny his wife is taller than him and they are awesome. haha but it was a good conference. he talked about alma 32 and how the word of god is compared to a seed. i love that chapter. he applied this to missionary work. it was way good. i learned alot. oh and we can baptize whereever we want too as long as there is enough water. and the ocean was not dangerous. we would of been just fine. hermana marian just worries too much. . she is 65 and looks like she is 40. . i told her what you said and that your thankful and stuff. she said that you can come stay with her any time. she has five houses and no one lives in them. ahaha but shes funny. but yeah we baptize whereever the investigator wants too. that is sad to hear that hermana dube passed away. that is crazy. make sure you pass my condolances with the family. also you better of sold my michael jorden jersy for bro pruett. i forgot to tell you to do that. so you better do that for him. but yeah i think that is all from here. if your sending another package i now need sandals because i left them at the zone leaders house and we met them today and they left my stuff and my comps stuff on the buss. so they lost my sandals my air force shorts and a nike shirt. so some day i might see a mexican where my air force shorts. ahaha but i need more nike sandals. ahaha. but i think that is all. i love you all so much. i should have 2 more baptisms this week. so it should be a goood. week. i love this gospel and i love talking to the people here. i am starting to teach better i feel. oh yeah also this week we found a neighbor right by us that lived in utah for a long time and knows about the church. he had a girl friend that was a member and he had a kid with her. his kid still lives there and is being raised in a mormon family. he is married now here in mexico but he was telling us about his life and really opened up to us. he was in jail and had a jailmate that had a book of mormon and he would read it out loud. he said that he felt peace and comfort when the old man read the book of mormon out loud and it made him to want to change. he said how he wants to help kids out to stay off the streets and all these good things but doesnt know how. it was all in english and was weird to teach in english. like it was hard to teach principles in english but it was much easier for me to take the experiences he shared and apply it to the gospel and how it will help him in his life. i want to be able to do that in spanish. at times i dont understand there experiences fully when they just go off in spanish. like i know the general idea most of the time but i sometimes i miss important details that i could relate to the gospel. thats why i use the spirit but i feel im getting better each day with my spanish. so i keep working. but who would of thought we would of found a mexican that lived in utah for most of his life. hahaa it was sweet. that was another miracle this week. so god knows his children and knows who we need to find. we just need to find them. so we got to keep up the good work this week. i love you all. thanks for all of your support and prayers it really means alot to me. love you and i will talk to next week.

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